Featured Oct. 22, 2009
Teen, 2916 pages

A wanted assassin, on the run. He failed to eliminate his target and now his target wants HIM dead… The Milky Way galaxy is a big place, but it's still pretty hard to hide when someone's after you. This as an exciting, addictive one panel black and white Sci-Fi drama by smbhax, also known as Ben Chamberlain. His main site with his animations for the comic is here: http://smbhax.com Supermassive Black Hole A Star is rated E and it updates every day from Monday to Friday, often multiple times a day!

Featured Oct. 19, 2009
Everyone, 70 pages

Light Apprentice Nate is for those who like their fantasy fast and funny. Nate is an energetic blue-haired kid who is determined to have adventures, even if that means angering an artistically talented orc and having fights in the town square. Lots of action and lovely colors, many little jokes, and mostly just fun to read!

Featured Oct. 15, 2009
Everyone, 147 pages

Ted is a superhero and Brian is his trusty sidekick. Yes, Ted, really, really, really IS a superhero! Well at least He thinks he is… And Brian, bis best friend, helps him out. Ted The Terrible Superhero is a classic newspaper style funny comic strip, except better because it's actually genuinely comic! Written and illustrated by Barton Cooper, Ted The Terrible Superhero features full colour art and truly funny writing, rated E!

Featured Oct. 12, 2009
Everyone, 106 pages

Rien is a lonely young fellow, talented in swords and magic but lacking in the achievement and ambition departments. Instead of building a real life (which may be deliberate), he's befriended the village children and teaches them about what's outside their little sphere… not that he's experienced it himself. Things are about to change for him though- he's only marginally accepted by the village, and all it takes is for something to go a little wrong. A traditional fantasy setting, but focused on an individual nobody's story rather than a big political/war epic.

Featured Oct. 8, 2009
Mature, 83 pages

Three friends since childhood, sharing the same living space… Three different guys and the silly things they get up to. Juvies is a good strong humour comic about 3 childhood friends- Scott the level headed leader, T.J the ladies man, and Roger the slacker. It's not deep, it's not complicated, it's just good funny stuff with good quality, solid colourful artwork!
Written and drawn by Jarred Cramer, AKA Juvenile_Jay

Featured Oct. 5, 2009
Mature, 220 pages

Our protagonists are Jason, a rather hapless chap with a dark side (or is that dork side? he's a MMORPG player too), and his cooler bandmates Steph and Jessica. Somehow they have stumbled into a mess of licking demons and biped moose (mooses?). Their only rescue? Marylin, a short-skirted exorcist with a violent temper and a lack of inclination to save people. Violent battles, demonic transformations, a fun sense of humor… and just enough fanservice to keep things *really* interesting!

Featured Oct. 1, 2009
Mature, 165 pages

Louder Than Bombs is a black and white humour comic, featuring a cool dude with a goatee and all the dumb, silly, stupid, fantastic and funky things he does and thinks about the world.
It's funny. It's addictive. Once you start reading though this one, it'll be hard to stop!

With art by Chops McFadyn and writing by is Jay Fantástico. Rated M. Read Louder Than Bombs!

Featured Sept. 28, 2009
Mature, 113 pages

A pair of wily thieves hide out in a middle land, waiting to relieve a gigantic spider monster from the sacs of psychadelic drug it produces. The job is not without danger (the object of their intentions is highly coveted), but the urchins seem up to the task. There are a number of traditional fantasy-story elements here, but they seem to be mixed around and not quite what you'd expect. There's not too many pages thus far and it's not very clear just what's going on yet, but whatever it is, it looks amazing (and maybe just a little disturbing).

Featured Sept. 24, 2009
Everyone, 95 pages

All of a sudden a man finds a daughter in his life, like Athena and Minerva she springs fully formed from his mind… That complicates things for him, but not as much as having a daughter the normal way would've done. This is a very strange comic and the daughter is a very strange little girl. With magical powers. The city is devoid of people, reality isn't functioning in the normal way and something bad is after them both.
Featuring delightfully bright colour pencil colouring by Karchesky! Read Imaginary Daughter!

Featured Sept. 21, 2009
Mature, 93 pages

If you like stories where the supernatural encroaches upon what we know as the normal world, and science fiction sneaks in and jumps out of corners, then Supernaturals Presents is for you. Bestial men, ruthless business, unlikeable villains (one with a monocole!), buxom villainesses, and a whole lot of nefarious schemes which (I believe) will all wrap up into one plot… things just get more astonishing (and delightful) as you go along. Really amazingly fantastic black and white art (we could all learn a thing or five), and the whole comic has a kind of pulpy noir feel although it's set in the 19th century, kind of like if 1940s detective comics writers decided to go steampunk. Don't miss it!

