It's a long way to Y-O-U-K...

ZenKai on Aug. 21, 2007

Welcome! This is an experiment, initially hosted on the DrunkDuck system. I've created more than a few comics already, and I'm basically trying to establish the tone. Bear with me as I work out the style and delivery; this is my first attempt at a comic.

This began as an attempt to develop a realistic, rapid-deployment artistic style (no more than 5 minutes per panel). Iâ??m trying to develop a system in which I can hammer out a (pre-written) comic in 20-30 minutes, so I can update often. The content stems from the fact that I hang about with very odd people (myself included).

I own the domain, and, being a software engineer, will eventually just port the whole thing to it's own site, approximately when I damn well feel like it.