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Indybot on April 21, 2011

Methinks someone may have a bit of a crush. Too bad Leech is terrified of strangers. Sorry, guy. Probably not gonna happen. :T
The dialogue gave me a bit of trouble – this page touches on a lot of things that will come up again later. I’ve been drawing these characters for a long time, now, and it wasn’t until THIS page that I realized just how inconvenient it is to have a six-foot-tall character who NEVER SITS cast alongside a five-foot-six person. I cheated a little bit and took advantage of his “sink into the ground ability.”
You can add grass to my list of things I hate drawing, so I swapped it out for strawberry plants. (It’s cool. Plant Guy can do that.) I hope no one notices that the strawberries on the ground are a different cultivar from the ones on the tray. (Oops.)

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