Featured May 16, 2011
Mature, 47 pages

This comic is brought to us by the creator of the long-running (and much liked) journal comic Allan! Very polished (but nicely simple) art, and nice, funny stories about likable characters. Almost like vignettes of significant moments in those people's lives. Somehow a story of a webcam girl turns into one of long lost friends, and skinny-dipping turns sweet. Definitely rated M though- these comics have a good bit of mature (sex!) humor, and there's cartoonish body parts here and there. But that's more an enticement than a warning, right?

Featured May 12, 2011
Teen, 28 pages

Sage Connelly is an average college student, she works as a waitress, does her best to study, tries to match times with her BF so they can go out to the movies… And find time to buy more milk because her crazy roommate who constantly changes her name is also constantly finishing it and not buying more. She also sees death personified.
This is a full colour story comic, and pretty funny at times to boot. by CelestialTeez, rated T+

Featured May 9, 2011
Teen, 148 pages

On a rainy evening, a wounded boy collapses onto the street. A doctor takes the boy home and treats him with the help of his teenage daughter. Turns out the boy can't remember anything (even whether he likes cheeseburgers), and the kindly pair invite the boy to stay with them, until… until. But there's more going on here than amnesiac hijinks- a mystery is hinted at in the first few pages. What is really going on?

Featured May 5, 2011
Teen, 49 pages

Alex and Layla are Real Girls, or perhaps not. Read and find out!
Well, Kayla at least, is an android, with a very mysterious past, not much of which she can recall on account of taking a bullet to the head. But she seems OK for all that. Alex is a kind hearted person who takes her in. They're certainly two of a kind!
Real Girls is a full colour, light hearted story comic. By happyfaceanon, rated E.

Featured May 2, 2011
Teen, 356 pages

Tony is a student at the elite Rowan Academy, a school where teenagers who are developing their Quickening attend to learn how to… do Quickening stuff. He'd like to be a rebel, but he's really not cut out for the job. Instead of fighting (because what else are you gonna do in a weapon school?) he prefers to run away and he doesn't seem to have much talent (although he is in the elite school). Yvette is his serious, short-skirted friend, who seems to be among the school's most talented students but she is quick to get into fights which cause property damage. Great-looking and fun manga, T+!

Featured April 28, 2011
Teen, 119 pages

Koji Takahashi is living with his family in New York. He takes care of his younger sister, while his crazy older sister leaves passive aggressive notes on everything, all over the place. Like a good brother he drives his younger sister to school in the morning while on the way to his own classes. He drives his good friends there too. Until one day, something horrible, tragic and shocking happens… And then it doesn't. Something weird is happening to Takahashi and he has to work out what exactly that is.
Full colours, full page story comic with magnificent art and bright flat colour by Dodger, Rated T+

Featured April 25, 2011
Everyone, 98 pages

Another Door is a collection of short comic stories by noncannonfireworks. The first story, Ground Zero, takes place in the midst of an escape from a secure facility where experimentation occurs… but who or what is escaping and how will they stop it? The second story, The Best Teacher, has less action but more heart- it's a story of a man's reminiscences about his lost friend. At first the art seems deceptively simple, but it's done in a cool, scratchy, retro kind of manga style. Rated E!

Featured April 21, 2011
Everyone, 1164 pages

Tiggz and tomes and two level 5 bosses in a Dungeon Hoardes RPG game. Tiggz is a mighty black knight and tomes is a dangerous bandit chief, together they stride across the world wreaking havoc and destruction to all and sundry! …well they would if they weren’t just puny level 5s who spend all their time fighting dangerous warbunnies and omni-digesting gelatinous cubes of evil.
Dungeon Hoards is a humorous 4 panel comic strip (sometimes 3), with a console RPG theme, all from the perspective of two cute bad guys. The art is pure black and white. The figures are short, slightly dwarfish, stocky and deformed and intensely cute and lovable.
To sum this comic up it’s just basically cute and funny! By Demongrinder, rated E

Featured April 18, 2011
Teen, 74 pages

Kikyou is a (somewhat girlishly) attractive young lad who can't help but get man-crushes on men like Captain Kirk and Batman. And who can blame him? Sadly he's a bit of a loser and has issues with schoolmates picking on him and ruining his videogaming sessions. A cute, fluffy comic with skill ful manga-styled (and pink!) art. By furan, T+

