#1: Ewen

nekoewen on Oct. 12, 2011

This is the first installment of “With a W for No Good Reason.” This comic is basically going to be just a collection of random stream of consciousness stuff about my life, with visuals in the form of little doodles.

For reasons my parents have never adequately explained to me, my first name is spelled “Ewen” but pronounced like “Aaron,” apparently inspired by reading about the Scottish clans that are a long ways back in our ancestry. Needless to say this was an amazing thing to subject a child to in elementary school. I've considered changing my legal first name to “Aaron” so that my life is a little easier when dealing with official stuff, but I don't seem to care enough to actually go through with it. Plus enough people know me by “Ewen” that I'd probably have to keep it as a pen name anyway.