Chapter 1, page. 60

Bii0 on Feb. 21, 2013

As Matthew said those nonsensical words, all of the webcomics fans were like “Fuck this!”, and totally unsubscribed… Little did they know, that was the authors plan the whole time! -cackles-

Okay guys, I just want to say that this is totally not one of those conversion comics where Julian's going to be a good Christian boy, or learns some kind of God related lesson by the end of the story and everyone who isn't religious is an asshole.  As much like one as it might seem with Matthew being the main character and all. <_<
Anyways I'm really glad I got this up on time for once! Maybe the other pages will go as smoothly, but I shouldn't say that or I'll jinx myself.

Julian: I don't want forgiveness, I just want you to shut up.
But Matthew I think you have the wrong religion, as far as I'm concerned, asking for forgiveness and confessing your sins is a Catholic thing.  Then again, I didn't make Matthew to be the smartest kid around…


@KaguyaMegami: He is! Matthew's a total poopy head, but he'll get that bee out of his bonnet eventually, most drama queens do…  Sometimes.