Back to school...!

Foxy on Sept. 5, 2007

Okays… I went back to school on the fourth, but I haven't bothered to upload this update that I was intending to upload until now. I'm now in grade 8, and since there isn't a middle school–as far as I know–in Vancouver, I'm now in Highschool… Or a highschool alternate, rather, though it is on the grounds of the Highschool… But anyways:

This is far from a hiatus notice, I am likely to be much more productive. Also, yesterday, I decided to actually do something about the jillion ammounts of errors, including the one that makes me lose my internet connection all the time, and have to restart to get it back. So I used a bunch of anti-virus scanners and programs, and now everything seems to be completely fixed. o.O
Ooh, this means I can use one of those online oeakai tablets…! (Using them before just ended up in internet failring (inside-joke) before I got my picture done) …If only I actually still felt like using one.

Mleh. Come back in a month or so (from when I post this)… Intended to use more than a scribble for this… Bleh… Got lost on way home from school, walked for an hour, after P.E. too… *mumble*

EDIT: Accidently tried to upload a bitmap… Had to go back, luckily saved everything I typed via ctrl + c by good habbits… *grumble*