Featured April 5, 2010
Teen, 89 pages

The Midnight Tea Party is a creepy little get-together where elegantly dressed girls pour you tea, offer you cookies and cake, and tell you… GHOST STORIES. Actually the ghost stories are pretty neat. All of the art is great, and there is a nice mix of styles going on thanks to some collaborative artists. The whole comic is very engaging (if you like ghost stories)- you're going to be hooked, I promise.

However, I strongly suggest you start at the beginning, just to ensure you don't stumble into the middle of a story!

Featured April 1, 2010
Teen, 87 pages

Vix knows she is an unhuman, but she is lucky; she's merely an empath, so she is able to hide it. But when something goes wrong and people end up dead, she begins to realize that there's more to her than she can comprehend… In a world where creatures of myth and lore are now known to exist – amidst the racism, what would you do if you knew you were one of them? one of the dangerous ones?
Done in full colour, manga style, occult/drama/action/romance/comedy, writen and illustrated by Hchano.

Featured March 29, 2010
Mature, 284 pages

“The Portland Express follows the path of a former US Marine and corrupt cop during the middle of the Great Depression as he joins a group of pirates finding himself thrust in the middle of a fight against the Imperial Japanese Navy.” If that's not an intriguing description, I don't know what is. If that's not enough, I'll fill you in on the first few pages: A drunk ex-cop at a bar is dropped through a trapdoor and confined barefoot to a wooden cell surrounded by broken glass, and manages to find only a handful of rusty nails to help fight his way to freedom. Only his captor turns out to be a lovely lady pirate and he's not sure what to do, until he mouths off and she knocks him out cold. Kinda makes you wish slave piracy really was a problem in the 1930s, right? (It… it wasn't, was it?)

Featured March 25, 2010
Everyone, 52 pages

William Stancie is the Wolf Warrior, who was born to destroy the 6th Solar Age, 4 plagues were sent to the earth, now 9 people called, anima warriors, are to protect mankind.
MAYA The Temple of Warriors opens with a titanic battle and a desperate struggle to save the town and its people from the massive dangerous Beast of Ocelotl. It's exciting and desperate!
Drawn in a traditional old school manga style, MAYA The Temple of Warriors is a black and white fantasy comic writen and illustrated by Pato. Rated E

Featured March 15, 2010
Mature, 60 pages

From the creator who gave us DIS (a cute, cuddly story about a pantheon of lovable and friendly greek gods) comes Makeshift Man. The Makeshift Man is a completely industrious and absolutely non-skeezy fellow who earns his money in totally normal ways, NOT doing odd jobs for the supernatural, for example, he would never agree to retrieve the kidnapped child of a way-finder. Also he does not have a set of giant, scary teeth. AT ALL. NO WAY.

This entire description was a lie.

Featured March 11, 2010
Everyone, 227 pages

Air Raid Robertson and his long suffering co-pilot Ridley are devil-may-care flying aces, taking to the skies to heroically battle the enemy and make sure evil never wins! When they're not zooming around in aeroplanes, they're having great dangerous adventures of daring.
It's Biggles meets spaceman spiff! It's funny, funky and freaky with a very distinctive art style! Air Raid Robertson is a full colour humour comic updated every Thursday. Rated E

Featured March 8, 2010
Teen, 88 pages

In 3033 AD, the newly formed Empire issued the first Mage Law. All mages, no matter what tribe, were to be exterminated. Half-mages got only a temporary reprieve. Blue, one of the few remaining half-mages (who are all fugitives), has been driven out of her last refuge by the Empire. And now she is going to do something about it. Although this comic is in early days, they're setting up for what looks to be a massive story. An actiony comic in an unexpectedly modern setting, rated T!

Featured March 4, 2010
Teen, 122 pages

Vi is Manor is a comic with a hell of a LOT of characters! Most of them live in the same house together; Vi's Manor. Vi is in charge, of the house, the story, everything! Vi's Manor began as an interactive comic, where readers could interact with the characters by typing in questions and things in the comments which would affect what happened in the next page to come up. I don't know if that still happens, but it's still quite an interesting idea and certainly worth checking out! The stories and character actions ARE influenced by current events. Anyway, the art and writing is all done by By ErrePi, and the text is ALL hand lettered (and there's a lot of it), so give it a little bit of patience. Rated T+, Vis Manor is a dialogue rich humour comic in a well drawn simplified Manga style.

