Featured June 10, 2010
Everyone, 90 pages

Ryse, a young cleric, has her boring world suddenly enlivened by the arrival of Selyne, a quixotic, well dressed Vampire, who immediately drags her off on a quest of her own… where they happen to meet the dark and fiery (literally) Ashveira. The adventure is just beginning.

A full colour fantasy comic, Fate Running Wild is a collaborative effort created by the joint efforts of four lovely and talented women: Ashveira, Ryse, Selyne and Mara!. Rated E

Featured June 7, 2010
Mature, 262 pages

Dominique Valentine is a private detective. She has the tobacco haze to prove it. Domonique's monologue narrates much of the story so far, and she has a modern noir sort of style. The world she lives in is one which has been changed by science- enhancements are readily available to those who wish to make themselves more physically perfect or capable. Everything is just a bit easier. Valentine is organic- unenhanced. And her current job is to find a girl who ran away from home, out into the crumbling world. Part mystery, part social commentary, cool art style and interesting story!

Featured June 3, 2010
Everyone, 110 pages

BLANK LIFE insert player rokulily is full of gentle observation humour from the life of the author. That's not bad, but the art is something special! Check out Rokulily's cool, funky cartoony style. In colour and hand lettered. This one would go well in a magazine or newspaper.
Read BLANK LIFE insert player rokulily, it's biopic humour comic with funky art by Rokulily, Rated E!

Featured May 31, 2010
Mature, 156 pages

The complex is under attack! A large number of aircraft are incoming, explosions are happening, and when Eli's mech-pilot friend is injured he decides the right thing to do is take her place in the fight. Of course, he's inexperienced, so we'll just wait and see how well THAT works out. An entry in the classic manga ‘genre’ of “youngsters in mechas fighting an international war,” skillfully drawn with a developing sense of the cinematic. It's early in the story, so a good time to jump in!

Featured May 20, 2010
Everyone, 269 pages

A Word Of Wisdom updates every day with a new pithy saying, like an office calender but better! Well the artwork is a lot funkier and it'll never tell you that “you don't have to be crazy to work her, but it helps”.
Watch this one regularly and you'll be rewarded well. Word Of Wisdom is a full colour humour comic with absolutely no story, just funny and slightly skewed takes on old cliche sayings!
By Layton, rated E. Read Word Of Wisdom.

Featured May 13, 2010
Teen, 114 pages

Carnivore Carnival is a collection of short comics by the very prolific Aurora Borealis. The style improves markedly as the work progresses. The latest story is the best looking- “The Herb”, it's a SciFi tale in full colour, about an academic, professor Artemis. He's a specialist translater and he has a very tricky problem to solve…
Read Carnivore Carnival, Rated T+

Featured May 10, 2010
Everyone, 224 pages

On a lovely day, in a seemingly archetypical medieval town, a young lad finds himself under arrest and in Trouble all for singing a little song. Turns out music is banned in the kingdom, which makes for a listless populace and a troubled princess. What happens when a fundamental aspect of human culture is simply not allowed? I'm not sure how they managed it in the first place, but it doesn't seem to be lasting much longer…. an intriguing story with fun characters, all done in theorah's rather sweet watercolor art style.

Featured May 6, 2010
Teen, 530 pages

Xara is half elf, half dradon and ALL princess! Heir to a ruined kingdom, poor Xara has a lot to overcome, including dragons, elves, vampires, furries and even magic!
Dragonaur is a lovely funny humour comic, written and illustrated by Dragonaur, with big, bod, full colour artwork! Read Dragonaur, rated T+

Featured May 3, 2010
Teen, 69 pages

Meet Ray Gun, Space-Adventurist. Sure, he looks kind of grimy, going around all drunk and unshaved in his underclothes. But! He built his robot compadre when he was a child genius, although he does not seem so smart now, and he is a space-adventurist, so he must be good for something, right? A fun retro-future sci-fi thing with a ‘how does this guy even manage?’ kind of humor, packed with true amazing space facts like “There is nothing as big as space.” Colorful art with some really lovely spreads and cute robots too!

