F-ing Pirates

ZenKai on Oct. 3, 2007

Conversational Notes
Sorry for the delay! I cracked my hand good the week before last, so working with a tablet was… problematic. It appears it was only nominally fractured though as, despite the fact that it's still a bit swollen, it doesn't seem to hurt anymore.

Anyone who asked what I'd managed to do to myself was presented the same nebulous answer: “Pirate.” As a ninja, they're a natural enemy (according to the interweb at least) but it IS a bit unusual to see them this far inland.

Now I know you“re all thinking, ”Zen, you amazingly masculine stallion you, what actually happened?" I ended an argument by the simple expedient of punching through an oaken bench. I broke the bench, along with the hand.

Furniture: 1. Zen: 0.

Comic Notes:
This was not the comic I had scripted for #7; I'll do my best to get back on track, but as I was trying to get the comic I DID have planned for that weekend this popped into my head.

This also serves to fulfill the obligatory “no words” comic that seems to be a requirement for every artist at some point or another. I"m bound and determined to get back to the regularly scheduled update this Sunday, so you all have at least 5 days to think of a particularly scathing retort when I blow it.

Rant Notes:
Mike, this one is to get you to quit your whining about me not having updated. Boy just TRY and make a rational argument to some people.