Featured Jan. 11, 2010
Teen, 62 pages

Two races long at war are trying to establish peace. Former tyrant Mosemaaten is proposing a disarmament to the Thelosians, but General Pentalos smells a rat (despite his race's lack of noses). It IS kind of hard to trust a guy who lives on a barren landscape, has glowing eyes and metal claws, and sits on a stone throne backlit by a giant fire. Enter Olos - an average kind of guy, he works in the sewers- which turns out to be pretty good luck one terrible dawn…

Featured Jan. 7, 2010
Teen, 0 pages

Faye True Eolande was enjoying a nice trip to the market, looking at al the wonderful things on offer when she happened to meet a character from her past, who brought along all sorts of trouble with him. Whisked away in moments to certain danger, she can't even cry out because she's been mute from birth. This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more!

Amya is a fantasy manga style comic (with a beautiful comic site template), written by Savannah Houston-McIntyre and Andrew Hewitt with art by Rebecca Gunter. You can see the comic's main site here:

Rated T+

Featured Jan. 4, 2010
Everyone, 246 pages

Bombshell Fights For America might be a science fiction story. The premise is there- alternate worlds- but it also feels a little fantasy, a little political, a little drama. You might not be sure what to think of a comic which stars Marilyn Monroe (who has to save the world) and Richard Nixon (who she has to save it from), either. Bombshell features effective use of altered photos and limited palette, an interesting story revealed through a type of narrative, and a particular melancholy (almost elegant) quality from so many images of Monroe.

Featured Dec. 31, 2009
Mature, 74 pages

Elspeth is a serious gal. She's a businessorc dealing in weapons, travelling between towns on her lonesome. Life is tough - medieval racism, persistent elves creeping on her, no sympathy for her pet cause even from the people she's trying to help. We get the idea she grew up a bit outside the norm and we're not yet sure just how different she is because of it. She seems pretty comfortable telling people to piss off though. A fantasy story with some unique twists, lovely skilled art, full of great, likable characters and understated humor. Worth catching early!

Featured Dec. 28, 2009
Everyone, 40 pages

A young boy named Jamal has had some bad experiences. Much of the story so far is framed around Jamal's session with a counsellor, and although the counsellor doesn't learn much, we do. Which just brings us more questions, of course. Stylish black and white art, a dash of symbolism, and increasingly dreamlike elements… You won't be sure whether what happens to Jamal is real or if it's filtered through his kid reality- but that doesn't really matter, does it?

Featured Dec. 21, 2009
Teen, 97 pages

A little blue bloop finds himself floating in a tin can, floating in an ocean. He's a cute little fella, and as his world grows the comic grows in scope and detail. There's something really enjoyable about wordless comics. You get to read the pages in a different way and pay more attention to the art than you perhaps would have, otherwise. Soup does have a story, one you will quickly grow attached to all the more because you have to guess a bit for yourself. It isn't bold or grandiose (not yet anyway), but there are a number of unexpected developments. You'll also get surprisingly attached to the little blue guy!

Featured Dec. 17, 2009
Teen, 99 pages

Rekki Lun is a “knight”, she helps keep the peace in this swinging psychedelic Brit-pop town, and she makes a pretty bloody impressive sight in her striking red fashionable double breasted flared pants-suit and mini bomber jacket combo. Plus, the gigantic sword she carries sure is intimidating… You'll enjoy the humour, the fast paced action, the funky retro ray-guns, the bright colours and groovy artwork.

Darth Mongoose is the writer and artist behind Fan Dan Go. It's actually a reboot for her original “FanDanGo”, which you can see here: http://www.drunkduck.com/FanDanGo, but this version is even better, (as you'd expect). Get in and read Fan Dan Go! Rated T+

Featured Dec. 14, 2009
Teen, 561 pages

One of the best things about a comic with a huge archive is that you get to watch (at faster speed) the progression of the artist and the way that their stories and goals change. Bad Guy High started life as a gag-based parody comic around a rather loose story, and premise of a high school where supervillains are educated. Although the art is admittedly rough at the beginning, the humor is there from day one. As the pages go on, the stories solidify and dramatize (though the comedy is still there), and the art improves visibly to the polished form it's in today. Good fun for you superhero comic fans!

