Title Page Without The Title

Hirokari on Jan. 15, 2010

Hey guys! I have this new comic. It's going to be a very short comic, probably no more than 50 pages. I started it for my graphic novels class and it's kind of a spin-off of Watashi No Ame. Here's how this is gonna go…

I have 14 pages of this done already. I'm going to release the first 14 pages, probably one page a week, until I run out. I'm not going to be working on the rest of the story for a while since I'm currently trying to pump out more pages for WNA. This is just a little side story that I had to do for school. At some point I'll do the rest of this one, but I'm not sure when. WNA is my first priority so I'll be trying to get work done in that. So…I hope you enjoy what I have so far.

The premise of the story is about a girl who makes comics, but ends up getting writer's block on her current story Watashi No Ame. That's right folks… this time I'm the main character. MUA HA HA!!! Anyways, one day her characters start coming to life out of inanimate objects and while some mean no harm, others intend to make her change the way she's written the story. Her boyfriend finds out about this and attempts to save her. It's a little human against crazy powerful aliens from a fictional story. Who will win?!