Wander - Teaser/Placeholder

Luminous on July 22, 2011

Long time, no see, DrunkDuck! If anyone who read my other comic, Angelfish, happens upon this page, then, uh, hi! I'm working on rewriting AF, but in the meantime, I really kinda missed having a comic to update, so I thought why not start this project.
So, what is this project? Wander is going to be a light-hearted fantasy adventure with chapters based partly on ideas I get from some of the better results from the Seventh Sanctum generators, as well as my own ideas from my (sarcasm) oh-so-creative (/sarcasm) mind. Basically, I wanted to start a comic that wouldn't be TOO serious or dramatic, and that could possibly have somewhat episodic chapters. I just wanted to get back to drawing comics again, but I'm not ready to restart AF yet.
Anyway, this page is sort of a placeholder. Next will be a cover sometime next week probably, and then the first page!