Featured April 14, 2011
Teen, 79 pages

Hocusha, Sorceress for Hire, no job too big or too small! This magical gal does all sorts of odd jobs in order to make a crust, from protecting mafia mob bosses, finding lost dogs, even being a personal shopper and… doing “love” spells. Life is hard as a magician for money though, it's an unusual job and people aren't always in need of magical help, but she gets by.
Hocusha is an exciting, full colour, short form, comedy action fantasy comic set in the modern day. The colours are bold and lovely, the stories are cool and funny and the whole package is pro quality! By Vig Starmax, rated T+

Featured March 31, 2011
Teen, 0 pages

Bethany is an imaginative 17 your old Australian girl. Accompanying her in her day to day life and flights of fantasy are the two Norse gods, Loki & Freyr, and her cat Poo. As an avowed god of trickery and mischief, Loki is a little bit of a bugger, but there’s also something lovable about him. Freyr is helpful but has an assertiveness problem. Bethany just tries to make the best of it, but with these two there to brighten up her life, what can go wrong?
Gods almighty is a humorous fantasy journal comic strip by OnlyFoolsAndVikings, AKA Bethany Hughston, in digital colour and water colour. Rated T+

Featured March 24, 2011
Teen, 175 pages

Meryl is an evil white haired witch with funny ears and funny eyes, Gin is her loyal werewolf Minion! Together they reside in the fiendish black crooked tower, doing dastardly things… Well, almost but not quite. Join them on their dungeon adventures in their quest for treasure as they try not to get their client killed.
Minion is a humorous fantasy adventure comic. It's not in full colour and looking lush! By Hguyver, rated T+

Featured March 21, 2011
Teen, 39 pages

He's Wake, a forgetful knight cursed to come back to life every time he dies, whose mission is to protect humans from demons. She's Jezebel, an attractive but ruthless woman happy to manipulate him in her search for a buck. In a dusty, run-down future run by demons and thugs, how does Wake fit in? Does Jezebel have even a smidgeon of a conscience or shame? Gorgeous semi-color artwork with lots of action, some humor, and even a bit of eye candy!

Featured March 17, 2011
Teen, 178 pages

You don't want a TV like this one. He's downright MEAN! Everything from spoiling the plotlines of movies to killing your pets is perfectly normal for this guy. He'll stop at nothing to ruin your day!
This is a professional looking colour humour comic strip about an extremely evil TV. It’s a joke a day style (not daily) 3 panel strip featuring very, very dark humour. So be warned.
By bnortondavies, rated T+

Featured March 10, 2011
Mature, 342 pages

James and Jesse are Children of the legendary Black Deadwood, the most diabolical outlaw the west has ever known. They're a low down pair of greedy, murderous, evil villains, so they take after their dad. They're also undead.
Wanted Dead or dead is a comedy gothic western drawn in the manga style. The art is strong, bold, black and white.
Art and story by MayelV, rated T+

Featured March 7, 2011
Mature, 57 pages

In this sci-fi comic, a highly qualified “response team” in fancy black nano-suits are hired to infiltrate an extremely high-tech research facility to recover the personnel trapped inside when something goes wrong. And then their own rescue goes wrong. They were warned that “anything” can happen in there - even the warping of reality! This is a conceit for a clever example of comic creating - each page is drawn by a different (very skilled) artist, weaving a story where the characters’- and your- perceptions are constantly shifting.

Featured March 3, 2011
Teen, 78 pages

Teenagers all wake up in a hospital without any memory of who they are or how they got there. As more and more of them meet and compare experiences things seem quite strange… But they're about to get a whole lot stranger! …And then even stranger than that.
And why do Adrian and Ariana have pointy ears?
I'm not sure if this is fantasy or SciFi yet at this stage, it could be either. Should be interesting to find out!
With very colourful. fully shaded, manga influenced artwork, Prodigium is a drama mystery comic with the promise of a very interesting reveal down the track. Rated T+ by Binaryfaye

Featured Feb. 28, 2011
Teen, 28 pages

Lord Khern, an elven ambassador (of a kind), has been sent to an underground settlement to ascertain the “situation” after enemies were spotted in the area. The situation is that everyone in the city is dead, save for a single survivor… Extremely skillful artwork composed of gorgeous digital watercolors. This fantasy drama looks dark and serious already, but also very good!

