Chapter 2, page. 12

Bii0 on Feb. 22, 2014

Sorry about all the butts, these two have problems. They will sort themselves out in a couple pages. Also sorry about the lax of background, if it's not clear, Apollo is in the bathroom in the last 4 panels. There just wasn't enough room in the pages for it, and bathrooms always seem very white to me, even if they have a more dark earth-toned theme, so I left the background more white. <_<

Sorry about the continual delays, things are still crazy and my mom keeps labeling my down in the dumps demeanor and social issues as “lazy”, which hasn't been really helping me get in the mood to do anything outside of stressing that I'm not being useful. Also I'm extremely disappointed that every time I've tried to eat something I've been craving, it's either spoiled or the cats ate it. :/
I will try get the next page done at least around as early as this one.

And yes, Apollo has stupid underwear.