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Indybot on March 31, 2009

And we’re off to a stellar start! Because…see…the first panel…

And don’t worry, it’s not meant to make perfect sense right away – think of this as the intro to one of those television shows where they always splice in clips from the impending episode during the opening credits.

I want readers to learn about the world of Whateverland, USA the same way we experience the real one – gradually figuring things out for ourselves as we go along. After all, nothing makes sense at first.

These three pages are a good example of an intended joke missing its mark. In my mind, I was poking fun at the traditional “exposition monologue” style of introduction, with the gag being that the alleged “narrator” is actually just some dude (who may or may not very well be full of it) going off on a tirade because he’s bored. Of course, the first person I showed it to immediately assumed that I was simply resorting to a cliché for lack of a better idea. Ah well. Live and learn. As such, I decided to combine pages one through three into a single, triple-treat update. Even if the joke is confusing, at least it's over quickly.

As for the backgrounds in panel three…well…these things happen. I’ll fix it one of these days, but rule one for me on this project is “don’t get hung up on imperfections.” Well, technically that’s rule two – rule one is, first and foremost, “Dare to be stupid.” The prologue is actually a mash-up of old and new art that I’ve cobbled together, and it certainly shows. I don’t want to spend too much time fretting over this prologue stuff when I should be focusing on the art for chapter one.

From here on out, every Wednesday shall henceforth come bearing a new page of Whateverland, USA. And it shall henceforth be known throughout the land (and by “thoughout the land,” I mean “in my imagination”) as Whateverland Wednesday! I hope you’ll come back next week!

I wish I could personally thank every single one of you for reading!
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