Featured Aug. 6, 2012
Everyone, 31 pages

Guntur is a struggling student. His family doesn't have much money, so he works to help support them- so much so that he's been held back several grades and is at risk of being expelled. His classmate Cici is asked to help tutor him before things get worse- but she's pretty strict. Gunter's a kindhearted guy, perhaps not the smartest, and this all gets pretty difficult for him. This is a lovely professional manga of the ‘school drama’ type, with a feel-good story and some real heart!

Featured Aug. 2, 2012
Teen, 50 pages

Detective superhero vigilante murder mystery! The Dove is the name of the costumed force for good here… but very early on she finds herself on the wrong side of the law. The mystery here is: why? This story is slow to develop and extremely good looking, like the hero herself. The cover is nicely full colour, the rest is black and white, in an older classical manga type style handled with extreme professionalism, superb artistic skill, and excellent graphic design sensibilities!
The Dove is an action drama story comic by noncannonfireworks, rated T. Fave it and follow it!

Featured July 30, 2012
Mature, 17 pages

A young man named Wraith is travelling east in a snowstorm. He's poorly equipped for the weather, he's lost his map, he hasn't slept in days, and his appearance is a little… unusual. He gets some unwanted advice and slurs in a roadside in, but learns of a job opportunity which might work out. He's kind of a chartered freelance mercenary, and although he seems a little young for the job, obviously there's more to him than most people suspect. A manga-style fantasy comic with demons, ruffians, coffee and adventure!

Featured July 26, 2012
Mature, 31 pages

Popculture parody and some just amazingly funny jokes in this three panel gag comic! Ellis, Eddrick and Tony are the prime recurring characters here. They're three dudes creating and starring in their own comic series, becoming involved in hilarious situations and having funny conversations.
The Dose is a full digital colour gag comic, with bright, bold, nicely professional looking artwork.
by esquaredcomics, rated M

Featured July 23, 2012
Mature, 29 pages

This is a story about a woman and two men - Colleen, Matt, and Jake. When they were young they learned they were a little bit special. They could talk to each other in their heads, and some other things. It was a fun game, but they grew up. Colleen has a house and family now and uses her power to make stories. Matt is a teacher and uses his to keep unruly kids in line. And Jake never quite grew up, and we don't know what he does. But we do know that one day he calls Matt and acts very strange. Matt is worried and wants to help him, but Colleen doesn't. Why do these people have powers? What is going on with Jake? An understated superhero type of story with appealing black and white art!

Featured July 19, 2012
Teen, 36 pages

Weedaholic Beverages is a silly slice of life style gag comic about the ridiculous drug fuelled musings of four friends, along with the etiquette of correct behaviour while under the influence, and various misadventures satiating the munches and dealing with fire! On your face.
The art is stylised, full colour digital work, and really quite pretty looking. The text is all hand drawn rather than typed, which give it a very individual look, but it can be hard to read occasionally.
And don't worry about the use of illegal substance, this is all just creative fiction and comedy afteral ;)
Weedaholic Beverages by iamthebrown, rated T.

Featured July 16, 2012
Mature, 35 pages

In this fantasy comic, a green-haired fighter receives visions, one of which leads him to a nightime confrontation on a deserted road, which he loses badly. He's saved by his family, but it's too late to save the people in the house down the road, which his adversary has killed. His companions aren't impressed with his misguided attempt at talking it out with the murderer. The next day the village has a meeting to try and figure out what to do- although this is a peaceful realm, this kind of thing has happened before, and it wasn't good. A lovely comic!

Featured July 9, 2012
Mature, 233 pages

Karen Banks is an average young lady, on a road trip with her friends. At a rest stop, Karen stumbles across some funny stones and before she knows it, she's waking up on the ground with a fiery portal towering into the sky. Also, her friends are missing. She's approached by a guy in a blue robe, who turns out to be a dillweed, and apparently also at the bottom of his class at Guardians school. He explains that the portal is a somewhat hellish connection to other Earths and that her friends are goners. After demonstrating her fighting spirit, Karen is (reluctantly) allowed to go after them. Of course the first few pages of the comic reveal that Karen is currently a hellish destructor of dimensions under the sway of an evil spirit- my money's on the mysterious weapon Guardian Jerkface handed off to her.

