Featured Dec. 6, 2012
Everyone, 72 pages

The Jikoku are a pirate menace, scouring the galaxy and reducing once opulent civilisations to ruins. But there is hope for the Maracan people somewhere on the primitive planet earth, it has been foretold. Brave, ruthless general Olympus sets out on a doomed diplomatic meeting and finds the very last thing he was expecting…
This is a SciFi fantasy story of love and drama across the stars. It's a manga style story, all digital art, greyscale, with colour covers. By Lawrence Simpson and Dawn Tabor , rated E

Featured Dec. 3, 2012
Everyone, 21 pages

Every little kid wants to be a voice in a cartoon, right? Even a few adults hold onto this dream. Even a few poorly-functioning nerds with social problems. Meet Maury, Fran, Chuck, and Babs. They're a group of voice actors who… really don't seem to have it together, actually. Gag-a-day hijinks with a loose story, and slick, blocky cartoonish art!

Featured Nov. 29, 2012
Teen, 57 pages

Eisu is one of a band of freedom fighters working in secret to take back their country. Many years ago the kingdom of Arris conquered them and subjugated her people. She and her friends have grown up under that oppression, now is the time for them to fight back… The people of Arris have advanced technology and armour that makes guns useless against them, but guns are the people's only weapon. Eisu and her comrades might have a way to make things work.
Drawn in an anime influenced style, Gunslinger is a black and white Scifi action comic with a pretty decompressed storyline that's finally gathering momentum now. Rapidly. :)
By Sajomir, rated T.

Featured Nov. 26, 2012
Everyone, 100 pages

The main character is just a regular divorced dad- he's got the boys tonight, so dinner will be hotdogs (and broccoli if he can trick them). But a scream from the bedroom sends him running to see what's wrong: tentacles from another dimension are stealing his kids! He frees one but the other is already gone. He jumps after him into the portal… and they return 5 days later, greatly changed and still in danger. What happened in there? What's going on?

Featured Nov. 22, 2012
Mature, 445 pages

Kimber isn't a well woman. The chemo isn't working… she just keeps getting worse and worse. Maybe the experimental lucid dreaming therapy will have some positive effects? Although, she's pretty sure it's what gave her cancer in the first place. In her lucid dream state, Kimber Luster is no longer a suffering mother with two beautiful sons and a loving husband… she's something else… she's someone who can fall nine stories without injury and put her fist through a solid wood door without even feeling it.
This is a highly interesting story comic with an extremely intriguing and engaging plot. The art is all grey scale, pen and ink work, very traditional. I hope you enjoy Godstrain by KimLuster, rated T

Featured Nov. 19, 2012
Everyone, 65 pages

From the creator of The Pirate Balthasar, The Flower and The Nose is a modern fairy tale about a little girl and a special flower. Olivia and Lani wake up early one morning to see their great-grandpa's flower bloom, something which only happens every thirty years. But little Lani, who doesn't have an appreciation for nature, is given a curse/blessing by the flower. A very big one! Amazingly lovely and unique art - layered, textured, cartoonish and sweet!

Featured Nov. 12, 2012
Teen, 162 pages

Aaron Rung is going nowhere fast. He's stuck in community college with idiots, trapped in his dead-end job at Food Plus, he's losing his friends as they go on to better things, has trouble with money, girls, and the list goes on. That all changes when a freak accident gives him incredible energy powers. But Aaron has better things to use his powers for rather than helping people… and that's helping himself, as the villainous Blue Blaster!
By CrimeRoyale, Rated T.

ZoNe 3 by Dee
Featured Nov. 8, 2012
Teen, 43 pages

We are not alone… there are other planes of existence, zones, places where the demons live.
Sean is having trouble sleeping. A nightmare demon invades his dreams. His sister Zoey is in hospital, she's not happy. The mysterious witch Winter says she can help. Can Doctor Voss protect Zoey from the demons?
More and more of the mysteries surrounding the lives of Sean and Zoey are gradually revealed in ZoNe 3, a story of magic and mysticism, with a good sprinkling of humour throughout! The art is all digital and full colour, with manga inspired characterisations. It looks lovely!
By Dee, rated T

Featured Nov. 5, 2012
Teen, 65 pages

Do you dare delve into the dark underworld of bizarre abandoned comics on the Duck? Locoma does… and occasionally brings back little treasures he finds, to share with everyone else. A brilliant idea (with a huge amount of potential comics), most of the “anti-featured” comics Locoma links to are very short reads, many of them interesting in their own ways. This is one to keep an eye on! Will being featured in Anti-Featured be the new Featured?

Featured Nov. 1, 2012
Teen, 481 pages

This, my friends, is one extremely funny comic! A$$hole has been on DD a while, entertaining legions of DDers, now it's time for the rest of you to jump on board.
A$$hole stars Trevor, a far more muscley but still bald version of the hilarious author trevoramueller, along with demonic Susie, girlfriend Laura, Evil Gnome King, and Charlie the poltergeist, who is also a dick. Together they get into some pretty funny stuff.
The art is mostly digital and full colour, this comic has been around a while so it has improved over time. There are also quite a few pics involving the handsome author himself!
By trevoramueller, rated T.

