Yuri World 57 (Drawn)

Shadow The Unborn on Nov. 28, 2008

Let’s start the Final Mix!

So here we are once again. After what is almost a year of not posting anything here, I would be shocked that everyone thought the series would stop cold without an ending. That is far from the truth. The artistic mind that was generous enough to lend some of his time to bringing this story to a close was swamped with his own ideas for his stories.

Looking back, I am surprised the story attracted such a fan base, being a test comic and all…Not to mention all the mistakes, grammatical errors, missing words…In a way it horrifies me that I was almost NEVER called on these errors. Overall, I am disturbed by the horrid quality of this series up to this point. I also regret how thin this series is. I was a newbie. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, my effects suck, and I lacked any of the super talented contacts that I have now.

One day I plan to redo this series. I may keep the ending the same, but a lot of things leading up to it will be altered. The only thing I think I succeeded in was making Amy Rose likeable, but even that is very doubtful that such has happened, or if I made any sort of impact on the sprite genre.

But screw the musing, you came for the story. This is just a little lead up to the final act. Saku is the Anchorwoman, and that fox with the blue hair is a character of mine, Nephlyte.