Featured April 29, 2010
Everyone, 60 pages

Paper cuts are caused by tiny ninjas. A pink crusader patrols the night, protecting the innocent with shining hooves. A clockwork boot reigns doom down upon innocent mushrooms. Somewhere in there there is a grain of reality, but good luck finding it!
That's how it's author describes it, FAR better than I could, although if I were to use 2 words I'd say “Surreal Comedy”. Real Life Fiction is a pretty, professional looking, full colour single page episode humour comic by ImaginaryGirl. Rated E.

Featured April 26, 2010
Teen, 78 pages

From what I can gather, this comic is actually a series of rounds in a contest-tournament originating on DeviantArt. However, there is a special something about these- although there's not meant to be a story here, things do follow along, and makes it unnecessary to explain all the hows and whys of what and where they are. It's just some good old art-fighting with unique characters - the central character of which is DoodlesanDaydreams's ghost-zombie Joey, who can really take a beating and still manage to be rather cute and endearing despite all the gross mess. (Although the vectors, demon chainsaw guys, robots, and flesh-eating blonde kid aren't bad either.) Great art too!

Featured April 22, 2010
Teen, 239 pages

On the planet of Novaus there is a little country called New America. Humans live on this planet along with the Rubre; red skinned, black eyed aliens. On a small island a strange group called the Fundamentalist Free Thought Movement has kidnapped a bunch of different religious people in order to further its goals. Meanwhile, on the mainland a woman is writing what she thinks is a novel, but the action strangely mirrors events off the coast…

The About" page will tell you more:

This is a bit of tricky one to get a handle on… Religious, political, romantic, and definitely well written, which is why it's getting a feature, but also why it took so long. Full coloured, well painted art and clever writing by GracehFaceh. Rated t+

Featured April 15, 2010
Teen, 487 pages

Skull Girl is a newly graduated wannabe supervillian. She has a fancy sexy costume and a degree, but soon finds she needs more than that to get by in the world! Follow the hilarious adventures of this sexy young villainess as she goes from success to success.
Super Temps is a lovely full colour comedy superhero/villain comic with glorious art and funny stories by Smkinoshita. Rated T+

Featured April 12, 2010
Teen, 357 pages

From the same creator as Vi is Manor, we have Led by a Mad Man. The premise is simple: There was a war and everyone is gone. The main character (you can call him King) doesn't seem too concerned, and decides to go about setting up his own country with the help of a small boy he finds along the way. This comic is fairly decompressed, but has an interesting style and neat use of color. A slower-paced story centred around small steps in the wasteland…

Featured April 8, 2010
Mature, 56 pages

A young warrior hears a plea for help and rescues Sophi, a delicate Fae girl from her birdcage prison.
Digitally painted in monochrome, the art has a very lush, rich look due to writer/illustrator kafine's masterful use of tone and contrast. Tara is a fantasy story comic with lovely art, it's just beginning too so add this one to your faves right away and have fun following it as it develops!

Featured April 5, 2010
Teen, 89 pages

The Midnight Tea Party is a creepy little get-together where elegantly dressed girls pour you tea, offer you cookies and cake, and tell you… GHOST STORIES. Actually the ghost stories are pretty neat. All of the art is great, and there is a nice mix of styles going on thanks to some collaborative artists. The whole comic is very engaging (if you like ghost stories)- you're going to be hooked, I promise.

However, I strongly suggest you start at the beginning, just to ensure you don't stumble into the middle of a story!

Featured April 1, 2010
Teen, 87 pages

Vix knows she is an unhuman, but she is lucky; she's merely an empath, so she is able to hide it. But when something goes wrong and people end up dead, she begins to realize that there's more to her than she can comprehend… In a world where creatures of myth and lore are now known to exist – amidst the racism, what would you do if you knew you were one of them? one of the dangerous ones?
Done in full colour, manga style, occult/drama/action/romance/comedy, writen and illustrated by Hchano.

