Chapter 1, page. 56

Bii0 on Nov. 21, 2012

I actually got this drawn on time, but I thought it would be best to wait until a little after midnight to scan and post it since the site usually resets at about midnight. Oh yeah, me and my mom might be moving before I go to bootcamp, which I'm pretty happy about. My… Moms husband is an emotionally abusive, alcoholic, asshole and I really didn't trust leaving mom alone with him seeing as he has a gun and he shot the tv with it when he got drunk recently.

Man! Julian, you talk too much for my taste. He kinda trying to get more info out of Matthew so he can get a better visual of what happened, seeing as Apollo isn't very helpful as far as the incident goes. I swear! I'll make you luff Julian, guys!

Lmao! Just kidding, I don't give a shit if you guys like him or not (Not meaning to say that in a rude sense or anything), though I am curious about what you think of the characters so far. Like how you see their personalities, and which one's you like best and stuff, but I'm far too lazy to figure out how to go about doing that properly (Like with polls and stuff) so whatever. C:

Man, I really like Meat Loaf, but I hate it when I get a section of their lyrics stuck in my head for days on end… Really! “Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are”, why are you in my head? You're not even my favourite song!
Sorry about the slight late… Ness, I really hope I get this chapter done before I leave, who knows with how lame I am. xD


@KimLuster: Yeah, I'm just going to be part-timing in the ANG, but maybe someday I can go full-time and do cool stuff! Thank you very much, you're so nice! <3
@LedgendXp: Lmao! Now he's a jerk with a conveniently bad memory.