Balmung_of_HHQ on Nov. 13, 2010

Alright everyone, after 4 whole years, I've finally decided to return to the world of sprite comics. I now present to you a new story in the “ZaWorld Zero” series…

ZaWorld Zero Reboot!

This story will feature a whole new setting and a completely new cast of characters at first. With this new story I will take characters from Megaman ZX and make them my own, just as I did with the Megaman Zero characters in the original ZaWorld Zero.
Soon the story will all come together, and the mystery of what happened at the end of the original “ZaWorld Zero” will be revealed.

I hope that if any of the previous readers are still active, that you'll join me in this new tale I'll soon proceed to spin. I'll be trying my best to create a truly fun world for these characters, and a nice story for you. That is after all, what “ZaWorld” is all about.