Featured Jan. 27, 2011
Everyone, 128 pages

Panda is having a terrible time with her failed actor boyfriend Lance.Finally, after cupcake binge where lance almost kills himself, Panda calls it quits…Which is the start of a whole new adventure and identities for both of them! Panda Jones secret agent for AALIBI -Almighty, All-powerful, Lovable, Intergalactic, Bureau of Investigation. Lance Star, international celebrity and renowned hunky blonde actor. Meanwhile, Patti Cupcakes, evil drug-baron of the largest narcotic cupcake empire the world has ever seen is making sure their loves are full of surprises.
Aliens Anonymous is a hilarious scifi mystery comic with groovy stylised art in full colour. It's a little crude in its depictions, but because it's so consistent and vibrant, that ends up adding a whole new level of charm. by K1at, rated E.

Featured Jan. 24, 2011
Mature, 759 pages

Magellan's story is a cross between the X-Men's “superhero school” concept and the more-realistic character driven sensibility of Mike Allred's Atomics. With clean linework and bright colors, the comic has the look and feel of a successful indie book, and is just as surprising and pleasurable to read. Not completely a superhero comic and not completely a school drama, the story revolves around Kaycee and Nadine's arrival at the Magellan school, where teens who have the skills and approved psych profile can train to be good guys and all that fun stuff. We also get to see their various classmates, esteemed alumni, crimefighting, the list goes on!

Featured Jan. 13, 2011
Everyone, 96 pages

Trig and his dragon friend Artex and trying to work out why piles of scrap metal are being mysteriously dumped into a mall… through a portal into a parallel universe. And then they're attacked by zombie policemen! Meanwhile a young wolfboy is wondering around with a rat on his head trying to remember his name…
The Parallel is a black and white story humour comic by Yoite. It has a sketchy, digital art style, quick, stylised, simplified and expressive! Rated E.

Featured Jan. 10, 2011
Teen, 203 pages

Elements is a comic best read as it's updating, because it's a choose-your-own-adventure, modeled after old text adventures like Zork. The illustrations are simple but charming and add to the old-video-game feel. doodstormer takes suggestions from a number of different sources but does his best to accomodate many of the sillier ones, injecting much of his own humor as well. The story is that of Lon Quillow (you), the village's best mushroom farmer, and ensuing adventure. It's a funny comic built around a fun concept, which generally updates in batches.

Featured Jan. 6, 2011
Mature, 400 pages

Ka-Den is spirited away from her temple residence in the middle of the night by the mysterious blindfolded assassin Cale, but to what end? And is she all that she seems, is she truly a priestess or even human?
There much is dark magic at play in this fantasy story. And many mystery to be slowly revealed. The Tainted is old very much in the “decompressed” style. It's a slowly evolving story that follows a few different characters. The art is mostly digital, in full colour, cleanly cell shaded for the most part, with the occasional detailed textures added to some elements, simplified realistic western style with the occasional chibi, and very nicely done overall.
Rated M, art and writing by Rana.

Featured Jan. 3, 2011
Teen, 1214 pages

Meet the party of snickering RPG-like adventurers who make up the cast of Character Development. Halfling thief, debauching Bard, non-pious Cleric, confused Barbarian, dedicated Ranger, non-existant Illusionist, and the Paladin, the wanna-be leader who no one listens to in the slightest. Maybe it's because he has such girly hair? The party is actually led by the lady Mage, a manipulative fireball-thrower. I don't think it matters who their leader is, though- it's unlikely they're going to get out of that smelly dungeon, considering their laziness and general ineptitude. Maybe they should have leveled up first? A photocomic assembled with props, playmobil toys and a lot of jokes! Rated T+

Featured Dec. 27, 2010
Teen, 104 pages

With a name like Kung Fu Monkeyface, you know it's going to be good. Lively art with two cool distinct styles - loose, colorful stuff for the origin story and flashbacks, and rough-pencilly black and white for the grittier present. What happened to this monkey? Where did the Sunbringer go astray?

Featured Dec. 23, 2010
Mature, 127 pages

Poor Sam… She's a bit of a scruffy gal, but she's got a good heart. Why can't she get a girlfriend (who isn't insane)? You see, Sam's… *ahem* “ladyparts” are rather too loquacious! It has an opinion on EVERYTHING, and most of all it doesn't care if it makes her life hell. Sam's everyday life, dealing with her socially sabotaging, overly vocal vajayjay!
Loose Lips is a black and white comedy comic strip, touching on things that definitely aren't for the young'ns. Quite funny, very cheeky, but not as naughty as you'd think, so don't you worry! By Avie, Rated M.

