Season 2 : Episode 28 : Pg. 19

VinoMas on Sept. 20, 2016

Sadly this is the last page of YOUR CHOICE… temporarily. We have been on a week long hiatus due to Princes January performing LIVE at the The Unicorn Narwhal Cabaret for Butch Alice's birthday open mic puppet show that was EVERYTHING. Abbey Rhodes, Sparkle Leigh, and the puppet performers were giving LIFE all night long. YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS!

So I digress. This page was supposed to be sent before the hiatus, however the princess needed 8 life-size paper costumes with 8-hairdo's and completely different make-up schemes.

So…sadly this the last page of YOUR CHOICE…
Season 2 will continue as soon as I get new pages done. LOTS of ideas and plans in store so you better bet your bottom dollar that I'll be back just as soon as I can!