Chapter 2, page. 23

Bii0 on July 31, 2014

Holy crap! Sorry again guys, the past few weeks have been busy, especially the last two. Wound up downgrading my mom's computer from windows 8 to 7, which took a few days to figure out. Also she's been home all weeks, which meant I couldn't get anything done. The moment I sat down to draw she wanted me to look at something on facebook… or go out to get stuff with her.

ANYWAYS! Gosh Matt! You're just asking for it, shoving your hand into his face like that, didn't your mom teach you not to hit violent, mentally unstable people? That's like smacking an animal with rabies.
But Julian could just let Matt keep his imagination. If the guy wants to think it's some guys blood and flesh, why not let him? We all have our grotesque fantasies every once in a while, and it's totally healthy to imagine you're eating people at some point. (Honestly, when I was a kid I was always hoping the juice was wine, cuz I was a weird kid that wanted to drink booze for some reason, and the idea of getting it in church was awesome. But alas, it was always just grape juice.)

Oh yeah, here's a sound for the 5th panel. Link!

Now I'm off to bed cuz it's waaay past my bedtime!