Featured Aug. 19, 2010
Mature, 67 pages

Una, the Valkyrie, is sent to earth to walk among humans and dire beasts, wingless and alone on a mission from Odin the Allfather to atone for failing in her duties to carry up the fallen heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla. Ethereal Legacies will put you strongly in mind of world of warcaft, but it's many times better! This is a full on sexy fantasy fighting comic, complete with beasts, battles, breasts, and attractively armoured battle-maidens. The elf sisters Bianka and Gatan being prime examples. You really should be listening to the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin on endless repeat while reading this.
Ethereal Legacies is full colour with impressively rendered digital art. By Largominus2004, rated M!

WARNING! There is some nudity. Mainly lots of boobs! Don't look if you're offended by that.

Featured Aug. 16, 2010
Everyone, 385 pages

The Princess is a deceptively simple comic. It's about a little boy who believes he is a girl, wants to dress and act like a girl, and be called Princess Sarah. This is a comic strip so there are a lot of jokes, but the basis of the strip is in earnest truth- gender issues are more understood and accepted today than in the past, and I can't help but think that comics like this are helping in that effort. There are a number of truthful themes here- the father who encourages, the mother who represses and wants to protect, the spectrum of ‘girl’ behaviour and the responses of peers. Definitely worth a read!

Featured Aug. 9, 2010
Mature, 45 pages

Yago is a magician- a real one- who is putting together a group of people with supernatural abilities. Before the people can be of any use, they have to be found and taught. The comic isn't too far along just yet, but the first story is about Eduardo. Eduardo is a boy who quite literally (and for a very… unusual reason) struggles with a dual nature, man and wolf. Before you ask, he's not a werewolf- but he does have some complicated issues and his story has got a few twists and turns. Things don't go well for him. The second story is about Sara, who we haven't learned much about just yet… Elements of the comic's premises may sound familiar, but this comic seems to be its own animal (pardon the pun).

Featured Aug. 5, 2010
Everyone, 41 pages

Sometown is a small place in the middle of America inhabited by an interesting and comical cast of characters. Poor Honey and Jelly are struggling musicians there, needing a leg up to success. Lucky Frat Dad is there to help manage them… And so begins the first short adventure. It's a small town kind of place, where small things happen. Funny little things.
Some Town is a full colour cartoony style humour comic By Matt Rasch, Jenny Bousquet, and Holly Keller! Read Some Town, rated E.

Featured Aug. 2, 2010
Everyone, 73 pages

The Webcomic Review Comic on the Web is just that- harkovast and ifelldownthestairs have teamed up to bring entertaining comic-shaped critique to their many volunteer reviewees. The art is (mostly) cut and paste, there's a lot of words to read, and they are full of awful puns, but that is all part of the charm. (And somehow they still manage to change it up sometimes.) More imporantly they give each comic a fair shake in its turn, and the to-the-point praise and criticism is honest (though it has ruffled feathers in the past). Most of the reviews are for DrunkDuck comics, which makes it kind of a communit project. A nice ‘extra’ is the inclusion of links to their favorite strips of each particular comic, so you can easily check things out for yourself.

Featured July 22, 2010
Everyone, 49 pages

Hmm, how to describe this comic. Miller and Rosewood are the main characters, and they seem to be monsters of some sort. Loser monsters. We Could Be Happy is basically… Miller and Rosewood and a bunch of jokes. It's like creator johlin has this crusty old chest filled with stupid-funny jokes and if he doesn't put them into comics, he will die. The comics shouldn't be that funny, but they are, which makes the whole thing rather surprisingly charming. The simple, colorful art style fits nicely with the straightforward humor. They're just fun little things to consume, like the Jelly Bellys of comics.

Featured July 15, 2010
Teen, 181 pages

Very gently comical happenings in the lives of 4 flat-mates: Arnold and his sister Sara, and Arnold's friends Zac and Carlton. Various silly interactions, some even with a basis in reality!
This is a nice one for all the family ^_^
My fave strip is this one: http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Truth_About_Corey_Strode/index.php?p=698183 -Zombie Research Society! Haha, smelly zombie.

The Truth About Corey Strode is a strip type weekly humour comic drawn with brightly coloured stick figure people.

