Jeremy Ray on July 19, 2017



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The Gumroad store is reopened (gumroad.com/jrxtin). I've had a couple people sign up for Patreon to get XTIN: The Dragon's Dreamworld, but I can tell it's not a popular option. You get access to far, far more stuff through Patreon, but you have to wait and wait and wait for it, and who wants that? I've been seeing slow but steady growth for the last few months, so I'm guessing there's a few more sales out there. Hopefully enough to cover Gumroad's fee. I've also put the first issue of REINCARRION up, at a higher resolution and with bonus pages from the first attempt at the story; and I've put up the Extinction Level Event one shot. ELE is nothing like XTIN, but it's sort of related. It's a comedic story that takes place within the same universe. I wonder what it would look like if it wasn't a comedy? The poor hero would be even more broken.

Page 6 is one of those pages that just would not go down. Panel 2 took much longer to draw than it should have, and I rewrote this over and over again. A kind of oppositional banter is developing between the guru and Mina. At this point the idea is raw and I don't know how comedic it's going to be, or how to write their comedic style. I don't want to be in a “The Force Awakens” situation where the characters are delivering lines in a comedic style from the present day. That really stuck out in a bad way. Would the comedy of the cultures in XTIN even come across as comedy to us? I'll get a handle on it somehow.

If anyone's interested, here's a book I illustrated earlier in the year - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/270059342/vampire-journals-asylum

Except for the covers, which I did not illustrate. Or the colors. It's certainly strange to see my work colored.