Featured Dec. 10, 2009
Teen, 409 pages

It's 1889, barely a year after the mysterious Jack the Ripper's murderous rampage and equally mysterious disappearance the city of Mansfordshire, England is shaken by a series of brutal “mangling” murders that plunge the city into an abyss of fear.

The Continentals is a gorgeously funky Victorian crime thriller with a touch of TV's The Avengers or Department S. Brought to us by the same team as G.A.A.K., Darryl Hughes's writing is slyly humorous and artist Monique MacNaughton has produced some breathtakingly detailed black and white art.

Get in early for this treat and start reading The Continentals! Rated T+
It even begins with a lengthy prologue showcasing the making of the comic so far.

Featured Dec. 7, 2009
Teen, 26 pages

Deadman's Curse is a creepy little tale about the creatures which guide a soul's passage to the next stage of being. Jix- playful and unrepentant as a fox should be- and Hebe, a dapper ghoul new to the job. Although in its early pages, this comic stands out. The story is interesting, and I think you'll agree that the rendering work in this one is something special. A huge amout of attention has been paid to environment and lighting (along with everything else) and that goes a hell of a long way to immersing you in its dark, ornate world.

Featured Dec. 3, 2009
Mature, 393 pages

Supermutants with fantastic abilities fight to survive in a very hard city. Aleksandur tries to find his place amongst them. Death is never far away. The writing in True North is gritty, earthy and dark, this isn't a nice world to live in, but it's a very compelling story.

The creator is aleksandur- a different one from the character :)
True North is a great Black and white (mostly) story comic, Rated M. Check it out!

See the home site at www.truenorththecomic.com

Featured Nov. 30, 2009
Everyone, 81 pages

The secret lives of planets are fascinating. Mars is cool, Venus is hot, Earth is the emo guy who sits between them. Who knew that our nine planets had so much going on? Well, eight now, but we don't talk about Pluto much… Although the thought of the moons and planets breaking orbit to go wandering around on adventures is a little scary, lighten up! It's a humor comic. And something about the moons makes me want to start a collection. This charming little strip will… some kind of joke about pulling you in with gravity?!

Featured Nov. 26, 2009
Teen, 356 pages

Lizzie is a keen student and a girl with a mysterious past, but everything is fine until one day… The temple is attacked. Lizzie and her freind Zack rush to stop the killer, but he easily overpowers them. It seems that all is lost until a strange mercenary shows up and saves the day. After these events things are changed for Lizzie, buried memories awake and her adoptive mother tells her how she was found as a young child. And so begins Lizzie's odyssey to unravel the secrets of her origins.
Light Within Shadow is a fantasy adventure story with an anime influenced art style by Girldirtbiker.
Read Light Within Shadow, rated T+

Featured Nov. 19, 2009
Everyone, 86 pages

Anyone but Virginia is the story of a woman who copes with the ghosts of her past, the travails of the present, and the uncertainty of her future, balancing between her personal life and that of a superhero: Volcano Girl! This is a fascinating story by Josh Eiserike with really interesting semi-realistic art black and white art by Zac Crockett. This is one to follow! Rated E

Featured Nov. 12, 2009
Teen, 62 pages

Dottiar is a little fellow, a gnome actually. In his old age he decides to recount the stories of his swashbuckling hey-day, with a group of like-minded adventurers in search of the amulet of Ba'ra! This is an exciting, well told story comic. Matt Summers does a fine job with the writing and Michelle Mayo's art is phenomenal!
Normally we feature comic that updates regularly at least once week, but this one has a longer schedule. Tales of the Travelling Gnome is updated with good regularity on the last Sunday of every month. Rated T+

Fuse by Corny
Featured Nov. 5, 2009
Teen, 143 pages

The world is old and run down. Everything has gone to crap. People are crap. Their lives are crappy. Nothing is left. All of them are in the gutter… But some are looking at the stars.
Actually most are, but some ARE stars, They stand out and lead the populace. The Starkeeper makes sure they don't get out of line.
This is an interesting story comic by Corny, rated T+.

