Chapter 1, page. 52

Bii0 on Nov. 21, 2012

Hiiii guys! Man, the last couple weeks have been busy! Me and my mom went to my grandparents house, and their mousing cat climbed their telephone pole because the dog was chasing it, and it refused to get down! We sprayed it with water, I climbed on a latter and smacked it in the butt with a plastic pole thing, we put out some sardines… nothin'. :/ I hope it does okay.
Anyways.  Sorry about this page being late, really, it has been a busy couple of weeks which I hope gets better (At least I won't have training till next weekend)

PFFT! Look at that tard, spacey, look Apollo has on his face in the second panel.  I meant for him to be looking at Julian, but he wound up looking into space instead, I was going to fix it but it was too funny looking… Also, “tard-smile face” does kind of fit his character.
Also in the second to last panel, Julian is giving Apollo a fabulous noogie.  I remember when I used to give kids noogies, I also remember being in detention a lot… Man, those were good times.

Thank you so much for the comments!  The periods next to the words are not so bad, I think I'll keep them like that, but I couldn't stand the ‘question’ and ‘exclamation’ marks next the them.  It's just… My lil' tiny words looked so… Insignificant next to those BIG, BOLD, MARKS.
I only got a few hours sleep today, you can't tell can you? <_<

I posted that ‘Christmas picture’ thing on my DA ( ), if you guys ever get the wild hair to want to look at it or something. C:  If I knew how to work HTML or the workings of this site, I did think it would be kind of cool to post an ‘extras’ link or something, but oh well. <_<' I'm not really smart enough to do stuff.
Actually, does this site even have that kind of feature anymore? I've totally lost track of if it does, I should go through my ‘comic edit’ thingy sometime…


@carpenoctem90:  Why thank you very much! It's nice knowing you like my weird punctuation, in all it's weirdness, I guess in a way it's not much more odd than the comic itself. xD

@DarkKyo: Oh, well that's good, I'm glad it doesn't distract you. C: Thank you very much for the comment!

'Christmas picture' thing:

@LegendXp: D'aaaaww! Shucks…  I don't know what to say. Thank you! Cx

@KimLuster: Thank you very much! Cx That's such an embarrassing and nice comment!