001: Starting from the beginning

Egnio on Aug. 27, 2006

Yay for the lame backgrounds introduction! Well, let me explain a bit of this comic. The title is a parody of “War of the worlds”, and, obviously, the Neciz are a parody of the Nazis. Now, just as I wrote on a thread on the forum where this started, let me tell you:

I'm not a nazi, I'm not a neo-nazi, I'm not a nazi wanna be, I'm not Hitler's #1 fan, neither the second, I'm not a Hitler fan, I'm not hitler's reincarnation, neither a mexican Hitler. The whole “Neciz” thingy is a parody of the Nazis to make fun of that, and the colonel could be considered Hitler, but that's only to make fun of them on a later part of the comic. The whole “Capturing the village” was only to start the comic with a cliche'd story line, not supposed to be like the concentration camps or such. Lets make it clear: I HATE HITLER AND THE NAZIS. If someone gets pissed by the fact that I'm using something that looks like Hitler and the nazis, I'm really sorry, since my intentions is to laugh at them, not to laugh at what they did.

Now that it's clear, some other things that may arise:
* Some panels were purposely made to look a bit crappy. Sadly, even the ones that weren't supposed to be ended looking bad too… Hopefully, I'll rarely use custom backgrounds again.
* The messages comes from the narrator, not the author, who will be mentioned later (don't worry, I'm not planing to make him a character or letting him use almighty powers or such)
* Yes, the narrator is an ass.
* Yup. Title is a direct copy of “War of the worlds”, even though they might have nothing in common.
* Yes, I know about the “you'll answer have to be yes”. I wanted to write “You'll answer yes”, but changed my mind and decided for “Your answer have to be yes”. Apparently, I didn't check it, and it got messed up.

Okay. That's all for now… or is it?