Featured March 29, 2010
Mature, 298 pages

“The Portland Express follows the path of a former US Marine and corrupt cop during the middle of the Great Depression as he joins a group of pirates finding himself thrust in the middle of a fight against the Imperial Japanese Navy.” If that's not an intriguing description, I don't know what is. If that's not enough, I'll fill you in on the first few pages: A drunk ex-cop at a bar is dropped through a trapdoor and confined barefoot to a wooden cell surrounded by broken glass, and manages to find only a handful of rusty nails to help fight his way to freedom. Only his captor turns out to be a lovely lady pirate and he's not sure what to do, until he mouths off and she knocks him out cold. Kinda makes you wish slave piracy really was a problem in the 1930s, right? (It… it wasn't, was it?)

Featured March 25, 2010
Everyone, 52 pages

William Stancie is the Wolf Warrior, who was born to destroy the 6th Solar Age, 4 plagues were sent to the earth, now 9 people called, anima warriors, are to protect mankind.
MAYA The Temple of Warriors opens with a titanic battle and a desperate struggle to save the town and its people from the massive dangerous Beast of Ocelotl. It's exciting and desperate!
Drawn in a traditional old school manga style, MAYA The Temple of Warriors is a black and white fantasy comic writen and illustrated by Pato. Rated E

Featured March 15, 2010
Mature, 60 pages

From the creator who gave us DIS (a cute, cuddly story about a pantheon of lovable and friendly greek gods) comes Makeshift Man. The Makeshift Man is a completely industrious and absolutely non-skeezy fellow who earns his money in totally normal ways, NOT doing odd jobs for the supernatural, for example, he would never agree to retrieve the kidnapped child of a way-finder. Also he does not have a set of giant, scary teeth. AT ALL. NO WAY.

This entire description was a lie.

Featured March 11, 2010
Everyone, 227 pages

Air Raid Robertson and his long suffering co-pilot Ridley are devil-may-care flying aces, taking to the skies to heroically battle the enemy and make sure evil never wins! When they're not zooming around in aeroplanes, they're having great dangerous adventures of daring.
It's Biggles meets spaceman spiff! It's funny, funky and freaky with a very distinctive art style! Air Raid Robertson is a full colour humour comic updated every Thursday. Rated E

Featured March 8, 2010
Teen, 88 pages

In 3033 AD, the newly formed Empire issued the first Mage Law. All mages, no matter what tribe, were to be exterminated. Half-mages got only a temporary reprieve. Blue, one of the few remaining half-mages (who are all fugitives), has been driven out of her last refuge by the Empire. And now she is going to do something about it. Although this comic is in early days, they're setting up for what looks to be a massive story. An actiony comic in an unexpectedly modern setting, rated T!

Featured March 4, 2010
Teen, 122 pages

Vi is Manor is a comic with a hell of a LOT of characters! Most of them live in the same house together; Vi's Manor. Vi is in charge, of the house, the story, everything! Vi's Manor began as an interactive comic, where readers could interact with the characters by typing in questions and things in the comments which would affect what happened in the next page to come up. I don't know if that still happens, but it's still quite an interesting idea and certainly worth checking out! The stories and character actions ARE influenced by current events. Anyway, the art and writing is all done by By ErrePi, and the text is ALL hand lettered (and there's a lot of it), so give it a little bit of patience. Rated T+, Vis Manor is a dialogue rich humour comic in a well drawn simplified Manga style.

Featured March 1, 2010
Everyone, 39 pages

William Gilquist is the new Baron of Krohagen. He's spent his life up to that point training as an apprentice in magic, so the news comes as a surprise. At first impression he's just a naive youth, but he's a little more capable than you'd expect. ‘Try to kill the new Baron’ has apparently become a cool thing to do, because the guy can hardly get a break. There's action, but there's also the promise of deeper themes like equality and slavery. The art is cartoonish but crisp and detailed. An all-ages comic, there is still plenty of danger and deception going on to interest older readers.

Featured Feb. 25, 2010
Everyone, 501 pages

By day, Savunn Adams is a contented young Cambodian orphan girl living with her adoptive parents in America… By “night” Fusion is a superhero foiling the plots of arch-villains in her city, with the help of her fellow heroes in classical superhero style! This is every inch a fun classical superhero story, it's also fun and easy to get into. Drawn in a cute, sleek, polished, “animation” style, Fusion is an action superhero comic by Essay Bee, rated E!


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