Featured March 1, 2010
Everyone, 39 pages

William Gilquist is the new Baron of Krohagen. He's spent his life up to that point training as an apprentice in magic, so the news comes as a surprise. At first impression he's just a naive youth, but he's a little more capable than you'd expect. ‘Try to kill the new Baron’ has apparently become a cool thing to do, because the guy can hardly get a break. There's action, but there's also the promise of deeper themes like equality and slavery. The art is cartoonish but crisp and detailed. An all-ages comic, there is still plenty of danger and deception going on to interest older readers.

Featured Feb. 25, 2010
Everyone, 479 pages

By day, Savunn Adams is a contented young Cambodian orphan girl living with her adoptive parents in America… By “night” Fusion is a superhero foiling the plots of arch-villains in her city, with the help of her fellow heroes in classical superhero style! This is every inch a fun classical superhero story, it's also fun and easy to get into. Drawn in a cute, sleek, polished, “animation” style, Fusion is an action superhero comic by Essay Bee, rated E!

Featured Feb. 22, 2010
Everyone, 221 pages

Shelter of Wings is a spiritual comic with a number of biblical themes and characters. The demons are as colorful, angry and evil as you'd expect, but the angels are better- especially the crack team of demon-busting brothers. This story is also about Jenna, a 12-year old girl who has been gifted with special talents, but who unfortunately is also about as annoying as a little sister can be. She's had a guardian set to watch her, but the demons know about her too, so the good guys have got their work cut out for them. Gorgeous manga-styled art (and reads left-to-right, too!)

Featured Feb. 18, 2010
Mature, 47 pages

As any adventurer will tell you, “high adventure” is an exciting place to be. Swords and magic, gold and glory, monsters and misfits (and sometimes a nice minotaur steak). So, sometimes your warrior-girlfriend is kidnapped, or a skeletal necromancer resurrects an army of the undead to take to war. That's what adventure is all about, right? Funny comic with a cartoon network visual feel, rated M for some brief nudity.

Featured Feb. 11, 2010
Everyone, 194 pages

The views of the young, innocent characters are contrasted against those of the adults to reveal little comic insights about life. Drawn in a friendly way, Anecdote is a charmingly approachable whimsical humour comic by JLG with a very professional, published look about it! Read Anecdote. Rated E

Featured Feb. 8, 2010
Teen, 130 pages

Naive girl is sent to boarding school. Naive girl finds out the headmistress maybe isn't so bad. Naive girl… sees a mysterious guy creeping around in a huge library overseen by a snotty librarian? Like all good turn of the century boarding schools, it's creepy and overbearing and populated by a lot of strange and awkward people. Much of the early comic is about Clare settling in, but there is clearly something more going on here… if a piecemeal dolly and something called The Book of Ghosts (and creepy library guy) are any indication.

Featured Feb. 1, 2010
Teen, 67 pages

What is it about airships that everyone likes? Aside from being the only really classy form of air travel? Oh right, it's because airship gunfights are pretty cool, especially when things are blowing up, there is gunfire, and the only escape is a long drop. Enter Troy, airship repair-guy, whose ambitions of flight are embodied in his hairdo and debonair bib-scarf. Well, he will get his chance at brave deeds- but I wonder how much he'll enjoy it?

Featured Jan. 28, 2010
Everyone, 611 pages

Hakkum Town is a funny little place with a host of contributing characters. Mayor Annie's heart is in the right place and she does the best she can for Hakkum, her daughter Caroline observes and comments on the various goings-on, homeless rabbit Fenris gets into scrape and detective duck Bill Nior investigates!

