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Evil Emperor Nick on Nov. 3, 2007

Havenshire Harbinger November 4th 2007

Where is my simulated sweat? By Vinessa Tress

Personally I hate playing the Wii. It's not because the Wii isn't fun, far from it. Despite its fairly limited offering of top titles compared to PC, 360 or PS3 I think some of the most fun to be had in the video game world is on the Wii. No, my problem is the Wii makes me feel guilty for playing it. I like to game, but I'm far from a gamer. I admit, I get into the fads. I love Dance Dance or more specifically its lesser known competitor Pump It Up (Yay!) and I jumped on the band wagon with Guitar Hero II, III and I'll probably jam on Garage Band pretty soon too, pumping out the vocals for my local gang of 4. I can play other games like Halo and not but I'm mainly a party gamer, as in I only play when I'm hanging out, and party gamers in shooters tend to end up being like Aquaman in a superhero fight. Collecting high powered sniper rounds in the back of my head isn't my idea of good time.

Wii games however have expanded from Mario Kart & its kin and now simulate all sorts of activities like Golf, Bowling, Baseball and boxing. The problem is, for me, when I was playing good old mario Tennis on the game cube I enjoyed playing a goofy and fun game on the coach with my friends. When I play Wii tennis: weaving, swinging, and diving all with a little white stick in my hand I can't help but wonder why the heck we're not actually just playing tennis?

Playing the Wii to me is a lot like looking at a picture of a steak when you are hungry. I don't want to look at a virtual picture of a steak I want to eat a steak. When I want to play tennis I want to play tennis! I want to feel heft of a racket in my hand, feel sting as I go crashing into the ground, and feel the jolt go up my arm as I return a power shot. To say nothing of the fact I want to burn some calories so I can have that ever so juicy looking steak I was looking at earlier.

I, like most people, am a spoiled brat. If they made a robot to wipe my bu…, erm, mouth for me I'd probably be the first to buy one to have one more annoying part of life taken care of for me. When I play I still want to play hard while I can! Truth is, though, these things are no fun to do by yourself so I'm putting out some positive peer pressure here to get my friends in on the act.

Life's short, or so my sports drink tells me and I want to get out there while I can. There will be plenty of time to play Halo later when I'm old and my friend's eye sight has gone so they can't snipe me anymore. For today, take me to the greens, put my on the court or take me to lanes but get me out of the house before it starts snowing.