Valid Soul on July 21, 2010

Reboots are nothing new nowadays, so allow me to take the time to announce that American007 is getting the reboot treatment.

If you care to really know why, consider this a fresh start. There are some plot holes, inconsistencies, etc. that would be hard to fix without retconning everything, plus the fact that it was considered more of a Sonic comic than anything was starting to annoy me, so fuck it.

The new version will be called Entropy, and is basically going to continue in the same vein of A007, but will be much more realistic of it's situation, as well as improved characterization. A good way of looking at it is a mix between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Watchmen. Well, that's the plan. Once again Teron will be jumping on board to bring this upcoming comic to life.

Have a look around for now, i'll be revealing more details later, and i'll be uploading some concept art while we continue to iron things out. American007 will remain as it's own separate comic, so that if anyone wants to still look at it, they can.

Until then,