Read The Truth About Corey Strode, by Goofycabal! Rated T+

Featured July 8, 2010
Mature, 116 pages

An interesting little comic about screwed up teens. It's pretty comical and unpretentious, with some VERY earthy language! It even featured a wild red-head tearaway, going by the name of Rosco. His temperament definitely matches his hair colour. The art style is simple, yet clear and bold in a quick, neat, gestural style- it's economically energetic! This will be one to watch to see how it develops.

Read Ax Crazy by JabberwockyJones, rated M!

Featured July 5, 2010
Everyone, 78 pages

The Drunk Duck Awards are upon us once again!

Before JustNoPoint and the Awards crew can decide any winners or hand out any e-trophies, YOU, the community, must NOMINATE!

Head to the DD Awards 2010 page to find the nomination form. There are lots of categories, so it may be that just about every DD comic you read could be nominated somehow. You don't even have to do the whole thing at once- you can submit some, come back later, and do more!

Featured July 1, 2010
Everyone, 307 pages

Poor Olivia. She just wants to be cynical, introverted and play her clarinet in peace, but annoying spirit Carl is having none of that! It is now the job of young Olivia Myers, with the help of Carljungan (who looks like a “cross between a rat and a kangaroo” ) to exorcise the inner demons of her classmates and brighten their lives again.
Soul Symphony is a funny comic, drawn in both black and white and colour, (colour for spirit world, BW for the real one), with art and writing by SoulSymph. Rated E. Read Soul Symphony!

Main site: www.soulsymphonycomic.com

Featured June 28, 2010
Everyone, 122 pages

There's actually a branch of science all about studying humor- did you know that? (It's called gelotology.) Somehow it's hard to imagine humor experiments being conducted by labcoated humor nerds writing for academic-sounding humor journals. Good thing there's webcomics, right? usedbooks has a gem here, a funny little comic about general science. The jokes range from asexual harrassment to the Mark Twain method of time travel (one I particularly enjoyed), and although you might not get all of them, it's not at the level of self-indulgence of SOME science webcomics. Are you nerd/geek/dork enough?! Yes, you probably are! So enjoy.

Featured June 24, 2010
Teen, 46 pages

Simon dies, he commits suicide. You see, he had a really crappy life and just fell deeper and deeper into depression… But it looks like he might have a second chance. There are things he'll have to do to earn it though.
Proceed to Eden is a colourful graphic novel with very a very interesting art style by Emily Helen! The story is just now beginning, be sure to follow it , give it lots of support and see how it progresses. Rated T+

Featured June 21, 2010
Mature, 62 pages

Jeremiah Claw is a troubled, haunted man. People who mess with him tend to die in some nasty ways. Did I mention that he seems to be some kind of time-traveller in a medieval civil war western horror movie world? Wait til you see the cause of Jeremiah's tormet. Grim and gritty with elaborate black and white art, Hades has a high “ewwwwww, cool!” factor. This comic might look familiar to some- it's freshly returned from an extended break, so let's hope the pages keep coming!

Featured June 17, 2010
Everyone, 167 pages

Joe Pop is a pop musician, not the crap Gaga, Britney etc sort, no, he's the old fashioned working type. Joe Pop and his sidekick Bob the bassist work at their craft of music making, at the mercy of a small record company and the pop-culture world they don't quite understand (got that last bit from Dave's description tehe). Joe Pop is a humour comic, in colour and in the newspaper strip style, by Dave63, aka Dave Laplante. Updated weekl. Rated E

Featured June 14, 2010
Mature, 368 pages

There's something quite nice about journal comics. It's a strange sort of feeling, looking into a tiny piece of someone's life each day. It doesn't matter if it's not significant or a joke you don't get, the point is that the creator is sharing so willingly. Reading too many journal comics can be wearying (you have your own life to live, after all), but I think everyone should read at least a few! The other nice aspect of journal comics? You get to watch their art change and evolve, see them try new things and experiment with styles. It's a good influence! What Errant Beast is a good journal comic- an average guy sharing bits of his day, pieces of interest, and a clearly animation-influenced style.

Featured June 10, 2010
Everyone, 90 pages

Ryse, a young cleric, has her boring world suddenly enlivened by the arrival of Selyne, a quixotic, well dressed Vampire, who immediately drags her off on a quest of her own… where they happen to meet the dark and fiery (literally) Ashveira. The adventure is just beginning.