Featured Nov. 2, 2009
Teen, 31 pages

Although Zara is the titular character, the mercenary Killerkind (a good fighter with some character flaws) is the one who steals the show here. Not to mention likable art (reminiscent of older Euro-comics, maybe?) and a straightforward writing style. The comic is set up as a fantasy but ends up being a quirky series of mini-adventures with a twist of farce and dark humor.

Featured Oct. 29, 2009
Everyone, 42 pages

Abby Sanders, Lawyer to the Supernatural. That's what she is; No problem too small, too strange, too freaky, too spooky! If you're a spook and you're in trouble, no matter the charges, Abby will get you off. No Win, no fee! Or is that only for compensation claims…? I forget. It doesn't matter, Abby is the best lawyer in town, all the ghouls and assorted fire demons agree.
This stylish black and white comic strip is written and illustrated by our very own and much loved Skoolmunkee. Read Abby Sanders Lawyer to the Supernatural, Rated E!

Featured Oct. 26, 2009
Everyone, 97 pages

Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer- Old-young scamps with some complex technology and one bad haircut. On Devil's night, the boys are scrambling around a strange landscape of multi-era ruins, mischieviously enganging in a sort of large-scale reverse vandalism. This one is fantastically unique, confident, and hard to describe at the same time. Engaging art with some impressive ruin-scapes and a story that hooks you with its puzzles. The Assemblers only recently started updating again, so it's getting featured before any more chances are lost!

Featured Oct. 22, 2009
Teen, 2877 pages

A wanted assassin, on the run. He failed to eliminate his target and now his target wants HIM dead… The Milky Way galaxy is a big place, but it's still pretty hard to hide when someone's after you. This as an exciting, addictive one panel black and white Sci-Fi drama by smbhax, also known as Ben Chamberlain. His main site with his animations for the comic is here: http://smbhax.com Supermassive Black Hole A Star is rated E and it updates every day from Monday to Friday, often multiple times a day!

Featured Oct. 19, 2009
Everyone, 70 pages

Light Apprentice Nate is for those who like their fantasy fast and funny. Nate is an energetic blue-haired kid who is determined to have adventures, even if that means angering an artistically talented orc and having fights in the town square. Lots of action and lovely colors, many little jokes, and mostly just fun to read!

Featured Oct. 15, 2009
Everyone, 147 pages

Ted is a superhero and Brian is his trusty sidekick. Yes, Ted, really, really, really IS a superhero! Well at least He thinks he is… And Brian, bis best friend, helps him out. Ted The Terrible Superhero is a classic newspaper style funny comic strip, except better because it's actually genuinely comic! Written and illustrated by Barton Cooper, Ted The Terrible Superhero features full colour art and truly funny writing, rated E!

Featured Oct. 12, 2009
Everyone, 106 pages

Rien is a lonely young fellow, talented in swords and magic but lacking in the achievement and ambition departments. Instead of building a real life (which may be deliberate), he's befriended the village children and teaches them about what's outside their little sphere… not that he's experienced it himself. Things are about to change for him though- he's only marginally accepted by the village, and all it takes is for something to go a little wrong. A traditional fantasy setting, but focused on an individual nobody's story rather than a big political/war epic.

Featured Oct. 8, 2009
Mature, 83 pages

Three friends since childhood, sharing the same living space… Three different guys and the silly things they get up to. Juvies is a good strong humour comic about 3 childhood friends- Scott the level headed leader, T.J the ladies man, and Roger the slacker. It's not deep, it's not complicated, it's just good funny stuff with good quality, solid colourful artwork!
Written and drawn by Jarred Cramer, AKA Juvenile_Jay

Featured Oct. 5, 2009
Mature, 220 pages

Our protagonists are Jason, a rather hapless chap with a dark side (or is that dork side? he's a MMORPG player too), and his cooler bandmates Steph and Jessica. Somehow they have stumbled into a mess of licking demons and biped moose (mooses?). Their only rescue? Marylin, a short-skirted exorcist with a violent temper and a lack of inclination to save people. Violent battles, demonic transformations, a fun sense of humor… and just enough fanservice to keep things *really* interesting!


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