Featured Jan. 23, 2012
Everyone, 140 pages

Latchkey is a humor strip largely about four “eccentric and vaguely defective” schoolkids and friends- Maud, Pixie, Roger and Neelam. They're good kids, really- no chavs or yobs here. But, being unsupervised youths they do get up to a little bit of mischief. Roger and Neelam are veteran timewasters, and headstrong Maud seems to steamroll the more timid Pixie a bit. Schoolyard comedy clubs with bad jokes and hard rolls (for throwing) are about the worst they get up to. It's terribly charming- partly due to the innocence and partly to the Britishisms. Latchkey is a lovely afternoon's reading, especially over a cuppa!

Featured Jan. 19, 2012
Everyone, 32 pages

Sarah Liebowitz doesn't have the best life, but she does what she can. He mother is slowly dying from mesothelioma, and Sarah has to work to pay for her treatment and go to night school at night to catch up on her education.
But things are about to change for young Sarah. One fateful night at school, when the lights suddenly went out, something happened to change her life.
Vora Princess of the Skies is just starting up again after a very long hiatus, so hopefully there should be some bright shiny regular new updates! The art is stylised and a bit cartoony, but nicely characterised and it full colour. The story is just beginning but flows nicely.
By Tempest_Lavalle, rated E.

Featured Jan. 16, 2012
Teen, 131 pages

The story on this one is definitely for those who like a litle romance between their delicately-featured teenage boys. Lucas has been sent off to stay with his cousin Noelle and his aunt Lola, and part of his little trip is to help renovate his aunt's workspace. Helping with that task is Noelle's (male) best friend Ashley, who immediately triggers Lucas's protective instincts over Noelle. Of course, what Lucas doesn't realize (no matter what it looks like) is that Ashley isn't into Noelle. He's into boys. I think we can all guess where this is heading! But it's not about the endpoint, it's about how you get there.

Featured Jan. 12, 2012
Mature, 148 pages

The Greening Wars is an interesting story of the aftermath of a horrible world war in the near future. Civilisation as we know it took a bit of a battering. Biological warfare has wiped out a big chunk of the world. There are now two many camps: the UCM and the Greening cult. The UCM are the united forces of mainly ordinary surviving humans who wish to preserve and restore the old ways and return things to how they were. The Greening cult embrace change, some might say they embrace it too far… retro-viral gene-modification, costing them their very humanity.
Sargent Asteria leads a small raggle taggle team, working for the UCM, in the fight against the Greening.
There is a bit of action, a bit of adventure, a bit of furry, a bit of scifi, and some pretty funny humour too. The art is sometimes pretty rough, but also highly interesting and engaging, expressive and artsy.
Read The Greening Wars, By Sorpian451 rated M.

Featured Jan. 9, 2012
Teen, 68 pages

Gore! Gore! Gore! Gore… Hypothermian? Is that his real name? You'd better believe it. He's not the most intelligent of men, but he'll set you a proper example of an honourable man. Gore's a warrior in the service of his lord, and his newest worthy task is minding the lord's son Reef while he tags along on a patrol mission. The son isn't quite what Gore expects (he expects a dimwitted crybaby), but he's still not the ideal companion for a fierce dragon-armour wearing, dragon-riding battledude. Unless you like odd couples, then he's perfect. It's a fantasy story with sharp comedy and slick art, great characters and lots of style. Updates can be a little slow, but worth waiting for!

Featured Jan. 5, 2012
Everyone, 175 pages

The 2011 Secret Santa gift art is this week's feature, to reward all the great and generous artists that took part is this great little community project that was all in the spirit of giving. This year it was run and organised by Rokulily. Previously the gift exchange, which serves as a display for community gift art projects, was run by Niccea, but this time it's Rokulily that is the heroine of the hour! (-Corrected links by Niccea though). I hope you will take some time to have a look at some of the art created for this, maybe you'll recognise some known characters in an unknown style, or some unknown characters in a known style! Either way, there's some good stuff to look at! Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Featured Jan. 2, 2012
Everyone, 672 pages

Kira is an avid soccer player and is looking forward to starting high school, where she hopes to
play on the soccer team. One problem- she just found out that there's no girls team. Her solution,
despite having seen all the movies, is to do her best to pass herself off as a boy. Naturally,
before classes have even started she's got the school's girls all over her and a handsome brooding boy to distract her. I suspect her little game isn't going to last long! This manga-style high school romance comic is all about Kira trying to keep up the charade while having a normal high school life.