Featured July 5, 2012
Everyone, 112 pages

Ming the Merciless as a stroppy, lazy, selfish, fun-loving kid? The King from the Wizard of Id in space? Hmmm, those descriptions sooort of come close. Max Zing is Emperor of Io, a moon of Jupiter, he has many fantastic and interesting sidekicks and retainers, among them the Neopolitinites, strange tentacled, globular icecream people… Max Zing finds his job as an evil galactic space emperor quite onerous and complicated at times but there are always fringe benefits when you're a ruthless extra-planetary overlord!
Max Zing is a three panel, all colour comedic gag comic. The art is lovely, digital, and very atractive. And the comedy is safe for all the family!
Rated E, by JamesTurner

Featured June 25, 2012
Mature, 186 pages

In this dramatic manga war story, an empire has invaded Petrovia and overrun its capital city. The militia has left behind pockets of soldiers to harrass the imperial troops, including a stalwart handful occupying a strategically important radio tower. The empire wants that tower and decides to bring in a specialist… This parallel-universe comic will perhaps remind you of the Battle of Stalingrad. Great-looking art drawn in the rugged 80s manga style!

Featured June 21, 2012
Teen, 124 pages

CrayonS is a journal comic. It's a humorous account of the day-to-day funny happenings that occur in young Paola's life. Poor Paola has a funny family, silly boyfriend, and many things to occupy her time from study to computer games, to artwork just like any American teen girl, but lucky for us she has a cool sense of humour and a bucket load of talent! CrayonS is a gorgeous chibi feast of gentle journal funny! Drawn in a number of different media, it always looks good. Enjoy!
By Uber Art Fanatic, rated T

Featured June 18, 2012
Teen, 125 pages

Hack Girl is pretty much exactly what her name says- she's a young lady who pokes around in computers for what's interesting and worthy. Of course, she lives in Murderville, a town with an unfortunate proclivity for violence and abnormality- so the next step in her activity is to ‘mediate’ any online activity she disapproves of in personally threatening and violent ways. She wields a keyboard and a baseball bat equally zealously. Sure she's defending the little guys, but she's still kinda scary. A great-looking and lively comic which looks like a lot of fun!

Featured June 14, 2012
Teen, 475 pages

Young Koku finds a mysterious little ring while walking on the beach, pretty soon strange things start happening to her… she's developing strange new powers. But other forces are aware of these changes too; dark, evil, malevolent forces!
There's drama here, action, magic, girls, cats even! This is a superhero/magical girl action manga style comic with a great big long story of many pages for you to enjoy and read through. The art is black and white initially, drawn and inked and then later on changes to full colour digital art, always staying in a very classical manga style
By Kokuchan, rated T.

Featured June 7, 2012
Mature, 65 pages

Meg and Zac are in a spot of bother, those pesky zombies just WON'T leave them ALONE! V I R U S is a classic story of zombie post apocalypse survival. The survivors are kids, they're young, they're funky, they're funny, they have cool weapons and lots of zombies to use them on. And those zombies just won't stop coming…
This is a manga styled action adventure style comic with a good story and really cool art. All in full colour, very big bold pages!
by SillyHippo11 rated M

Featured June 4, 2012
Teen, 65 pages

This classically-styled manga is about the last man from a team of the original scientists working on a destructive energy weapon meant to protect a nation. However he's more than a little uneasy with his work - not just the animal tests, but also the nature of the machine they've made and its ramifications for society. He confronts the project's lead, a dangerous man, and…. I can't tell you more because the comic is just starting! The lovely art is rough-textured and moody and definitely calls back to manga from many years ago.

Featured May 31, 2012
Teen, 215 pages

In Rochester NY, “Bricktown”, an apartment is located. An apartment that was supposed to be shared by John and his cousin… or John and his best friend… But John took off and became a Buddhist monk in Japan. Meanwhile his cousin and his friend each have a half share of the apartment. Trouble and hilarity ensues when they finally meet! Who will gain ultimate control of the apartment? The neat, bossy sports lovin' gal, or the farting, slobby nerdy guy? Classic odd-couple comedy in a crowded apartment. What will come out of this troubled relationship?
This is a sometimes coloured, sometime black and white comedy gag comic with a story and a nicely professional art style.
by Christopher Barley, rated T.

Featured May 28, 2012
Everyone, 219 pages

There's been a massacre at a castle and everyone was too late to save the victims. Ember is a lovely young lady, talented at singing, stories, juggling, and slight-of-hand. She was too late as well, but made a promise to rescue a missing daughter. Her quest takes her to a nearby island and a gang of slavers, where she reveals that legerdemain isn't the only kind of magic she's good at. This very profesional manga-style comic is a bit mysterious, a bit familiar, and very good!

