Warui Page 5: The Lone Panel

Obduratus on Jan. 22, 2007

Okay, so my page re-edits have resulted in a LONE PANEL. It was too many for the last page and doesnt fit into the next one. Even if I put it with the next page, I'd have a remainder.
But to its credit, Its one of my favorite panels in the whole comic!! (that have been drawn so far)

I also have some bad news.
There's only one more colored page after this. The rest are in pencils. I'm trying to crack the whip on Obduratus to do the flatting on the other pencil pages, so hopefully he wont let us down. Cheer him on everyone!

Rubygem: Thanks for the good rating!

Freakeh: Don't worry about Shim'own. His kind have a tendency to pop back up ;-p
And yeah, she took his soul to return it to Kaidama. Both Oni and Enzeru want the souls. They cant really control if a person lives or dies, but they can take the soul.
The souls of living things are energy produced by the earth deity (Kaidama)'s life force. Oni return that energy back to him where it is likely recycled (reincarnation), but the Enzeru, who wish to destroy Kaidama take the souls (aka energy) away from the earth. Without this energy, Kaidama will die.

Wow, that was a lot to say -.-

Also, Im glad you liked/noticed the transition, lol.
I added that last night while I was adding the new dialog because, again, I felt like there wasnt really a good transition. A quick airbrush was all I really had to make up for it.

Nigellashade: Im glad you liked it ^_^ To me it just seemed that her face was awkwardly shaped, but its okay. I mean, I did draw it four years ago. Naturally I feel Ive improved since then and am more critical of art I did in the past.
Thanks again for you nice comments and support ^_^
I really hope you are enjoying the comic!

Obduratus: If I dont talk to you soon, remember when you do the flatting to save as a psd or psp and DO NOT merge the image please!! Thanks ^o^

Oh and if anyone wants to chat with me, Im on MSN messenger oninarou hotmail.com ^_^