The Corrupted

Vargorm on June 24, 2009

This is what happens if you accidently get a piece of the god The Great One inside of you. Either breath it in a cell or eat a piece.
These more special then people who has a corrupted soul, a human with corrupted soul will be itself, only a bit more in the “dark” side.
A Corrupted in the other hand; is a living and breathing part of the Great One, althought its soul got eaten a long time ago by the mass of the Great One. Ep.
They've no mind of their own and mostly think “attack and eat” when the Great One is not paying attention. Although even a really powerful demon can't fight against a infection, but only if they're blessed by the Great One they can't get the infection.
The more time goes, althought, the more rotten the flesh becomes and when every piece of the original body is gone it usually returns to join the rest of the body.
Main enviorement: The ninth level; they're the only ones who are the main inhabitant in that level except the Great One.
The only time demons from the other levels would come is to the castle of mörkelmer, the castle every savior have lived in, close to the temple of where the god rests.

Another sketch, another info. wiee!