Chapter 2, page. 20

Bii0 on June 12, 2014

WHOO GOT A PAGE DONE! Sorry about that, decided to take up the perspective in that first panel and bitch and procrastinated all the way though it (still good practice, though!).

So here's a few things I just wanted to get out there. I'm attempting to be more “active” on my DA, and a while back I made a journal about featuring peoples OCs and saying what I like about them, I only had one and a hit that will take forever to get done so if you guys want me to look though your stuff and feature it here's the link! LINK

Also! I'm going to show this post that I came across, not only for myself but if you guys want to try it. It looks really fun, and I most likely will do this unprovoked.

ALSOOOO! A while back I was figuring out what my characters would sound like, and here are a couple results!

Apollo sounds like Queen.
Julian sounds like Meatloaf.

Because I said so, and everyone will have a voice from whatever musician I listen to (still haven't found one for Matt). Your welcome.