Featured Dec. 16, 2010
Teen, 2060 pages

Wilson Kane Is a dashing swash buckler, bringing to mind the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride. He's about to have a spot of girl trouble. Castalia is a sword wielding young woman of spirit and vigor, she'd rather be working at a forge than learning Latin or taking cooking lessons. She's about to have a spot of boy trouble.

The Pirate Balthasar is an action comedy story comic by dedasaur, featuring pirates on the high seas, fantastic sword fighting and a quintuplet of buxom wenches! Rated E- The art is fluid and very reminiscent of Disney, full colour in the early promo pages, changes to sketchy later on, and very pro looking work throughout!

Featured Dec. 13, 2010
Everyone, 35 pages

A Wood Nymph's Tale will remind you of older-style expository narrative comics. I won't say Prince Valiant, because it's not quite that, but it's a near cousin. Maybe it's the intricate inkwork of a kind you don't see in most modern comics? Anyway- the story! A terribly naive wood nymph makes a dumb mistake and ends up getting sold into magical slavery. A sinister fantasy-magic world, a lovely lead character (she is a wood nymph, after all), lush backgrounds, absolutely gorgous inkwork, and a very curious tale!

Featured Dec. 9, 2010
Mature, 101 pages

Thor's Thundershack is hilarious! This comic has me laughing out loud every time. No description of story or characters here, this is just a clever gag comic by a very clever DD artist and fellow Aussie by the name of BffSatan. Thor's Thundershack is a highly entertaining feast of comedy! Drawn in full colour and looking like rough paper cut-outs the art is just good enough to satisfyingly deliver some great jokes! Thor's Thundershack is Rated M.

Featured Dec. 6, 2010
Everyone, 35 pages

Jamie is an overexuberant college student whose job is to help construct a rather mysterious city-centre ziggurat. Because every city should have one, right? She's cheerfully enthusiastic about… well, everything, even the elephant-drugged ninja that appears outside her apartment one evening and is almost run over by a train. However, there's a nefarious plot here, mixed up with professors and homeless people (and possibly sports coaches). What IS the ziggurat, and what does it do? It has a lively and animated drawing style too!

Featured Dec. 2, 2010
Mature, 23 pages

Nukey is an army engineer, scientist, terrorist, gone AWOL… and the military want him back. Meanwhile, he's holed up in the big city, trying to lose himself, wasted on drugs, working as an escort, paying the rent with his body.
this story it just starting, getting funkier and quirkier as it goes. The art is very bright and colourful, angular with harsh blacks. The style is reminiscent of Jamie Hewlett's work in gorillaz. War of the Dogs is… hard to classify. It's a punky, dramatic, comedy story comic. That's the best I can do. Rated M by Baconmoose

Featured Nov. 25, 2010
Teen, 75 pages

Hideo is a shut in. He's a horrible little weedy, smelly, dirty, pimply, bespectacled, socially impaired, agoraphobic nerd. cosseted away in his parent's basement, far away from contact with other human beings, Hideo is in heaven with his massive comic collection, games, vinyl figurines and dreams of his own greatness. It's all complete except for ONE single thing… So he builds a robot girlfriend to fulfil his “manly” needs, but he doesn't quite get what he wishes for. This robot girl is very much her OWN woman!

A rollicking bloody hilarious comic by Simon Harchun! Full colour in an endearingly rough, sketchy, highly individual style. Rated T+

Featured Nov. 22, 2010
Mature, 120 pages

Without Moonlight is a budding tale of Greek resistance in World War II. Stealing supplies out from under Nazi noses is exciting, but dangerous too. Diomedes and his compatriots are hardly out of childhood and doing all they can to stay alive and make things harder for their enemies. There's a lot of side-content as well, from a little info about the symbolism in the comic to mini-essays about the real history surrounding the comic.

Featured Nov. 18, 2010
Everyone, 510 pages

The land is plagued by huge, monstrous, fire breathing dragons! Burning, smashing, and destroying all in their path in a vicious and coordinated reign of destruction on the poor people of the kingdoms and principalities… One brave band of warriors led by Lord Wolfus and the wizard Nathan actually manages to KILL one of the wily beasts. As a reward for his part, Lord Wolfus grants Nathan his pick of the dragon horde, but what Nathan takes back isn't exactly something Wolfus would approve of… a young Dragonet.

The art is interesting, it's digital, black and white, and yet has the look and “feel” of crude German medieval woodcut print, which is wonderfully appropriate to the European fantasy setting. Dragonet is a fantasy action adventure story comic by Willgun, rated E!

