Warui Page 3: Two Demons, One Enzeru

Obduratus on Jan. 15, 2007

Okay, only 6 panels this time.
I dont wanna give it to you all at once!

Settle down ;-p

Also, I was reorganizing all of my art folders and when I worked on Warui folder, I realized I left out a panel on the last page. So go back to page 2 to see the new panel! I mean, its nothing new added to the story, but just another pretty drawing of Shim'own.

The dialog here again is written by myself using some of the original lines. Obduratus was going to do it, but he couldn't get the program he wanted to use to install properly.

And don't ask how Kanjii's weapon got BEHIND him in the second panel *smacks her forehead*

Ummm, yaay, its Kami!