Featured Oct. 29, 2012
Teen, 83 pages

Lights, camera, alarm clock! Wake up, it's time for another day of higher education at Cartoon University. Cameron's super excited to be a freshman, despite his roommates. Mako is a brooding anime actor from Japan, and Max is a tough-talkin cat toon from the streets of Hoboken. It's a little bit Drawn Together, a little bit general cartoon parody/homage. The Peter Griffin-like Contemporary Sitcom professor baffles Cameron (or maybe it's just the disconnected non-sequitur nature of the material). Max gets on gangbusters with Wack E. Duck in Slapstick Antics, and Mako is just having problems all around. Definitely a comic for cartoon lovers!

Featured Oct. 25, 2012
Mature, 125 pages

Humour. Drama. Side Ponytail.
Wristance is a crazy character and definitely an interesting person. Between the drugs, clubbing, her funny friends and her insane ‘Voice of Reason“ embodied in the form of a grinning speed addict fox, there’s a lot to love about and laugh at with Wristance! She's a pink haired, side ponytail wearing misfit. There's a LOT of humour here and some drama… hilarious drama. The art isn't always perfect, but it has an interesting style of its own and the great writing tops everything anyway!
Adventures of Wristance is a humour comic story, full digital colour, by Distance, rated M

Distance E Larkins, Author of and artist of Adventures of Wristance, passed away a couple of days ago. It was suicide… she must have been in a very dark place. We feel for her and her family.

A fellow DDer and good friend says:
”My friend Distance has passed away, and she had a comic on DD called ‘The Adventures of Wristance’ that she was very proud of, and had managed to sell a first volume. She has always drawn comics and it was the first ‘proper’ one… and very auto biographical.
(It was) very well written. And she was very proud. It has a lot of who she is in it. You know her for real by reading it."

Featured Oct. 22, 2012
Everyone, 30 pages

Guy LeBrun wakes up in a cave, tied to a chair and blindfolded. A mysterious man is speaking to him, making him recount the events that led up to his predicament. A chance meeting before work with an old friend who asks touchy questions about his work at a nuclear plant; learning that security at work is paying uncomfortably close attention to him; a disturbing file open on his computer at work when he arrives. Something's definitely up at work… or is it bigger than that? Guy's life is about to change for the worse, because it looks like something big is on the way.

Featured Oct. 18, 2012
Everyone, 29 pages

Goblin Tale is about a small goblin domestic worker and his crazy adventures working for a wizard in his tower. As you can imagine, this isn't your normal sort of cleaning job, working in a wizard tower has its own special set of challenges, one of those includes an exceedingly vicious small black kitten! The art style is smooth, slick, and professional, nicely coloured and cell shaded, lending itself to animation… and waddaya know, he's got a Kickstarter to do a short animated version! - which would be cool to see.
By Skulldixon, rated E.

Featured Oct. 15, 2012
Teen, 224 pages

Hero Academy is in trouble! Something's happened to the Heroes (even the dog-handed Dober-Man???) and it's up to the uncool robotic non-student Willem to get help… good thing he can fly to the moon, where he can talk to Moonshadow. No, he doesn't want Moonshadow to save Hero Academy. He probably wasn't even paying attention to that part. Willem is a little preoccupied with his angst. He leaves the panicking Amber behind to handle whatever-it-is, and she has a little freak-out. She may be a babe but she's got some self-confidence issues. This big, bold, and colorful comic is a bit silly and pretty fun! All the antics of superheroes with all the jerkiness and uncertainty of high school! Wait, wait… wasn't there a crisis going on somewhere?

Featured Oct. 11, 2012
Teen, 133 pages

Ace is the main character here! Sometimes she's a little down, sometimes she's high on life and sometimes she's just laughing at its absurdities. Odd Days is about the odd days of a young woman with awesome hair facing all the trails and tribulations of real life in a comic strip that changes tone from outright comedy to introspection as the mood takes it. The art has a unique style, mainly drawn in black and white with pencil. Oh, and there are enough pages here to keep you interested!
Rated T, by nightmarelunatic, AKA Aubrey Miranda.

Featured Oct. 4, 2012
Everyone, 64 pages

Anything about nothing is a super hilarious strip full of delicious, colourful stylised comic art and a LOT of humour! It's a comic strip and it's funny, can't go deeper into it than that folks, sorry! The art is lovely and cute, it shows off the jokes perfectly, with lots of different styles.
Anything about Nothing has been dormant for a looong looong time, but now it's finally updating again and it's feature time for this marvellous work!
by Kangel, rated E.

