Warui Page 2: Battle for the Soul

Obduratus on Jan. 13, 2007

Yaaay, I put this page together from files I found on my old hard drive.

If you dont know about this comic, It was posted in 2003 by my friend Obduratus and I on a personal website. We reached about 12 pages and abandoned the comic due to personal issues. Originally, it was pencil only, but I went back and colored a few pages in 2004 hoping to have renewed interest in the project, but it fizzled out.

Now, this is also not the same scripted dialog that Obduratus wrote. I rewrote it tonight except for a few lines, like in the 6th panel where the first sentence was from the script, so its not what was originally posted.

Kanjii of the Red G'Di.. G'Di means Cat
VaNoVo! is Kanjii's spell to summon his weapon.
Also, and its very poorly transitioned here between panels 2 and 3, they are appearing in the Mid-world to battle. Its like an alternate dimension so they wont destroy the surroundings they were in.
Isnt that considerate?

One other thing..
I'm posting this mostly for you Freakeh ;p

If It werent for your interest, I probably wouldnt have done so!