Featured Oct. 25, 2010
Teen, 162 pages

Christopher is a daily diary webcomic, “the true story of a man entering fatherhood” (with the theme that he's hardly grown-up himself). It's well drawn with strong, lively lineart and some great gestures and expressions. Many of the comics are fairly standard journal-comic fare. Some joke, event, or theme from the day translated into a comic and shared with others… which I like, I'm not complaining. (Think of them as his way of keeping a record of this time.) The comic's enjoyable! But really what makes this one stand apart is that the comics about his wife and upcoming baby are, frankly, adorable (there should be more of them). Fun for kids of all ages!

Featured Oct. 21, 2010
Teen, 165 pages

RobotFriday is a funny humour comic strip about a group of silly friends, their daily life the stupid things they do and their observations on life. They're creative people in a largely uncreative world.
The art is up to a professional standard, it's very good looking work! Read, enjoy and maybe even laugh along to RobotFriday by Thomas Clemmons, AKA Thomas514. Rated T+

Featured Oct. 18, 2010
Mature, 399 pages

This fun comic is like an even more ridiculous (get it?) Dick Tracy. Our protagonist, hard-boiled yellow detective Riddick Q Loss, is on the hunt for the nefarious Sir Dimswitch - a man with an evil plan and a hot um… aunt. Loss is easily sidetracked however by the improbable cast of side characters, various switcharoos, and an endless series of gags (which somehow seem to just get sillier). If you enjoy spoofs and genre comic conventions turned on their head, this one should be right up your dark crime-ridden alley. (Rated M!)

Featured Oct. 14, 2010
Mature, 532 pages

Hakka is a rather attractive blonde, bedevilled by demons, besieged by monsters… and annoying guys who talk far too much.
Memories from Requiem is a comic of epic proportion. It's a fantasy SciFi manga that spans several hundred pages. The first chapters are rather ropey with bad art and poor English, but as the work goes on the improvement is astounding! Xatiav has put a lot of work and dedication into this comic over the years and it shows! Check out the latest chapters.
A full colour fantasy manga comic by Xatiav. Memories from Requiem is rated M!

Featured Oct. 11, 2010
Everyone, 227 pages

A ‘community project’ which popped up literally overnight, the DD24Hour 2010 comic is a collection of the comics created by DDers on 24-hour comics day (even if those days were a different day, or the comics weren't finished in the 24hour time period). DDers have sent in their pages and Product Placement has lovingly put them all together in one place for your reading enjoyment! All the ‘chapters’ are different stories and can be read in any order, but they are all worth reading- an adorable old-style Mickey parody, slices of life, funny frogs, epic journeys, murderous royalty, a non-royal murderer, and… some construction guys!

Featured Oct. 7, 2010
Everyone, 45 pages

CJ has just moved to a new home, he's not sure how he's going to fit in, nothing feels right, nothing feels the same… Then he loses his favourite basketball! But after meeting party animal Chris and his ADD friend Rob, things start to look up. They plan a daring and desperate raid, complete with Darth Vader cosplay and night vision goggles, to retrieve the lost ball from the evil Angela and her dastardly sidekick Mr Worthington!
Reduxe Deluxe is a comedy action romp in full colour by Angelus2kx, rated E.

Featured Oct. 4, 2010
Teen, 199 pages

Abt_Nihil gives us another sci-fi story worth featuring in Holon: A thousand years ago, an interstellar war began. Two guys and a computer all alone on a rundown space station, more or less exiled and forced to eat beans every day. Until something unexpected happens…. A lovely greyscale comic with fun characters and cool setting, there are some great visual scenes and funny moments. See if you can spot some elements from classic sci-fi works!

Featured Sept. 27, 2010
Mature, 205 pages

It's not immediately clear what is going on in Grayling, which is all right. We all need a little mystery in our lives, nothing is very interesting when it's just given to you. Apparently the residents of a farming village (who all have the same face) are surprised when death is introduced to their world. And then things get strange. The comic's tagline, “It's a god eat god world,” may give you some insight. But I'm not telling you any more! (Mostly because I haven't penetrated the mystery myself.) This comic is drawn in a cool, sketchy inked style which gives it a unique look and a sense of vibrancy and energy.

