Chapter 1, page. 51

Bii0 on Nov. 21, 2012

Hi guys! This is just a day late, and I'm really glad about that, now I can work on that damned Christmas picture without guilt! I'm almost done with it, and I'll hopefully finish it on time for Christmas so I can post it. Yaay!

Oh Susan, if only you knewwhat Julian's done for a free meal or a quick buck, you certainly wouldn't be saying “He's not much of a hussler”. The idea that Julian is a smoker with asthma is pretty stupid, but I'll be honest when I say Julian can never bring himself to care the slightest about his health. Also it's not that he's not rushing so he doesn't get too worked up and stuff, he just really hates exercise or any other kind of manual labour outside of walking.

Hey guys! I really want to you answer this question for me, I'm sure no one will care enough to even read my authors comment or anything, but I was wondering if my punctuation placement bothers you guys? Like, does it make the comic more obnoxious to read, or ugly to look at?
I just place my punctuations the way I do because I have some weird OCD thing going on where I like starting with something small (Like a single word), and ending with something small, and punctuation feels like a separate thing to me where I feel better having it on it's own line (If that makes sense). But if you guys think the comic will look better keeping the punctuation next to the last word I write or not there at all, other than question marks or exclamation points, PLEASE tell me!
I might relocate my punctuation for the next page, just to see if it really will look better despite how bothered I would be. If it does, I'll just have to get over myself keep it that way. :\