Hiatus? Le Gasp!

Dementia Praecox on Dec. 13, 2006

You heard right, gang. Thar be a hiatus comin' up. Actually, there be a hiatus here. Because Wolfchild was my inspiration, and I rarely ever see her, my inspiration thus dwindles. I will return to YODF, whenever I again feel inspired to work on this. However, right now, I don't really feel… ‘into’ this. I mean, I can't think of many of my planned-out comics that I do feel into. It took a few tries to find out which novel was THE novel I'd actually sit down and write….

So, I have to find a comic that will be THE comic that I'll sit down and draw. But what will it be about? How will I stay interested? How can I keep it fun, original, yet serious and adventurous? I really wanna know what I should doooo. ;-; I'm thinking of starting up Kamuhn again, but there are so many stories I'd like to get out. But then again, I want a comic with a long story to be told. And I want it to *still* have adventure and fun and for it to never drag to a stand-still.

I was thinking of creating a comic called ‘Comedy and Tragedy’ about two brothers- aptly names Comedy and Tragedy Woodwind- who tell stories, both comedic and tragic. But then I got into an argument with myself. I said ‘but wait, I want a STORY this time’. But not an UBER long one. Then again….


I'm at a loss, here, folks. Should I pick up Kamuhn? About a Kintauren magus who ends up traveling with a knight from Scortmai in order to ally the mortals with the Otherkin. Which is- I suppose- original enough. But I haven't gotten it *all* planned out. And in the bits of comics I've found from the old Kamuhn, there are a lot of historical contradictions. ^^'' So I'd have to re-write it and work on it….

And learn to draw horses. And knights.

My alternative? ‘The Edaenus’. A HUGE story about a paranoid Erlkonig, a self-doubting Necromancer, a time-obsessed Dwarf and two Gips who believe they are destined to save Dimarchai from the Edaenus Aeris- the “Time of Destruction”. But that would take so much time. And that, too, has not been planned out. So… make your choices, people! Cast your votes!

Is it Kamuhn, or The Edaenus? The choice is thine.

^^- Later!

Ooh! Before I forget, this little cutie is Evos- the paranoid Erlking I was talking about. So if you want The Edaenus, you'll be seeing A LOT of him….