Featured May 28, 2012
Everyone, 219 pages

There's been a massacre at a castle and everyone was too late to save the victims. Ember is a lovely young lady, talented at singing, stories, juggling, and slight-of-hand. She was too late as well, but made a promise to rescue a missing daughter. Her quest takes her to a nearby island and a gang of slavers, where she reveals that legerdemain isn't the only kind of magic she's good at. This very profesional manga-style comic is a bit mysterious, a bit familiar, and very good!

Featured May 24, 2012
Teen, 1057 pages

Irving… Irving, Irving, Irving… What to say about Irving? Well, he really IS “inappropriate”. The things that man comes out with, WOW! He's like all those awkward uncles, all those people who just don't get it, just don't fit in right. He has a bland, wide featured moony face, bald pate, and a big fat tummy, he discusses his toilet habits with total strangers, asks a blind man if he's “ever banged a dude by accident” and sees nothing wrong with that… And yet I think there's a part of Irving in all of us really.
This is a single panel, full colour, gag comic. Very funny if you're into that sort of thing!
Rated T, by Irving

Featured May 21, 2012
Everyone, 40 pages

This undeniably cute comic features the imaginative adventures of Hero Man and Star Shooter, otherwise known as Austen and Amy - two kids in 1950's America pretending they're superheroes. They know all the rules about how superhero stories work! Many comics have an appealing mix of the imagined intruding upon the real, and the follow the amazing plotlines and logic of children. For example, Mr. Swastika's pupils are shaped like swastikas. Naturally! The comic's description promises that themes will become more serious, but for now it's great, silly, cute fun.

Featured May 17, 2012
Mature, 1 page

This story gets RIGHT into it. It's a rainy night, the police are there, Andy has a blanket around her shoulders, she's in shock, shivering, upset, so is her sister. Her mum is there screaming at the officers, a boy is dead. Her dad will make it all right…? And so beings this well written, dramatic cool little story. Read it to find out what happened!
the art is all solid black and white and marvellously stylised. The Wilcox Law is by mikemacdee, rated M

Featured May 14, 2012
Teen, 134 pages

Who loves a good wild-west story? And who loves a good sci-fi story? Well gather ‘round, because Augustos has got your wild west, your robots, your over-the-top villains, your smarmy protagonist brothers with a mysterious and unsettling past in a high-security research facility…. Perhaps that is the cause of Rave’s exploding-fist haymaker, or why a guy with a missile launcher is trying to turn them to paste? It's probably a safe bet that you're not always going to know what to expect with this one. It's very funny, definitely entertaining, and worth checking out!

Featured May 10, 2012
Teen, 75 pages

There's dastardly action aboard a flying ship. A bunch of ruthless skypirates lead by the infamous Kyjak blast their way aboard, killing all who oppose them, steal a mysterious magical jewel and kidnap a princess along the way.
Legends of Lyndal is action packed and fast paced, involving lots of action scenes and explosions. It's drawn in a manga influenced style and the story is pretty manga influenced too. There's some pretty good figure and scene drawing and overall it has a very polished and professional look to it. Al in grey black and white!
By storiesbycl, rated T.

Featured May 7, 2012
Teen, 200 pages

Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess are meta-humans who are all about getting their fists some make-out sessions with super-crim faces. Their powers aren't too spectacular, but their attitude more than makes up for it. Two girls looking for trouble (to punch in the face), a fridge full of beer, and ! Mega Maiden has the power of the gods (apparently the gods have a huge rack), and the Chop Chop Princess has the power of… axes? They're the newest superheroes in town and the newest members of the Zero Guard, can they hold up? This comic is funny, silly and action-filled, with just a bit of fanservice!

Featured May 3, 2012
Everyone, 40 pages

Yes, it's the time again… Ayesinback has gathered together a formidable team of artists and voice actors and one writer, much like Commander Shepard gathering her team to face the Reapers in Mass Effect. The result so far is a great little community comic that visually expresses the writing of Gunwallace in unique and interesting ways. The audio version of the play will come later, but for now, enjoy the comic! The styles vary with the artists, but overall this is a collaboratively drawn comedy noire detective adventure story, rated T, with Ayesinback as the controller and Czarina in charge.

Featured April 30, 2012
Teen, 159 pages

A young girl in a fairytale outfit is running for her life. Behind her is a terrifying, murderous harlequin… it's all a dream of Sadey's, a reculsive high-school girl who loves the piano. After she plays a piece of sheet music obtained in scary and mysterious circumstances, the music takes on a life of its own and drags her into another world. A world of fairytale outfits and harlequins, living under the oppression of the Spades family, with no easy escape. Looks like Sadey's got her work cut out for her!