Featured May 24, 2012
Teen, 1057 pages

Irving… Irving, Irving, Irving… What to say about Irving? Well, he really IS “inappropriate”. The things that man comes out with, WOW! He's like all those awkward uncles, all those people who just don't get it, just don't fit in right. He has a bland, wide featured moony face, bald pate, and a big fat tummy, he discusses his toilet habits with total strangers, asks a blind man if he's “ever banged a dude by accident” and sees nothing wrong with that… And yet I think there's a part of Irving in all of us really.
This is a single panel, full colour, gag comic. Very funny if you're into that sort of thing!
Rated T, by Irving

Featured May 21, 2012
Everyone, 40 pages

This undeniably cute comic features the imaginative adventures of Hero Man and Star Shooter, otherwise known as Austen and Amy - two kids in 1950's America pretending they're superheroes. They know all the rules about how superhero stories work! Many comics have an appealing mix of the imagined intruding upon the real, and the follow the amazing plotlines and logic of children. For example, Mr. Swastika's pupils are shaped like swastikas. Naturally! The comic's description promises that themes will become more serious, but for now it's great, silly, cute fun.

Featured May 17, 2012
Mature, 1 page

This story gets RIGHT into it. It's a rainy night, the police are there, Andy has a blanket around her shoulders, she's in shock, shivering, upset, so is her sister. Her mum is there screaming at the officers, a boy is dead. Her dad will make it all right…? And so beings this well written, dramatic cool little story. Read it to find out what happened!
the art is all solid black and white and marvellously stylised. The Wilcox Law is by mikemacdee, rated M

Featured May 14, 2012
Teen, 134 pages

Who loves a good wild-west story? And who loves a good sci-fi story? Well gather ‘round, because Augustos has got your wild west, your robots, your over-the-top villains, your smarmy protagonist brothers with a mysterious and unsettling past in a high-security research facility…. Perhaps that is the cause of Rave’s exploding-fist haymaker, or why a guy with a missile launcher is trying to turn them to paste? It's probably a safe bet that you're not always going to know what to expect with this one. It's very funny, definitely entertaining, and worth checking out!

Featured May 10, 2012
Teen, 75 pages

There's dastardly action aboard a flying ship. A bunch of ruthless skypirates lead by the infamous Kyjak blast their way aboard, killing all who oppose them, steal a mysterious magical jewel and kidnap a princess along the way.
Legends of Lyndal is action packed and fast paced, involving lots of action scenes and explosions. It's drawn in a manga influenced style and the story is pretty manga influenced too. There's some pretty good figure and scene drawing and overall it has a very polished and professional look to it. Al in grey black and white!
By storiesbycl, rated T.

Featured May 7, 2012
Teen, 200 pages

Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess are meta-humans who are all about getting their fists some make-out sessions with super-crim faces. Their powers aren't too spectacular, but their attitude more than makes up for it. Two girls looking for trouble (to punch in the face), a fridge full of beer, and ! Mega Maiden has the power of the gods (apparently the gods have a huge rack), and the Chop Chop Princess has the power of… axes? They're the newest superheroes in town and the newest members of the Zero Guard, can they hold up? This comic is funny, silly and action-filled, with just a bit of fanservice!

Featured May 3, 2012
Everyone, 40 pages

Yes, it's the time again… Ayesinback has gathered together a formidable team of artists and voice actors and one writer, much like Commander Shepard gathering her team to face the Reapers in Mass Effect. The result so far is a great little community comic that visually expresses the writing of Gunwallace in unique and interesting ways. The audio version of the play will come later, but for now, enjoy the comic! The styles vary with the artists, but overall this is a collaboratively drawn comedy noire detective adventure story, rated T, with Ayesinback as the controller and Czarina in charge.

Featured April 30, 2012
Teen, 159 pages

A young girl in a fairytale outfit is running for her life. Behind her is a terrifying, murderous harlequin… it's all a dream of Sadey's, a reculsive high-school girl who loves the piano. After she plays a piece of sheet music obtained in scary and mysterious circumstances, the music takes on a life of its own and drags her into another world. A world of fairytale outfits and harlequins, living under the oppression of the Spades family, with no easy escape. Looks like Sadey's got her work cut out for her!


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