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Macattack on Nov. 9, 2010

GASP! Two updates? oh you're getting spoiled! Okay, maybe not… but anyways. I'm trying to force my way into chapter 2 and ignoring the fact that me losing chapter 1 has totally ruined your understanding of what's going on. Thus the next few author's comments may be long.

In this comic: Kyle, when he had first discovered that he had super powers, just wanted to ignore them and go on with his life. After all, this is Canada, not America where caped crusaders go and take the law in their own hands… We have mounties for that! Kailee (his drama loving friend)felt this was a waste of his potential and got very angry at him for having the power to change the world and not using it. Thus, after Jessica died and Chet, the murderer, was let go, Kyle realized that there are some things the Law can't do and therefore he decided to take it on himself to step in where the law couldn't. And thus a hero was born