Featured April 26, 2012
Mature, 90 pages

The pope in the Servant of the Servants of God is an evil, rotten, unscrupulous, drunken bastard. And that's just where the humour comes in! He's horrible, immoral, deviant, racist, murderous, greedy, nasty, lazy and funny to laugh at. He's often helped out by an almost equally nasty demon and his trusting, innocent and ever faithful servant. The art is very simplified and stylised, in black and white. This is a humour, comic strip format comic.
Rated M, by ThePope

Featured April 23, 2012
Mature, 182 pages

The Miracle Hospital had a good name and an incredibly low mortality rate when it first opened… a reputation which went rapidly downhill when all sorts of malpractice and mystery came to light. Much to people's frustration, nothing was done about the rising deaths and misinformation, until a husband and wife contract a goggled sneak to find their daughter and bring the hospital down. This comic isn't called M4dness Operation for nothing- so far rather dark and puzzling, and the heavily-styled, scratchy, sketchy art suits it!

Featured April 19, 2012
Teen, 19 pages

Norman Driscoll is a damaged old guy, having suffered some bad experiences during the Vietnam war, unfortunately his current situation isn't helping him out much… lately the city and the community seems to have gone to crap- violent gangs controlling the streets attacking people with impunity, what's a guy to do? This is a dark tale of murder and revenge. Can the shell shocked man fight back?
Very well done stylised realism is the best way to describe the art here. The tones of yellow and orange really heighten the feelings of desperation and decay. This is a rather grim, dramatic action story of life on the edge, by SirMWK, rated T.

Featured April 16, 2012
Mature, 40 pages

Featured comic veteran SarahN has a new tale to tell, “a grave tale of horror.” Daniel is a down-on-his-luck everyman… well, perhaps a little more awkward than your average everyman. He's been laid off from his old job (not uncommon in 1934) and taken what work he could find- meaning he's a lowly gravedigger at the local cemetery. He's sweet on his longtime friend Chrissy, but when he's reduced to eating ketchup soup in order to save for a little surprise… well, not exactly impressive. Especially not in the eyes of Chrissy's former beau (not the nicest guy) and main rival for her affections… and then things just get worse. It is a horror comic after all!

Featured April 12, 2012
Teen, 82 pages

Poor Wolken gets arrested. Those stupid cops have mistaken him for somebody else! What's he gonna do to get out of this one? Wolken is a clever, resourceful guy though, he HAS to be, living in a broken down place like the Lostland, especially out past the Divide. Just feeding yourself is a struggle out there, unless you have a taste for boiled leather and fingernails…
This is a mysterious action adventure story in a Manga style. The lead character is Wolken- a young blonde guy with some cool skills, living on his wits and sleeping rough. The art is nice and pro level; all black and white and greys, apart from the cover. It's interesting to see how this one will develop!
By Mr Henry rated T

Featured April 9, 2012
Everyone, 149 pages

Lena is an unhappy, isolated 15-year old girl with the usual set of high school problems, plus the whole thing with her weight (and perhaps an anger issue). It's not too difficult to believe that she'd have some kind of imaginary friend… except I don't think this guy is imaginary. Why would anyone imagine up a friend so… profoundly CREEPY? Sure Eyewatcher's got some inter-dimensional powers, but I don't think he's got Lena's best interests at heart here. I think Lena's about to have even more problems to deal with.

Featured April 5, 2012
Mature, 42 pages

Knox is a bad man. A very, verrrrrrrry baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. A convicted serial killing psychopath with scientific pretensions is executed for his crimes… except, not really. People in the government share his ambition and obsession about trying to reanimate the dead, so he's given a new lease on life to carry on his ways, only different.
This is a psycho, serial killer comedy. It's exceptionally well drawn, a little reminiscent of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac in style. It's very monochromatic, traditionally drawn, highly characterised and stylised, often for emphasis or comic effect. The only other colour seems to be red, for blood.
The is a humour story comic, NOT recommended for children or the squeamish.
By lenoir85, rated M.

Featured March 29, 2012
Everyone, 34 pages

The Red Devil is a professional comic presented by Champion City Comics, and it shows- This is a slick little piece of work! The Red Devil, aka Dublin O'Darby is a devilishly dressed sexy crime-fighting lady with some special powers. Her sidekick Kid Diablo is daring in yellow- she's also god with a hovercopter.
They work for THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD, or at least a character based on him, so that alone is a mark in the plus column. At the moment there's some dastardly goings on in Prague, a ninja cat burglar, and a skull-faced arch villain!
The Red Devil is mainly in horizontal strip format, although this is a serious superhero story comic. The art pro, western, lots of heavy blacks, flat colour fills and gradients; digitally coloured work that has been drawn and inked traditionally.

