...and it does when you ask!

Croi Dhubh on Dec. 26, 2008

Uh oh…so it's the Ropers screwing around with Ryu! Thank goodness they aren't that smart…but at least they are out of that hellish muck.

I'm rather happy with how this turned out. Even haven written the dialogue, after reading it with the panels laid out I couldn't help but laugh with Roper #1 (the appointed leader) actually bragging about kicking Ryu in the face right after Ryu said that.

I'm not one to bite jokes from other people, but the Maddox reference in the last panel couldn't be helped. It's just too funny.

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because I'm awesome
-Posted on Dec 23, 2008
Hahah, well, you are much appreciated at least.

Ha! This is probably the best Christmas day 'toon posted on DD this year. Well done!
-Posted on Dec 26, 2008
Thank you! I do have fun using my little author toons. I may end up redoing my “Rondo of Senility” in the future.
Thanks for all the support everyone. Keep the comments and views coming!