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DarkChibiShadow on July 25, 2011

Another update!
For those of you who didn't know-
Here are other places you can find my art:
Also- a few months ago I finally managed to man up (since I wanted to get my art out there) and use my y!gal account again. (Which is already annoying since people REPORT LIKE CRAZY if I forget ONE FILTER) And also a hentaifoundry account for all my monster girl porn and etc.
Also- I think I'm gonna start posting the comic I'm currently working on, Space School, over here on DD. But I'm not sure…
It's up on smackjeeves, Deviantart, tumblr, AND y!gal. It's so many places. It's so crazy and scattered but I think it's just cuz I want people to see Alkaline… (the guy dangling from Wasso's cellphone last page haha)
If I did would anyone read? It's about a gay purple alien and southern boy and also tentacles. (It's also in full color.)
Tell me if I you think I should post it or not!
Alright- I'm done talking!!! Sorry about how long that was. Thank you if you read it all.
Lots of love!