Featured Oct. 17, 2011
Mature, 66 pages

Cross is the leader of Team One, which competes (as underdogs) in a “mayhem unloaded” tournament- a violent kind of plant-the-flag. The comic starts mid-match, then moves to an atmospheric nightclub where the point is to wear as little as possible and get rained on (or thrown in the pool). It's a bit light on story so far, but it's only 27 pages in… and with such a good-looking cast, who cares? It borrows its characters from the original Plastic Bullets comic, but isn't a continuation or remake. This manga-influenced comic is lively and colorful, featuring some great effects in the club scenes. And definitely rated M!

Featured Oct. 13, 2011
Teen, 117 pages

Sir Riggs Hellington is a scheming, evil, ambitious young man, working as advisor to the king… “He” is also really a “she”. Women aren't taken as seriously as they should be in this place, so Riggs “became” a man. Riggs is someone you should definitely take seriously, if you want to stay alive.
Along with an annoying, wise-cracking talking dog called Dolt she's going to work her Machiavellian whiles on this kingdom, with lots of jokes thrown in just for fun!
This is a black and white fantasy story comic, with plenty of laugh out loud humour along the way.
By TehSnake, rated T

Featured Oct. 10, 2011
Everyone, 248 pages

Product Placement has gone the extra mile again this year and collected together the 24 Hour Comic Day efforts of participating DDers! There's a nice big collection here of full-length stories, and it represents a great effort by people who love making comics. From Call Me Tom kicks the archive off with a story about Dr. Flu and his challenging challenge rooms; rokulily and Product Placement's Guardian Angel is next; RPGgrenade's Ares Fists; more Mystery Bread from Niccea; brightpath's modern Zorro; cherry blossom school strips from Oldpond; Celes's very cute Rowan and Lore; Rockeign's cats and dogs gang war tale; a hilarious set of one-shots from AQua_ng; and Roguey's punny cow-tipping misadventure! (And maybe people will submit more?)

Featured Oct. 6, 2011
Teen, 39 pages

Abigail is after crafty Deagon! That bugger is the cause of her being mistaken for a thief, which she is, but she never stole no trading cards, which is what she's accused off… So the hunt is on, to get Deagon back to the scene of the crime and get him to admit his misdeeds, but I don't think things will turn out that way.
Poor Abigail, all she wanted was some chocolate.
This is a funny story comic by Bloochikin, all in black and white, with some grey. Nice stylised cartoony art. Rated T!

Featured Oct. 3, 2011
Teen, 44 pages

Indie Jones gets into a fight with a poser and… somehow gets killed. Then his ghost gets off the wrong stop on the Charon Interspherical Tram, and is assigned to live his afterlife as part of a rather odd family. The Faddums Family. Mom is a familiar-looking pop star, Kramden-esque dad loves money, sister is a slightly less intelligent than you would expect robot, and brother is the gamer nerd who built her. They rename him Indie Bones. Their entire afterlife is spent in a sitcom. They are, of course, in hell, and this is how the occult works. Thankfully, there is a cute little chameleon to help keep Indie sane. Done in a fun and loose cartoonish style characterized with ink washes!

Featured Sept. 29, 2011
Mature, 71 pages

Coney island Disco Palace is a hilarious humour comic! Created by Josfern, he describes it as “an exercise in absurdity. Contains: Zombies, dinosaurs, and abundance of mustaches, slam dancing Abe Lincoln, poop jokes, fantastically ugly people and everything in between! Sure to delight, offend or Amuse!” and he's pretty sop on! Coney island Disco Palace is a ridiculous pile of fun from beginning to end.
The art is smooth and goes through different styles and from colour to black and white and colour again, the writing remains funny throughout!
Rated M

Featured Sept. 26, 2011
Mature, 78 pages

Brave Resistance is a World War II comic about a Seneca Indian teaming up with the Greek Resistance in a “mourning war” against the Nazis in occupied Greece. The story opens with a bang, with a team of US pilots in Mustangs on a bombing run to take out a supply lines… when it goes terribly wrong, abandoning the protagonist Hunter in Greece. Lots of action and air fighting! Followed up with a peek at the Nazi villains… the impeccable Achziger and his zealous (and ugly) buffoon of an underling, Hacket. Drawn in PIT_FACE's amazing style, with a compelling story and almost tangible colors by Tantz Aerine- a great joint effort!

Featured Sept. 22, 2011
Teen, 116 pages

Trife, Baron, and Kieron break down on a long, lonely stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Not knowing how long they can survive out in the wilderness they start to consider drastic options… Until they find a homestead occupied by a friendly old couple who offer to help them, but things aren't quite as they seem!
This is a manga comic with fighting, mysterious mysteries and dark secrets, with nice clean art, fine action sequences and erudite writing by Ebdojo. Rated T.