Featured Dec. 29, 2011
Everyone, 42 pages

Step into Agthbar's world and help him play Klerfk! It's a world where time becomes space and you live for the present! Till Agthbar rips off all the shiny paper and opens it for you. Or just sit back and watch him contemplate life's mysteries, but be careful! As you can see in, he can see out and he's watching every little thing you do… Agthbar the Extemporaneous follows tortured philosophical lines of reasoning until they're all tangled up into knots of madness.
This is a delightfully weird webcomic for those that like their humour with a silly surreal flavour. The art is gorgeous, colourful and trippy.
You can buy his books at Gnartoons.com
by James Stanton, rated E.

Featured Dec. 22, 2011
Teen, 105 pages

The world of the Ultranimus is a strange one. Is it a game, dream or reality? No one knows for sure… but the important thang is that Gofero needs to become a knight with the help of a magic pretty bow or his fat stupid dragon freind so he can impress his lovely princess Piera who is really an evil supervillian who wants to take over all of the entire world!!
Here you will find comedy, weird, funky drawings, a weird funky story, super heroes, super villains, fantasy, knights, a princess and a dragon.
And very regular updates.
by Primalx3, rated T

Featured Dec. 19, 2011
Mature, 296 pages

Soup is a nice food- it's made of lots of yummy things all put together and simmered to make a nourishing meal. This comic seems to be shaping up rather like that- several main characters have been introduced, seemingly unrelated but with similar situations. The story is a bit of dark whimsey so far. It starts in a supernatural courtoom- a comic creator after my own heart! Bo LeRoux is not a true zombie. He's undead and all, but he doesn't really subscribe to the zombie way of doing things and got himself in trouble for it. Amanita sees death (and other apparitions) everywhere she goes, racking up a sizeable stack of complaints. And the newest character looks interesting too! Their judge isn't pleased- she's sendig them all to Oubliette Prison. Doesn't sound nice!

Featured Dec. 15, 2011
Teen, 163 pages

Rob Wolfe is an apathetic young man, he hasn't got many friends and he's just shifting from place to place, never really settling down anywhere, till he meets Link Dibley and they it hit off, or as much as someone like Wolfe can hit it off with anyone… Meanwhile, bouncy, young, gregarious Shinobu is trying to pair him off with her brother… Yeah, that's not gonna work out. Long Conversations About Nothing is a pretty descriptive title in this case, but don't be fooled, this isn't a boring comic. The story is pretty decompressed, it flows at a slow, graceful pace, it reminds me of Gymnopedie by Erik Satie (music). The humour is subtle and delightful when it hit's, this comic has great timing!
The art starts of black and white, with coloured chapter heads, moving to simple coloured pages later on. All nicely simplified and stylised work. By Smashingmelons, rated T

Featured Dec. 12, 2011
Mature, 289 pages

B.A.S.O. is a big-ass space opera. It has heroes and villains, space marines and other worlds, high tech and low morals. Each piece of the story is presented in 6-page chapters following specific protagonists: Stavlov, stranded on a hostile water planet; Margery, who'll do anything for a job on a spaceship; Harriet, who has stowed away with her children; and the pilot Jonathon on a top-secret mission. Genejoke promises these stories will variously converge, meanwhile it has a nice “short installments” to-be-continued feel. People get propositioned, abandoned, set up, betrayed, killed… it is a space opera after all!

