WDYLM teaser!!!

noroone on Jan. 28, 2008

Eeek! I just couldn't resist!! xD

Well, I've wanted to make my very own manga for a while now, and the project that I had planned to start with experienced some complications, so it was never finished. It was goin to be called Labrys, which has a teaser image on my profile, but that project was put aside for now, since I experienced some problems with the story/drawing/etc.

I've had a couple of people here at Drunk duck that have seen my deviant and the image on my profile and have told me how much they'd like to see a manga of my own. I recently had a revelation, and this comic popped into my mind, so I said hey, what the hell, I need a first try xD

This is a teaser of my soon coming manga (if this style counts as manga-like…) This is Don, the main character, and little Lizy the lizard xD

Well, this comic still has to go through some very rigid and self imposed scrutiny based on drawing-and-plot-writing-inferiority-complex, so, expect this manga to begin updating in about… a week, when I finally bitch slap myself and force myself to draw pages!

Well, to all of those who encouraged me to start this thing (you know who you are :3), thank you, specially to my best friend in rl Babsy, who I know is reading this. So, Babsy, this is for you: GET A FUCKING DD ACCOUNT.

So I'll stop ranting, and I hope all of you stick around :3 I promise WDYLM will be an enjoyable comic. Until the next update!!