Chapter 1, page. 59

Bii0 on Feb. 21, 2013

Aaarg, I'm sooooo tired, and I still have to exercise.  I'm really sorry about the late page guys, I swear it felt like I was never going to get it done, and I would be like “What!? I've been working on this for hours, why am I not almost done yet??”.  I'm so glad I finished, now I can work on the next page and be one more page closer to finishing the chapter!

Julian! That's not closure, that's paying someone off, emotions don't work like that.  “Shiny desu” eyes is totally Matthews look from now on when he starts crying, I should have drawn boogers coming out his nose too… Damn!

Anyways! I need to go exercise and start drawing the next page (I'll be sleeping good tonight, that's for sure!), again, really sorry this page was late. <_<