Featured Sept. 23, 2010
Teen, 274 pages

The land of Lithopia has been free and peaceful these last 30 years… but that's all about to change now. The planets are aligning and there's nothing the king can do to avert the prophecy… The Shadow Nexus will return and once again plunge the kingdom into terrible WAR! Unless the young prince can master the skills to save his people.
The Beast Legion is a black and white epic fantasy adventure by JazylH. Rated T+

Featured Sept. 20, 2010
Teen, 406 pages

The Cafe d'Alizee is sort of like a soap opera comic for a youthful audience. A group of young, beautiful people open up a French-themed cafe. The cafe is just the setting of course, it's not the focus of the comic. Instead it's all about the people and their lives and relationships. Most of the time it's rather light, with smiles and fluffy conversation. But! Personalities clash, secrets are uncovered, romances mishap! There's even someone in the hospital, possibly in a coma. I would not be surprised if people think of this comic as one of “mah stories” and enjoy it with all the guilty pleasure of the daytime soaps.

Featured Sept. 13, 2010
Mature, 81 pages

So there's this ragtag trio of adventurers with few scruples (and little common sense). They manage to kill a city guard (completely on accident, honest) and that sets them down a road which is probably best left for people more capable than them. They get tangled up with more people, stumble into an increasingly complicated plot, get into more than a little trouble, and don't find much to agree upon amongst themselves. Fantasy story with colorful, crisp art and a big sense of humor!

Featured Sept. 9, 2010
Everyone, 27 pages

Faithlene has just come back home after a loooong exile far away from home. She wants to hook up with her old buddy Hester, but things were never destined to go smoothly! Hester is working in the local bawdy house and things look like they might go pear shaped, but then Cora the beaver comes to the rescue! …and ensures that it does. But in a GOOD way… sort of. And away they go.
This is a fun, funny fantasy comic, with more than a hint of furry, and fury, especially from the growling Faithlene! The art is in black and white and it's brilliant! A lovely looking fantasy story by Dustmeat. Rated E!

Featured Sept. 6, 2010
Mature, 206 pages

The 3rd is the story of Max, a regular soldier in an army which has been dispatched to kill some guys and do army stuff. It's a swords-and-magic fantasy world, but Max is the centre of the story- his experiences, worries, failures and discoveries. There's monsters and big plans and bravado and er… biplanes and battlesharks, and a guy finding out who he is in a world full of that stuff. The art is deceptively good and you can see tRickityHouses improve with each page. He isn't afraid to draw action shots, difficult angles and dramatic scenes, and there's even splashy color pages now and then. It's a fast read (even at 125 pages) and well worth a look!

TAG by nigbun
Featured Sept. 2, 2010
Teen, 67 pages

The lead character of this comic is called Micki Morris… a name strangely similar to my OWN! But there the similarities end. Micki is a Pink haired, fun-loving gal with some trouble on her hands. Bandits stole her stuff, her ship sunk and she has no idea where she is.
This classic looking, beautifully coloured and colourful manga is just getting started, get in at the beginning, this is one lovely looking piece of work!
Art and Story by nigbun, also known as Nadine Ashworth. Author of the lovely “Give me the Sky”. Read TAG, rated T+

Featured Aug. 26, 2010
Mature, 25 pages

Derek is making a really, REALLY hard journey: he's coming home. After leaving without a word two years ago, he's finally decided to make his way back, to catch up and to tie up loose ends… with his friends, with his ex, and hardest of all, with his parents. And so begins the story of The Prodigal.
MicMit Short Stories so far only has the one short story, but it's certainly worth reading. It's a compelling, realistic style story about a situation that I'm sure a few people are at least partly familiar with. The art is very energetic and gestural, with a nice free, scribbly feel to it- all black line work on a white background. Read MicMit Short Stories, by McMit, rated M!

Featured Aug. 23, 2010
Teen, 208 pages

In the near future, a small team of genetically-engineered meta-humans defend our country's interests at home and abroad… *dramatic music* The Vanguard! It's a fairly standard superhero team with a Brit twist, and one of those comics where heroes are placed in an otherwise realistic world with a realistic world's problems, hence why this team is under government control (they're expensive). Is that a good or a bad thing? So far this comic is surprisingly political- the enemies are insurgents and the missions are covert ops in deep country. Vanguard is by MrHades, a DDer with some art chops and cred (Retake/Relik and Heroes Unite). Rated M!

Featured Aug. 19, 2010
Mature, 67 pages

Una, the Valkyrie, is sent to earth to walk among humans and dire beasts, wingless and alone on a mission from Odin the Allfather to atone for failing in her duties to carry up the fallen heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla. Ethereal Legacies will put you strongly in mind of world of warcaft, but it's many times better! This is a full on sexy fantasy fighting comic, complete with beasts, battles, breasts, and attractively armoured battle-maidens. The elf sisters Bianka and Gatan being prime examples. You really should be listening to the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin on endless repeat while reading this.
Ethereal Legacies is full colour with impressively rendered digital art. By Largominus2004, rated M!

