Star Force 3 Vs Avira Anti Vir

Greenmousa on July 12, 2009

Well hi! This is my very own first web comic and im actually quite happy about it! Theres a lot still to polish but i will try hard to reach the style im going for, just for the record i would really like to know what do you guys like the most, the guest comic i did for And-Id or this one?? Style wise of course not in content.

Well this time around i focused on Star Force Black Ace, we do have a cool .exe that is our best friend…a .exe…right…well apparently nothing it's a challenge for the almighty Avira. All Hail Avira Anti-Vir.

Greeting from Argentina, with love :D!

Oh!! And Don't Support Piracy!! That ROM was going to get deleted after 24 hours of course…(deleted from my PC never from my R4 XD)

Juan, Out! Enjoy!