MayelV on May 19, 2013

Yep. No more colors. I said three colored pages and the double spread counts as, well, two. Haha.
And sorry. But there goes or hero. NOT! Cliff just decided to… uh… take a nap! yes, that's it! he's resting up to counter with all his energy. Hehe…
Okay, James is the muscle in this group, and let's say Demon mode gives +20 strength. Like kaiok- Nothing. Nothing like that.
Anyway, got some new ideas for more 4komas, but they'll have to wait. There IS a new incentive. An interesting crossover. Vote to check it out! every vote is greatly appreciated
Thanks for reading!
@Ink_wolf: HAHAHAHAA!!
@Mr Kaos: Well, he's a demon. He has to.
@KingZombie999: What that is? 8)
@Spikes : AWW YEAH!