Featured Sept. 19, 2011
Teen, 273 pages

A Loonatic's Tale is the tale of… a lunatic named Dr Zinc. His insanity is a matter of debate: his hair will eat anything but boater hats, his friend Flint is a vampire with metal wings, he's got shady people (who can teleport and lift cars) who want him dead… it IS kind of hard to believe him. He works for the king, a pretty disgruntled guy who loves mornings. This stylish color comic is full of silly madness, mad plots, and plot silliness. Some really entertaining characters, hilarious moments and great dialogue as well!

Featured Sept. 15, 2011
Mature, 150 pages

The Panty Brigade…
The GODDAMN Panty Brigade!
These are a bunch of anarchist, punky, geek grrrls who're out for fun, no matter what. They're mean, selfish, rude, crude, violent and hilarious! And, as the title implies, they don't often tend to wear too much.
This is a funny, caper pop-punk-music comedy, a bit Scot Pilgrim a bit Tankgirl… The art is colourful, stylised and sexy. By Teh Andeh, rated M.
- also on its home site: http://www.goddamnpantybrigade.com/

Featured Sept. 12, 2011
Everyone, 112 pages

The comic starts with Eli, a young boy in a tough spot: up on a stage in front of a large, grotesquely costumed audience with his head on the chopping block. Why is he there, and what has he done wrong? Eli's problems are focused around a girl named Lexi Loo, but in order to find some answers we need to know about Eli's past, Lexi's mysterious arrival, that she looks very much like Eli's dead twin sister… and she has a huge dog. The artwork is manga-ish with a detailed style and some impressive backgrounds!

Featured Sept. 8, 2011
Mature, 69 pages

Jay is a young guy, a bit shy and not very popular but it looks like he might get a girlfriend… That is until an old nightmare comes to life and gets in the way.
Poor Jay is haunted nightly by a strange spirit that keeps on asking him the same question, a question that he's too terrified to answer!
Just Crazy is a black and white Manga that reads right to left. By Jennycah, rated M.

Featured Sept. 5, 2011
Mature, 86 pages

Grimm, Indiana is a small town of 5,000 people with a big city amount of activity in the prostitution, drugs, and murder area. It's also full of names that might sound kind of familiar: Snow Whitney, Missy Muffet, Johnny Wolfe, Poseidon… If you like the modern fairy-tales aspect of Fables and the disturbing themes of Preacher, this comic might be right up your dark and dangerous alley. Definitely M-rated!

Featured Sept. 1, 2011
Everyone, 32 pages

Holsley Benings is a cad and a rogue. He's also a pretty talented bard.
Being caught in flagrante with the daughter of the captain of the guards BY the captain of the guards was a bad move and the start of an adventure. Now Holsley and a couple of fellow adventurers are on a mission to save the kingdom!
By Karl Smith and Andres Bolo, by The Bard is a black and white line art fantasy story in comic strip format. It's very much a comedy! The characters and humour may seem familiar at times but stick with it and see where it goes, this is a good looking little piece of work!
Also at bythebard.com

Featured Aug. 29, 2011
Everyone, 267 pages

theorah (creator of London Underground and Illusional Beauty) brings us another stellar comic with Strangers and Friends. It begins with a lovely storybook chapter about King Vikram and his attempt to catch the tale-weaving demon Vetala. Subsequent chapter breaks also feature some old tales, however the core story is about a young man and his grandfather, who have moved to a small town in England to open a resaurant, kind of. theorah's charming, cheerful art style fits right in with this small-town tale, and there's more to the story than meets the eye. A bit of social commentary, a bit of intrigue, all excellent!

Featured Aug. 25, 2011
Teen, 51 pages

Distance and Time is a surreal tale of an unhappy man on a journey…
Where is he going? Why is that old woman so ANGRY? Who is the sad shadow giant? Is the man in the cage really just another version of the man carrying him? And why can't they eat any of those yummy apple pies????
All these questions and more present themselves when reading this slightly comical, very surreal, symbolic graphic novel. It's a very interesting, dream-like progress, following the man on his journey!
The art is dark and simplified, very characteristic of Vega's evolving style, with a touch of scritchy grit to add the the surreal atmosphere.
Rated T, comic by VegaX