Featured Feb. 24, 2011
Teen, 3 pages

FAIL: Fascists for American Integrity and Leadership. Conspiracy! FAIL weaves one hell of a beautiful conspiracy. Ever wondered at the connections between 9/11, wars, wikileaks, the economy…? Well instead of those annoying tinfoil hat theories, this comic makes them all part of an entertaining story, stick with it, it's cool, trust me.
With solid black and white stylised art, FAIL is an exciting dramatic political conspiracy comic that has some real current events mixed in! Ever hear of a little thing called Wikileaks and a certain funny looking blonde Australian guy by the name of Julian Assange?
No? Me neither… ^_^
By Ramlama, Rated E.

Featured Feb. 17, 2011
Teen, 899 pages

Poor little Medusa is finding it very hard to make new friends… but blocking up Jake's toilet, flooding his entire house and leaving all his stuff smelling of pee probably wasn't a good start. Medusa has snakes for hair, big black eyes and a snaky fishy tail, she hails from the magical land of Yeld. Jake is a big guy with a beard and a house that smells of pee, thanks to SOMEbody… Oh, and there are also two mermaids with big boobs.
The art is lovely and rounded and stylised, in colour as well and black and white and even grey! Modest Medusa is a cartoon humour comic strip by Jake Richmond. Updates three times a week, rated T+

Featured Feb. 14, 2011
Teen, 64 pages

Mystery Babylon is a strong woman. A strong woman with a strong kick and a strong punch and a big temper. Zero, an acolyte of the goddess Vesta, mistakes Mystery Babylon for his beloved diety (understandable, as she is pretty amazing) and is thrilled when she saves him from mistreatments at the hands of Babylonian cult members. Why would Mystery Babylon beat up her own cult members and prevent them from obtaining a map which would help her fulfill her destiny? Beautiful anime-styled artwork with lots of action and humor, and a few twists and turns you won't be expecting!

Featured Feb. 10, 2011
Teen, 213 pages

It's the near future, Lilly, Sazy and Ray go to school by day and play highly sophisticated game systems in their free time- giving them the same focus and attention as traditional sporting activities. They live to play. N.E.O.S.I.N. is the massive new and mysterious game tournament being introduced into town and the friends want to be a part of it.
The art is characteristic stylised manga, mostly black and white, but with some nice colour too on occasion, it shows a very high level of skill and familiarity with the genre. Ponzi is a teen action drama, with a near future setting and a tournament theme. Art by Kevin D. Raganit and story by Maria Balsakova rated T+

Featured Feb. 7, 2011
Mature, 126 pages

In a dystopian near-future on a distant planet settled exclusively by the downtrodden and least-fortunate, Junk is what keeps people going and fuels their oppression. Kermit is an AWOL MP with a fatal virus that can only be staved off by Junk, a drug which is difficult to get and drives Kermit and many other unfortunate people to desperate measures to obtain. Lovely full color pages done in a mix of drawn, photomanip and 3D imagery. Not a cheerful read, but a thoughtful one! Rated M.

Featured Feb. 3, 2011
Teen, 83 pages

Kaye is the grim Reaper. A stupid accident killed the last one… It was Kaye's fault and now he's going to pay for it. Luckily he has a sexy Tooth Fairy to guide him in his new job! Death and the Fairy is a funny comedy manga by Sama and Oneblackpaper. It's drawn in a trad manga style and it even reads right to left (due to the requirements of their publisher), but it's not so bad because there aren't many panels. the art is mostly all black and white, but I cheated by showing a colour pic from the cover because that's one sexy pic!
Read Death and the Fairy, Rated T+

Featured Jan. 31, 2011
Teen, 60 pages

The world is changing, and the rough-and-tumble human residents of Sunset City don't always like the new arrangements. Especially not when the elfin Sheriff Lain rides into their town on a unicorn. The wild-west town does have a healthy non-human population (minotaurs, fairies, leprechauns, etc.) but it looks like they're in a tough situation- not that Miss Lain needs their help. Forgive the rough English from a non-native speaker, because the art is wonderful and the story so far looks like brilliant fun. This is an especially-early feature because this comic looks amazingly promising!


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