Well, where's the plot?

rosie on May 26, 2007

Hmmm yes. I've decided to start another comic again (after deleting the old one like year ago due to inactivity and total failage). WACKY stands for “Wenis and Cleavage Kissers (of) Yesterday”. Thank you Steph (thirdperiodlunch) for coming up with the name late at night in stickam *heart*.
Basically the comic is about random things that happen - some might be somewhat sexual jokes, so I've labeled it as teens just in case. There're jokes that'll need explaining, but I'll do what Steph (thirdperiodlunch) does and explain it in the author's notes. Yeah. Well, this strip is self-explanatory. Stephie is Steph (thirdperiodlunch) and I'm “Roro”. They're our bed names, apparently, according to a friend of ours. Yeah. Thought it'd be nice to use it.
-edit- Wow, my internet kind of died before I could fix up the notes. Anyways, uhm, the lineart is a bit simpler than what I usually do, only so I'll be able to get stuff up in a good, steady pace. Hopefully. Panel number + style might change eventually, colouring maybe (though don't hold your breath since I'm lazy), and straight lines = not gonna happen. Yep.