WARNING! There is some nudity. Mainly lots of boobs! Don't look if you're offended by that.

Featured Aug. 16, 2010
Everyone, 385 pages

The Princess is a deceptively simple comic. It's about a little boy who believes he is a girl, wants to dress and act like a girl, and be called Princess Sarah. This is a comic strip so there are a lot of jokes, but the basis of the strip is in earnest truth- gender issues are more understood and accepted today than in the past, and I can't help but think that comics like this are helping in that effort. There are a number of truthful themes here- the father who encourages, the mother who represses and wants to protect, the spectrum of ‘girl’ behaviour and the responses of peers. Definitely worth a read!

Featured Aug. 9, 2010
Mature, 45 pages

Yago is a magician- a real one- who is putting together a group of people with supernatural abilities. Before the people can be of any use, they have to be found and taught. The comic isn't too far along just yet, but the first story is about Eduardo. Eduardo is a boy who quite literally (and for a very… unusual reason) struggles with a dual nature, man and wolf. Before you ask, he's not a werewolf- but he does have some complicated issues and his story has got a few twists and turns. Things don't go well for him. The second story is about Sara, who we haven't learned much about just yet… Elements of the comic's premises may sound familiar, but this comic seems to be its own animal (pardon the pun).

Featured Aug. 5, 2010
Everyone, 41 pages

Sometown is a small place in the middle of America inhabited by an interesting and comical cast of characters. Poor Honey and Jelly are struggling musicians there, needing a leg up to success. Lucky Frat Dad is there to help manage them… And so begins the first short adventure. It's a small town kind of place, where small things happen. Funny little things.
Some Town is a full colour cartoony style humour comic By Matt Rasch, Jenny Bousquet, and Holly Keller! Read Some Town, rated E.

Featured Aug. 2, 2010
Everyone, 73 pages

The Webcomic Review Comic on the Web is just that- harkovast and ifelldownthestairs have teamed up to bring entertaining comic-shaped critique to their many volunteer reviewees. The art is (mostly) cut and paste, there's a lot of words to read, and they are full of awful puns, but that is all part of the charm. (And somehow they still manage to change it up sometimes.) More imporantly they give each comic a fair shake in its turn, and the to-the-point praise and criticism is honest (though it has ruffled feathers in the past). Most of the reviews are for DrunkDuck comics, which makes it kind of a communit project. A nice ‘extra’ is the inclusion of links to their favorite strips of each particular comic, so you can easily check things out for yourself.

Featured July 22, 2010
Everyone, 49 pages

Hmm, how to describe this comic. Miller and Rosewood are the main characters, and they seem to be monsters of some sort. Loser monsters. We Could Be Happy is basically… Miller and Rosewood and a bunch of jokes. It's like creator johlin has this crusty old chest filled with stupid-funny jokes and if he doesn't put them into comics, he will die. The comics shouldn't be that funny, but they are, which makes the whole thing rather surprisingly charming. The simple, colorful art style fits nicely with the straightforward humor. They're just fun little things to consume, like the Jelly Bellys of comics.

Featured July 15, 2010
Teen, 181 pages

Very gently comical happenings in the lives of 4 flat-mates: Arnold and his sister Sara, and Arnold's friends Zac and Carlton. Various silly interactions, some even with a basis in reality!
This is a nice one for all the family ^_^
My fave strip is this one: http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Truth_About_Corey_Strode/index.php?p=698183 -Zombie Research Society! Haha, smelly zombie.

The Truth About Corey Strode is a strip type weekly humour comic drawn with brightly coloured stick figure people.

Read The Truth About Corey Strode, by Goofycabal! Rated T+

Featured July 8, 2010
Mature, 116 pages

An interesting little comic about screwed up teens. It's pretty comical and unpretentious, with some VERY earthy language! It even featured a wild red-head tearaway, going by the name of Rosco. His temperament definitely matches his hair colour. The art style is simple, yet clear and bold in a quick, neat, gestural style- it's economically energetic! This will be one to watch to see how it develops.

Read Ax Crazy by JabberwockyJones, rated M!

Featured July 5, 2010
Everyone, 78 pages

The Drunk Duck Awards are upon us once again!

Before JustNoPoint and the Awards crew can decide any winners or hand out any e-trophies, YOU, the community, must NOMINATE!

Head to the DD Awards 2010 page to find the nomination form. There are lots of categories, so it may be that just about every DD comic you read could be nominated somehow. You don't even have to do the whole thing at once- you can submit some, come back later, and do more!


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