Wonder how you'd handle *my* sword

b4k4chan on Jan. 26, 2010

…I has people watching this? 0_0 Oh dear… *gulps* So sorry for disappearing! I didn't realise people still wanted to see more… ^^; (Plus, I've been busy with IRL stuff a lot, including trying to get better.)
To make it up, I shall post some random Rii related art a few times this week! (until I run out of presentable ones >.>)

Also, I'm thinking about restarting my old attempt at actual comicking, but I figured I should first get a buffer before I do that since I'm still chronically ill and have no idea how fast I can finish pages… (not to mention I need to think up new characters for the next page for that >.>' )
Does anyone have any interest in seeing the first two pages that are already finished? If so, let me know and I'll post them :3
Just…don't expect too much ^^;