Featured Aug. 18, 2011
Teen, 557 pages

Shanku has left her home behind to explore the wide world around her. Out of her small forest home she finds more of her own kind and new friends. Love, loss, and adventure await her as she discovers the secrets her clan struggled to hide. But at what cost?
Just Another Day is basically a simple fantasy comic. The story mostly revolves around Shanku, a young cub with the wanderlust “disease” who was curious about her world. Her clan did not approve of this, deemed her as a threat because of her condition, and placed her in exile for ten years in hopes that she would find a cure for herself by whatever means. The story begins at the start of her exile.
By AshenSkye, Just Another Day features beautiful, soft pencilled artwork of exceptional quality! Rated E

Featured Aug. 15, 2011
Everyone, 139 pages

Jamie is a pretty normal teenager, except he has an elemental power to control ice, which he's kind of afraid of, and definitly doesn't want anyone to know about. He meets another boy who can control the dark, who wants to help him, and another who controls light… but who is really looking out for him? Jamie gains confidence with his realized abilities, but has a dangerous lack of knowledge and direction which will probably just lead to trouble. A manga-styled teen drama by Kelinor!

Featured Aug. 11, 2011
Mature, 145 pages

In this re-imagining of a golden-age comic character, BSP_Curt has made a grim and violent tale. A guy who seems like an unlikely hero has a personal vendetta against some underworld crimelords- the people responsible for the death of the woman he loved. The “Curse” is the attention of the Black Terror, who sets out to make a mess of their operations and turn them on each other in an attempt to destroy them. Unsavory characters and dark artwork abound in this comic, where the protagonist is frightening and murderous and the villains seem not so bad in comparison.

Featured Aug. 4, 2011
Teen, 119 pages

Well, the new site is here and if you miss the Duck and Quail, maybe you should check this comic out! This was a community comic started back in the day which got “lost” during one of the site rebuilds. VegaX has brought it back in all its silliness and bad-joke glory. The beer-gutted Duck and his chubby sidekick Quail have represented the site for a long time (and hopefully still will)… meanwhile you can help further their adventures by contributing a comic yourself!

Featured Aug. 1, 2011
Mature, 725 pages

Lite Bites is a large (but low key) community project that offers buffet-style participation: from art or writing on short stories, comic reviewer or reviewee, showcases, challenges and character reimaginings! This is a great place for experimentation and casual participation. There's a little something for everybody! There are many contributions already, most from high-profile DD members. Artists are always in need, but Genejoke tries to guarantee that everything someone submits will get used in some way. My favorite stories so far… The Girl Who Wanted More From Kashmir, Mickey House MD and the After series? (It's really hard to choose!)

Featured July 18, 2011
Everyone, 263 pages

Enel is a young orphan with bad luck. He's favored by the guy who saved their country and could have been king, but that just means no one wants him. A valuable book is destroyed under his care by a mysterious boy who seems fated to cause him further trouble. What will become of Enel, who are all these mysterious people, and why can't I draw this well? A lovely full-color fantasty comic by Lostie815, it has a painted feel and uses lots of pastel colors and light. This comic has quickly evolved into a very sharp piece of work! Don't miss it!

Featured June 30, 2011
Mature, 39 pages

Young Lily LaCroix has a lot to live up to… her mother and idol was amazingly beautiful, a singer with a divine voice, a perfect performer and dancer, and an assassin. Leaving France, her homeland, Lilly finds her way down-under to a far red and dusty land. On the eve of war, tensions are high, the city is dangerous and hard. Lilly becomes a cabaret and burlesque performer to get by, but bigger things are to come… DANGERMOTH is sexy heroine, who with her partner Captain Dashing, work to keep the streets safe. Soon their paths will cross and interesting things will happen!
Colourful, sexy art, and dramatic, flowing writing!
by Baby Doll Daily, aka Noele D Reves Rated M.
-this one hasn't updated much but I waited years to feature it so here it is!

Featured June 27, 2011
Teen, 120 pages

Salvage can be profitable… and dangerous. A salvage crew picks up a valuable ship, a derelict space vessel named The Crimson Blaze, on their systems. They suit up and prepare to retreive it from smack in the middle of an ionic hot zone. No one else will risk it- are they desperate or does the salvage crew captain know something about that vessel that others don't? Probably the latter… after all, he's operating under a false identity and appears to be very disliked by the Chinese government. A cool sci-fi story just getting started! I like the fact-filled author comments too!

Featured June 23, 2011
Everyone, 124 pages

This story begins with a BANG! Following a massive explosion Evan the Yeti and Coal the snowman fall out of the sky accompanied by a giant blue whale… and then we backtrack to the events that lead up to this great catastrophe. Evan’s parents have been captured by unknown persons and it’s up to him and Coal (a savage snowman), to try and get them back, despite Crazy Walrus gangs, extraterrestrial dinosaurs, mugging penguins and more!
With pretty, coloured, stylised art, this is a non-stop hilarious action adventure comic by mat_draws_evan, rated E!


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