Featured March 26, 2012
Mature, 204 pages

Welcome to the Twisted Mind of Stranger - a webcomic all about the inner (and mostly publicly airable) inner thoughts of AfterDark. Many of the comics are social commentaries, including favorite topics like “why the internet is terrible” and “things that ruin childhood.” There's some fun ones in there too though! AfterDark's in-comic avatar (Stranger) is a somewhat creepy mouthless ghoul, which adds to the off-balance feel of things. Semi-journal, semi-rant, hectic linework - hope you're ready for it!

Featured March 22, 2012
Everyone, 77 pages

There's magic in the air… or at least in people's bodies. It's used to power the horseless carriages and everything from factories to flowerbeds! There's also a strange satellite in the sky… A satellite that's really a big spaceship that contains its own world. Magic and ultra-high technology coexist in the world of RunSpark, alongside the comedy and drama that's happening on the ground in the lives of its people. Bebe, Deedee and Princess Ubasti are in for wild time ahead!
This is a bi-weekly comic strip, in a nice horizontal format. It's in bold, stark black and white and it's nicely stylised in a cartoony, slightly manga way, with a very slick, polished look all round.
Rated E, by Hopoppo, author of the lovely Punk Pink.

Featured March 15, 2012
Everyone, 66 pages

BonkkaView is about Bonkka's view! He has some humorous and very clever observations about the world in general and more specifically from an Asian American perspective. Indeed, Bonkka is an interesting, funny and philosophical little guy. There's not much more to be said really, this is just a funny observational humour comic strip!
The format is a vertical strip, it's in lovely full colour and features really distinctively stylised and original looking characters. The art is beautifully clean and very professional looking. Rated E, by BonkkaView, who is actually Shan Shan Nie!

Featured March 12, 2012
Teen, 113 pages

joegp has already provided us with one featured comic featuring talking guinea pigs, why not another? They're irresistably cute, with their fluffy ruffles and little black eyes. And they're also pretty snarky for a bunch of semi-intelligent rodents! This comic will teach you life lessons aout getting your money's worth vs. self-preservation, the consequences of breakups… as well as practical advice on how to sleep in your car and how not to be scared of monsters. But if you learn anything… it's that you shouldn't hand your car keys over to a guinea pig.

Featured March 8, 2012
Teen, 24 pages

The name of this comic promises a whole lot… let's just leave that aside for now shall we? The style of this comic is a story based on D&D adventures (Dungeons and Dragons, not Drunk Duck). Our three intrepid heroes set off on a quest to rid the world of a nasty cult and on the way they run into lots of stinky stabby little kobolds. Eww! They're joined by a big paladin dragon fellow who helps out mightily! So what we end up with is a comic version of a story purely generated from events in a turn based adventure role-play game, which is interesting to watch as it develops and a good story writing idea generator!
The art is mostly pure black and white, with some spots of colour creeping in at times. The backgrounds are stylised but real looking while the characters are drawn like the game character “Ray Man”, which gives them a very funky and distinctive look! By Epico rated T

Featured March 5, 2012
Everyone, 854 pages

Katyn is a gadget-laden thief in a high-tech world, sneaking into a museum to nab some sellable loot. Turns out she's been chosen by fate to wield a magic sword (complete with resident Guardian of Light) against the Dark… the all-pervading influence over her world which she didn't even know was ruling it. She's got friends to help her out, but lots of enemies too. This is a big long color story with lots of creatures, fights, twists and turns!

Featured March 1, 2012
Mature, 108 pages

The world is a scary place, right? It is filled with things that are things that are human and less than human planning the end of the world or something to that song and dance. Luckily for us there is the Project Darklight! The comic follows the adventures of Girl, a creepy girl with a creepier talking teddy bear, and Amaru, the end result of a cult trying to bring a god into the world. These two partners have disappeared, spirited away by peoples with less than benevolent intents. Now it is up to Banshee to track them down before the world goes poof. This horror comic has dark lines, but pastel colors for the art which sets that tone for the story. The result is that many of the pages look like they were painted.
By Rashi, rated M.

Featured Feb. 27, 2012
Teen, 86 pages

It's not just a (redundant) name, it's a way of life. A superheroic ninja raygun-toting skeleton kind of thing, you see. Cartoon-colorful and unpredictable-actiony, this one's full of pulpy sillness. The brief chapters plonk you right into the action amongst the LSD megasharks and Nikola Tesla. El Esqueleto seems to have a wild disregard for the innocents you'd think he's meant to be protecting or something, which is good for us because it makes for some entertaining pages!


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