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moriarty on Oct. 21, 2008

Hello! Howdy! Hi! How are you? My names Moriarty and this is Zom-B! Now it may look like this is my first comic here on Drunk Duck but actually I used to run a few comics before, if you've found this comic from the link I've no doubt updated my old accounts comics with, then welcome and it's nice to see you again :-) if your new then welcome also!

Now then, something I need to make clear! Zom-B is NOT a serious comic. It's graphical style is that of my avatar, but don't get me wrong, I have no intention to shy away from gore or bad words! It just dosen't feel like there are enough funny zombie servival comics out in the world and as a long time fan of CorruptComics “Zombies Are People Too” I felt it was time that humans got the chance to be funny in such a horrific time. Anyway, I can't say how long it'll be till I actually start uploading strips, I mostly put this up so I'd have a test page for editing the comics page, but if your interested feel free to click the button up there and I shall love you long time.

Hope to see you here again :-)

- Mr.Moriarty