Featured Dec. 8, 2011
Mature, 216 pages

Thrabbit is a venal, lecherous, mean, nasty and yet amazingly cute little fella. He's a bunny, a small, white bunny, and all his friends are cute animals too, but beware of judging books by their covers! These cuties have quite a lotta spice… Thrabbit has been known to strip naked, paint himself up as a gingerbread bunny and streak through town, with his little candy cane swinging free for all the world to see. He likes his porn too, and beating people over the head with his trusty bat when he doesn't get his way!
The cast of Cute and spicy more than live up to their name. This is a funny humour comic, for mature eyes ONLY! Currently it's running a Christmas storyline so it's nice and Seasonal too.
Cute 'N Spicy, rated M by Catya

Featured Dec. 5, 2011
Teen, 121 pages

Welcome to Wyyrd Vintage, the somewhat slice-of-life humor adventures of Falk, Izzie, and friends. Falk is a pale music-loving lad and Izzie is his non-chef not-girlfriend. This cute comic is full of bright colors and marshmallowish people, fun gags, random odd thoughts, and running jokes. So will Falk get the courage to ask Izzie out? What is that on Falk's shirt? Will Izzie ever make a non-sentient meal?

Featured Dec. 1, 2011
Everyone, 98 pages

Jesus is a stroppy teenager who likes the things other teens do- girls, zombie movies and hanging out with his friends… His best friend just happens to be Lil'D, Satan's boy. Jesus' adoptive family consists of papa Joseph, little sister Ruthie and an unseen mother Mary and they all get on just fine, except Ruthie is a brat, Joseph is an old stick in the mud and Mary is a mumbling set of speech bubbles.
This is a comic strip style comic, with gentle, family friendly humour. It starts off as a black and white line comic and gradually evolves into a larger format full colour comic. by David Paul and Gary T Becks. Rated E.

Featured Nov. 28, 2011
Mature, 23 pages

The Red Three are Russians (and likely communists) in Paris in 1946. It's a dangerous place to be, and they're up to something they don't want anyone knowing they're doing. Leonid (the old one), Maksim (the handsome one), and Grigori (the young one) have come with Artur- but things go wrong when Artur's clandestine meetup with a group of French men ends with him getting shot and the trio needing to escape. It seems there is plotting going on from all sides. The greyscale art features heavy inks with lots of attention to faces, fabric, and other details. Great dialogue and character interaction are a highlight of this one, so if mid-century spy intrigue sounds appealing don't miss this one!

Featured Nov. 24, 2011
Everyone, 110 pages

It's the DD 2011 Awards!
Every year we have a DD awards and this year they've just finished being given out. Niccea, Awards Empress, was at the helm this time, having taken over from JustNoPoint, and she did a fantastic job managing the whole thing! Many, many people contributed to the awards this year and we thank all of them for the time and work they put in.
You should definitely check these out- There are lots of enormously entertaining presentation speech comics to read, as well as acceptance speeches and concession speeches! The art and the humour is great! And most importantly, it's worth seeing just who go which awards to help you find out about some of the best and most liked comics on DD!

Featured Nov. 21, 2011
Teen, 223 pages

This is a world where all the men died due to a biological attack by aliens. The remaining humans managed to win with the help of their heavy mech technology, but now must try to find a way forward. Things seem to go a bit wrong when fighting mechs previously thought inoperable (coded to respond only to their male pilots) start to show up and cause trouble. There's a mystery here (among all the mech battling) and it will take some figuring out. Heavy Mech has simple but strong art, using big blocks of white, grey and black and keeping figures and details simple. The first chapter is a little rough- the art has its flaws and there's a lot of lulzy humor. You'll be surprised how quickly TH3GADFLY improves though, and chapters 2 onward feature always-improving figures, action, composition and framing, shading, and so on. The story is interesting, but so is watching TH3GADFLY improve as a comic maker!

Featured Nov. 17, 2011
Everyone, 372 pages

OMG, another collage comic where the guys are just starting out… Well this one takes place elsewhere this time. IN Elsewhere that is! Butch is an ultra genius, he's also a little black dog… Ok, he's not really a genius, but he got into collage because everyone thought he was one, unfortunately for him he's WAY out of his depth, but fortunately for him is big burly walrus room-mate Walter is there to look out for him. These are two silly young guys who are very inexperienced, just out of home and very wet behind the ears. Collage life is quite a culture-shock for them, but they deal with it in their own comedic way.
Elsewhere is a black and white anthro comic, with cute characters ad gentle, family safe humour.
By joe5art, rated E.