A full colour fantasy comic, Fate Running Wild is a collaborative effort created by the joint efforts of four lovely and talented women: Ashveira, Ryse, Selyne and Mara!. Rated E

Featured June 7, 2010
Mature, 262 pages

Dominique Valentine is a private detective. She has the tobacco haze to prove it. Domonique's monologue narrates much of the story so far, and she has a modern noir sort of style. The world she lives in is one which has been changed by science- enhancements are readily available to those who wish to make themselves more physically perfect or capable. Everything is just a bit easier. Valentine is organic- unenhanced. And her current job is to find a girl who ran away from home, out into the crumbling world. Part mystery, part social commentary, cool art style and interesting story!

Featured June 3, 2010
Everyone, 110 pages

BLANK LIFE insert player rokulily is full of gentle observation humour from the life of the author. That's not bad, but the art is something special! Check out Rokulily's cool, funky cartoony style. In colour and hand lettered. This one would go well in a magazine or newspaper.
Read BLANK LIFE insert player rokulily, it's biopic humour comic with funky art by Rokulily, Rated E!

Featured May 31, 2010
Mature, 156 pages

The complex is under attack! A large number of aircraft are incoming, explosions are happening, and when Eli's mech-pilot friend is injured he decides the right thing to do is take her place in the fight. Of course, he's inexperienced, so we'll just wait and see how well THAT works out. An entry in the classic manga ‘genre’ of “youngsters in mechas fighting an international war,” skillfully drawn with a developing sense of the cinematic. It's early in the story, so a good time to jump in!

Featured May 24, 2010
Mature, 84 pages

Not everyone likes medieval fantasy, or gag-a-day, or manga-styled romance comics. Some people just like a good ol' story about an unlikable protagonist (possibly with no eyes) who smokes and drinks and kills a lot of people for a living. And also possibly for fun. For those people, we have Magra: a take-no-crap hyena bounty hunter who seems to associate with a lot of unpleasant people who probably deserve at least a little of the violence they receive. Mostly at Magra's hands.

Featured May 20, 2010
Everyone, 269 pages

A Word Of Wisdom updates every day with a new pithy saying, like an office calender but better! Well the artwork is a lot funkier and it'll never tell you that “you don't have to be crazy to work her, but it helps”.
Watch this one regularly and you'll be rewarded well. Word Of Wisdom is a full colour humour comic with absolutely no story, just funny and slightly skewed takes on old cliche sayings!
By Layton, rated E. Read Word Of Wisdom.

Featured May 13, 2010
Teen, 114 pages

Carnivore Carnival is a collection of short comics by the very prolific Aurora Borealis. The style improves markedly as the work progresses. The latest story is the best looking- “The Herb”, it's a SciFi tale in full colour, about an academic, professor Artemis. He's a specialist translater and he has a very tricky problem to solve…
Read Carnivore Carnival, Rated T+

Featured May 10, 2010
Everyone, 224 pages

On a lovely day, in a seemingly archetypical medieval town, a young lad finds himself under arrest and in Trouble all for singing a little song. Turns out music is banned in the kingdom, which makes for a listless populace and a troubled princess. What happens when a fundamental aspect of human culture is simply not allowed? I'm not sure how they managed it in the first place, but it doesn't seem to be lasting much longer…. an intriguing story with fun characters, all done in theorah's rather sweet watercolor art style.

Featured May 6, 2010
Teen, 528 pages

Xara is half elf, half dradon and ALL princess! Heir to a ruined kingdom, poor Xara has a lot to overcome, including dragons, elves, vampires, furries and even magic!
Dragonaur is a lovely funny humour comic, written and illustrated by Dragonaur, with big, bod, full colour artwork! Read Dragonaur, rated T+

Featured May 3, 2010
Teen, 69 pages

Meet Ray Gun, Space-Adventurist. Sure, he looks kind of grimy, going around all drunk and unshaved in his underclothes. But! He built his robot compadre when he was a child genius, although he does not seem so smart now, and he is a space-adventurist, so he must be good for something, right? A fun retro-future sci-fi thing with a ‘how does this guy even manage?’ kind of humor, packed with true amazing space facts like “There is nothing as big as space.” Colorful art with some really lovely spreads and cute robots too!


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