BH001- 'Some like it hot'

Flatworm on March 19, 2006

Wtf!!….Well my whole archive of blackheart dissapeared from drunkduck….someone scream ‘well update you daft twat’? No? Must be hearing things!
So i dont have any of my old comics, because i was stupid enough not to keep backups on my pc, so here we go again with another launch of Black Heart.
I'm gonna update everyday except sundays, because thats when i go to church ( yeh right ) All i ask is that you give me a few posts before you make your opinions on my comics. It aint complicated gags or fancy art work, but god to i laugh making them. N just lettin everyone know i aint being callous or cold when i do these comics. u just gotta laugh at this stuff, if you dont it drags you down. this is the world we live in. Deal!