Featured Nov. 14, 2011
Everyone, 68 pages

This beautiful comic is about a young girl who falls from a cliff and the almost magical world she finds as she reaches the bottom. She never truly stops falling (see the comic's tagline) and although she lives, she is haunted endlessly by what she saw. Later pages of the comic focus on her trying to put her life back together. eleanorwitt's evocative narrative pairs perfectly with the bright, free imagery of Eleanor's imagination-world. Its colors are rich and incorporate many textures to interesting effect, creating artwork that is more complex than it appears at first glance. Agnes's dream imagery is equally as dark and menacing. It is really delightful to see Eleanor's dream-imagery encroach on the more normal pages- not looking forward to Agnes's though!

Featured Nov. 10, 2011
Teen, 59 pages

Biker Rage and the Ska Kid are two vigilante superheros, in a world where there're a bit too many vigilantes so sometimes they get in each other's way, and the cops are a little annoyed they can't do the job they're supposed too…
Biker's skill is his RAGE, get him mad and he unleashes his true power! Ska Kid can blast you with awesome riffs on any instrument… but it's mostly ska on his trumpet.
This is a funny humour comic strip that frequently breaches the fourth wall. The art is mostly black and white (colour occasionally), in a very sketchy, stylised form. By mastergloyd, rated T

Featured Nov. 7, 2011
Everyone, 544 pages

A Deviant Mind is a sci-fi comic from houseofmuses, featuring the same high level of 3D art as her original series House of the Muses. The main story focuses on the lovely Tara, a “wirehead” who has escaped from someplace bad and (conveniently) into the hands of a medical rehab facility. She doesn’t remember anything about her self or her past- that’s because she’s been brainwashed. Or she’s a clone. Or something. (That’s part of the mystery.) However, she is a fairly powerful telepath and being a blank slate, doesn’t really have a great grip on things like right or wrong. When she does finally find out something about herself, it’s not nice and she doesn’t react well. (Note: most of the chapters are not fully uploaded, as an incentive to buy the print version- but the story is still perfectly followable).

Featured Nov. 3, 2011
Teen, 45 pages

Backup comic is not a backup comic, it's a comic about backup life choices; backup choice of university, backup relationships, backup dorm room… This is a semi-autobiographical comic about the life of young Alex. She's an androgynous gal with an androgynous name, trying to get a handle on who she is and where she fits in at her new uni, just like all the other freshmen starting there this semester.
There's some drunken fumbling, late night dorm-room parties and suggestiveness along with slightly adult dialogue, like you'd expect from any story based on this subject. Backup comic is a humorous, comedy, romance bio story. The art is black and white, a little mangaish and a little simplistic but the story is a cool little number.
Rated T, by AriaBlarg

Featured Oct. 27, 2011
Everyone, 263 pages

Blue Strawberry is a super-dooper comedy comic by Eduds! Featuring some regular repeating characters like Piri the little flame, Toaster-head, the twitter birds, head-floating-in-space, Green Ninja, and the people from Ball World to name a few… The humour here is frequently surreal, almost Pythonesque and features some moments of true genius. The art is interesting too, ranging from ironic pixel-art, to stick figure, to experimental strips of various sorts. This is one interesting, addictive piece of work! Rated E!

Featured Oct. 24, 2011
Everyone, 34 pages

This cool little black-and-white comic is an undiscovered gem. It's a bit like an indie press comic about aliens. It's nearly the year 2300, there's aliens and sacred guitars, but winters are the same. Yuri's on parole, a small-time ex-con trying to make a fresh start. He may have found it with Brother Camrun and the space pope. He can't quite wrap his head around the situation, though… kind of like how you can't quite get your footing with this comic. Which is great! It also features some impressive inks- strong and simple penwork, with a few “wow” pages. The page titles at the bottom are a very nice touch, they punctuate the page's meaning and usually provide a little joke, too.


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