Featured Oct. 1, 2012
Teen, 133 pages

In 2972, Admiral Vektor arrives on a secret facility on a hidden moon to confront Governor Daedalus about the billions of dollars they've been giving him to create a war machine he hasn't delivered yet. Coincidentally enough, he's just in time to see the thing finished and activated… and immediately go on a terrible unstoppable rampage, only to escape them all on a freight flight. The admiral isn't pleased at all! Maybe because the machine was programmed to destroy him and the Empire. The machine joins the crew of the cargo flight and they become bold adventurers. A colorful sci-fi comic with androids, spaceships, and a bit of comedy!

Featured Sept. 27, 2012
Everyone, 32 pages

Inspired by Sailor Moon, Tindome Senshi is a romantic fantasy Sci-fi comic about young princess Elm who is just on the verge of womanhood, yet still too immature to take on the responsibilities of her position. She'd rather dream about cute magical cabbits than attend boring political meetings! But things are about to change for her. She's about to have to do some growing up! At least she'll have her new cabbit for company.
Done with bright, pretty, anime influenced, cell shaded style digital art, this is a full colour story comic. There aren't many pages yet so It's a good one to get started with!
By SailorDione, rated E

Featured Sept. 24, 2012
Everyone, 27 pages

Element Man is on the loose, and he's transforming his Emerald Eye amulet into a weather-controlling device (to be used for evil, I'm guessing). Something goes wrong and he himself is transformed into an elemental monster! The superteam of puzzling heroes have to stop him! Abracadiva soothes the savage storm, Olympus Man gets big and overly dramatic, Teutonic Titan threatens with patchy English and a sacred sword, Dreamweaver… does some hippie stuff. It's hard to tell this is a superhero parody sometimes! This comic is actually a ‘teaser,’ the rest of the comic is offsite, but it's definitely one for superhero comic fans to check out.

Featured Sept. 17, 2012
Mature, 19 pages

Lil is about to turn 35 years old… but she has not one damn thing to celebrate. All she wants is to be left alone. A lousy waitress, working her lousy days in a lousy diner, her only escape is the smokes… the bottle… and the needle. But in a ruthless world, she knows how the game is played and she is going to play it her way. With a troubled past, and a future going nowhere, she has nothing to live for and nothing to lose. She needs her pound of flesh and she is gonna get it one way or another. But now someone is out to get her! A twisted love, a twisted life and some seriously twisted attitude. Most people end up a version of what they oughta be. Damn near everybody’s a story of what they hope they’re not.
This realisitcally-styled mature noir comic would fit right into Vertigo's catalog! LIL's issues have been broken up across accounts, so after reading Issue 1 be sure to visit LIL_COMIC's user page for the links to the others!

Featured Sept. 13, 2012
Everyone, 91 pages

This soldier's name is A.D.A.M. it stands for Army Developed Android Mechanism. He was “created” as a super soldier, to work covertly as a one man army in difficult, if not impossible situations. He's tough, powerful, almost a superhero, absolutely unstoppable… but there are strange mysteries and whisperings surrounding him. Maybe all is not as it seems?
This is an action adventure comic strip. All in four panels in semi-realistic, stylised digital art. It looks very professional and slick, all in a very limited colour palette. This is an exciting, read, full of action and hardcore manly stuff! You'll love it!
By Gaston25, rated E.

Featured Sept. 10, 2012
Everyone, 103 pages

Organized by Niccea, with gratefully-received help from a whole slew of community members, it's the Drunk Duck Awards 2012! This annual event is run, voted on, and presented by and for the members of the best comic hosting site out there! Every year the awards celebrates the best DD's got- both comics and users- and gives readers an A-list of titles to check out. This year's awards “ceremony” starts today- so it's time to check in frequently, congratulate the winners (maybe yourself?), and check out some great community-chosen comics!

Featured Sept. 6, 2012
Everyone, 789 pages

With Dog The Spot you get TWO comics for the price of one! Dog the spot features dog, who is a… spot. A spot of what, no one knows. He has many interesting and entertaining philosophical ponderings about the world, as much as a splodgey spot can have anyway.
Just A Stage is the second part of the webcomic mix here, it's about the life behind the scenes of an amateur theatre company, in a three panel gag format. There's also a Germanic Einstein-Freud type character who pops up occasionally to tell us about his amazing new discoveries.
Dog The Spot is a gag stri with often subtle humour, it's very stylised and cartoony, drawn with inks and coloured digitally.
By Horque, rated E

Featured Sept. 3, 2012
Everyone, 304 pages

Whensdays is a sweetly goofy weekly comic strip starring a wide cast of lovable characters. It's reminiscent of the earlier days of animated cartoons, pun-heavy jokes with caricatured animals. Weekly comic sheets detail the ongoing adventures of Edwin Aardvark and his friend Hugh, Frogman vs. The Beetle, a mouse in a bad living situation, ongoing comic strip auditions, and Margin of Error- a grab bag of one-panel funnies!


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