Featured Nov. 15, 2010
Mature, 239 pages

Frame by Frame is kind of like Friends for a younger, geekier art-school audience. A group of friends/ classmates/ roommates make up an ensemble cast and the comic is mainly about their lives an doings. There's no action or horror, and the drama and comedy are both understated. I'm not even sure yet if there's an overarching story (though it mainly does follow the life of comic-book artist Alex). Some people might not find it that interesting, but it has a certain something… reading through it has a steady, comfortable quality. The art looks great and the characters are likeable and believable. Rated M!

Featured Nov. 11, 2010
Everyone, 153 pages

Fabraz the pirate, buccaneer of the skys on his flying airship! As a young orphan and theif, never knowing his parents, Fabraz joined the airpirates at a young age, he's served under fierce captain Jark and his band of Jackals all his life, but now things are about to change. Big things are in store for young Fabraz!

Read from right to left! Hahahaha! Get over it and just do it.
The world of Aeria is a black and white fantasy action adventure story comic, very much in the manga style, by Fabraz, rated E!

Featured Nov. 8, 2010
Teen, 676 pages

Who saves the hardworking moms, pops, waitresses and ungrateful fry cooks from rude biker gang punks and other terrible dangers? Smorty Smythe and his dragon fists, that's who. He's a kung-fu monk with a baby face and a naive streak a mile wide. About as silly as it sounds, this comic takes its cues from the campy martial arts movies of yore, Laurel and Hardy routines, slapstick comedy, and a sort of….. euro-popeye art style. Colorful cast of characters, lots of comic action!

Featured Nov. 4, 2010
Teen, 265 pages

Crossoverkill is a team effort by many of webcomics authors featuring characters from Bad Guy High, Energize, Fusion, Valkyrie Yuuki, Majestic Knight, Magellan, and Mindmistress.
This is a fantastic community project comic produced by many members of our community here at DD as well as some other great webcomic artists from outside of DD! Crossoverkill features Superheroes in full colour, with action, drama, and humour. Rated T+
and don't forget its massive prequel CROSSOVERLORD!

Featured Oct. 28, 2010
Everyone, 103 pages

Fancy some old fashioned style newspaper type comic strips? Hasben and Hash is heaps of traditional humour strip comic goodness! staring a hapless postman (mailman to you Yanks), and a clever but sassy dog with the silly situations they get into and some interesting commentary. This is one of those comics you can read one strip after another, after another, after another…
Hasben and Hash is a colourful, humorous weekly comic strip by Ronald Croxton, AKA croxtonhas, rated E for everyone!

Featured Oct. 25, 2010
Teen, 162 pages

Christopher is a daily diary webcomic, “the true story of a man entering fatherhood” (with the theme that he's hardly grown-up himself). It's well drawn with strong, lively lineart and some great gestures and expressions. Many of the comics are fairly standard journal-comic fare. Some joke, event, or theme from the day translated into a comic and shared with others… which I like, I'm not complaining. (Think of them as his way of keeping a record of this time.) The comic's enjoyable! But really what makes this one stand apart is that the comics about his wife and upcoming baby are, frankly, adorable (there should be more of them). Fun for kids of all ages!

Featured Oct. 21, 2010
Teen, 165 pages

RobotFriday is a funny humour comic strip about a group of silly friends, their daily life the stupid things they do and their observations on life. They're creative people in a largely uncreative world.
The art is up to a professional standard, it's very good looking work! Read, enjoy and maybe even laugh along to RobotFriday by Thomas Clemmons, AKA Thomas514. Rated T+

Featured Oct. 18, 2010
Mature, 394 pages

This fun comic is like an even more ridiculous (get it?) Dick Tracy. Our protagonist, hard-boiled yellow detective Riddick Q Loss, is on the hunt for the nefarious Sir Dimswitch - a man with an evil plan and a hot um… aunt. Loss is easily sidetracked however by the improbable cast of side characters, various switcharoos, and an endless series of gags (which somehow seem to just get sillier). If you enjoy spoofs and genre comic conventions turned on their head, this one should be right up your dark crime-ridden alley. (Rated M!)

Featured Oct. 14, 2010
Mature, 532 pages

Hakka is a rather attractive blonde, bedevilled by demons, besieged by monsters… and annoying guys who talk far too much.
Memories from Requiem is a comic of epic proportion. It's a fantasy SciFi manga that spans several hundred pages. The first chapters are rather ropey with bad art and poor English, but as the work goes on the improvement is astounding! Xatiav has put a lot of work and dedication into this comic over the years and it shows! Check out the latest chapters.
A full colour fantasy manga comic by Xatiav. Memories from Requiem is rated M!


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