Hakkum town is a full colour newspaper style humour strip with a touch of social commentary. Art and writing by npsmeby. Rated E

Featured Jan. 21, 2010
Everyone, 96 pages

Nu and Me (pronounced “Meh”), are marshmallow bunnies. The raison d'etre is the consumption of delicious sugary foodstuffs, which they mist have at ALL costs! They can be cute and adorable, or savage and sly in pursuit of their ultimate goal: eating all the yummy stuff. And sometimes carrots.
Written and illustrated by Katch, Nu and Me is a one panel comic featuring pretty, cute, full colour art, and cute gentle humour. Rated E

Featured Jan. 18, 2010
Mature, 52 pages

If you're one of those people who finds carnivals to be kind of scary, then you might not like this horror-comedy comic. (Or maybe it could be therapeutic?) It's about a “breather” carnival, operated by a bunch of cynical undead. It's also pretty gory, as every staff member seems to be falling apart- though that might have something to do with the staff induction ceremony chopping the new employee apart even more. But what happens to this undead carnival when it's attacked by even more undead…? Fun, dark, and gory- best read while listening to heavy metal.

Featured Jan. 14, 2010
Teen, 118 pages

In an old kingdom, ruled over by an ageing and delusional dictator king, a knight, Juno is wrongly accused of witchcraft by the mad monarch she works to protect and driven into exile.
Between worlds is illustrated in a brilliant, evocative painterly style art by writer and creator Tenshianna.. Rated M

Featured Jan. 11, 2010
Teen, 62 pages

Two races long at war are trying to establish peace. Former tyrant Mosemaaten is proposing a disarmament to the Thelosians, but General Pentalos smells a rat (despite his race's lack of noses). It IS kind of hard to trust a guy who lives on a barren landscape, has glowing eyes and metal claws, and sits on a stone throne backlit by a giant fire. Enter Olos - an average kind of guy, he works in the sewers- which turns out to be pretty good luck one terrible dawn…

Featured Jan. 7, 2010
Teen, 0 pages

Faye True Eolande was enjoying a nice trip to the market, looking at al the wonderful things on offer when she happened to meet a character from her past, who brought along all sorts of trouble with him. Whisked away in moments to certain danger, she can't even cry out because she's been mute from birth. This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more!

Amya is a fantasy manga style comic (with a beautiful comic site template), written by Savannah Houston-McIntyre and Andrew Hewitt with art by Rebecca Gunter. You can see the comic's main site here:

Rated T+

Featured Jan. 4, 2010
Everyone, 246 pages

Bombshell Fights For America might be a science fiction story. The premise is there- alternate worlds- but it also feels a little fantasy, a little political, a little drama. You might not be sure what to think of a comic which stars Marilyn Monroe (who has to save the world) and Richard Nixon (who she has to save it from), either. Bombshell features effective use of altered photos and limited palette, an interesting story revealed through a type of narrative, and a particular melancholy (almost elegant) quality from so many images of Monroe.

Featured Dec. 31, 2009
Mature, 74 pages

Elspeth is a serious gal. She's a businessorc dealing in weapons, travelling between towns on her lonesome. Life is tough - medieval racism, persistent elves creeping on her, no sympathy for her pet cause even from the people she's trying to help. We get the idea she grew up a bit outside the norm and we're not yet sure just how different she is because of it. She seems pretty comfortable telling people to piss off though. A fantasy story with some unique twists, lovely skilled art, full of great, likable characters and understated humor. Worth catching early!

Featured Dec. 28, 2009
Everyone, 40 pages

A young boy named Jamal has had some bad experiences. Much of the story so far is framed around Jamal's session with a counsellor, and although the counsellor doesn't learn much, we do. Which just brings us more questions, of course. Stylish black and white art, a dash of symbolism, and increasingly dreamlike elements… You won't be sure whether what happens to Jamal is real or if it's filtered through his kid reality- but that doesn't really matter, does it?

Featured Dec. 21, 2009
Teen, 97 pages

A little blue bloop finds himself floating in a tin can, floating in an ocean. He's a cute little fella, and as his world grows the comic grows in scope and detail. There's something really enjoyable about wordless comics. You get to read the pages in a different way and pay more attention to the art than you perhaps would have, otherwise. Soup does have a story, one you will quickly grow attached to all the more because you have to guess a bit for yourself. It isn't bold or grandiose (not yet anyway), but there are a number of unexpected developments. You'll also get surprisingly attached to the little blue guy!


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