Featured Sept. 14, 2009
Teen, 1 page

Let's welcome the first sprite comic to make a Feature, shall we? It's a nice one too, very charming with a lot of lighthearted humor. The sprites are nice and big, and the art can't get much more crisp and colorful than it already is. However, it's the entertaining mix of characters (often of inexplicable provenance) that really makes Moose Shoe shine. (Get it, shoe? shine?)

Featured Sept. 10, 2009
Everyone, 156 pages

The Horribles… It's Rohld Dahl, the Adams Family, the Munsters, Where the Wild Things Are and so much more, all rolled into one horrible, marvellous, strange, terrible, delightful bundle and tied up with evil string!
Carolyn the creator is a fantastically talented artist and writer, you're bound to enjoy these highly entertaining and extremely diverting short stories about the ghastly gross doings of her many characters. They're funny, they're cute, they're definitely for all ages, they're just plain GOOD!

Featured Sept. 7, 2009
Everyone, 147 pages

Incredibly cute, and funny too. Although a stickman ‘doodle’ comic, the art has expression and flair. The simple, straightforward, sometimes absurd jokes hit home nearly every time and fit perfectly with the loose and simple, though skillful, drawings. Don't pass this one up just because you think you won't like a stick figure comic!

Featured Sept. 3, 2009
Everyone, 92 pages

Wally and Ost spend most of their lives in cubicles. In an office. On another planet.
Their co-workers are freaky aliens and their boss is eyeball -also an A-hole, so he's got both ends of the body covered without any of the messy bits in the middle. Their lives are routine and routinely hell… so pretty much like every office everywhere.
The art is smooth, stylish and extremely professional! Enjoy the fine work of Walter Ostlie (yes, the two main characters are named after him).

Featured Aug. 31, 2009
Teen, 302 pages

Princess Lavender has been banished since birth to a castle where males are forbidden. Her sheltered upbringing has left her more than a little childish. She has decided to take a special interest in her tall, raven-haired, extremely serious maid Felicia. However, Felicia does not really appreciate her ridiculous new outfit, the opportunity to beg for chocolate, or any of the extra attention… both because she is a proud person and because she has some dangerous secrets to hide. Enemies you have to be friendly to is so fun. And then things get really interesting!

Featured Aug. 24, 2009
Mature, 163 pages

It's probably a good thing that humanity hasn't found any other sentient life in the universe, if many sci-fi comics are anything to go by. There's always an intergalactic war going on, and the humans are usually the jerks. For example, let's take Terra: Earth is determined to win, no matter how many settlements, innocents, and resistance members it hurts along the way. The people (and aliens) trapped in this war each have stories, damaged pasts, and live in a certain amount of danger. Despite their attempts to live a relatively normal existence, they are not safe, and they have much work to do.

Featured Aug. 20, 2009
Teen, 58 pages

Torn between watching late night women's volleyball on the telly and saving the city from the ravages of crime, Slackman dons his cape yet again so that we humble citizens can sleep safe in our beds! That's how the story begins… but it's a fantasy, the true story of Slackman is MUCH more interesting, -A depressed office worker, he's saved from a suicidal plunge by a well placed pizza van. After this life altering experience, his life begins to… alter. The story of Slackman is born. It's funny, dramatic, action filled, and well paced, with a great plot! Read it, you'll be craving pizza in no time.
New Zealander Ryan Scott is the comic master behind this black and white Marmite fuelled masterpiece. Imagine what it'd be like on Vegemite? Imagine!

Featured Aug. 17, 2009
Teen, 1 page

If you think Daniel Larson's Stick Man is going to be a serious, action-packed superhero comic, then maybe you missed the part where StickMan has a grotesque yellow head and a deadpan wit. Also, ever since he was sent 10 years into the future, he's lost his powers and can't remember anything. So, instead of being cool and saving the city, he follows around the real heroes and tries not to cause too much trouble. Things change, of course, and it turns out the heroes have plenty of trouble on their hands anyway… and Stick Man may be the only one who can save them all.

Featured Aug. 13, 2009
Mature, 119 pages

Noire. That's a good word for The Rose killer. It's a black and white tonal comic about the grey areas of life and death in a big grey metropolis. Murder is the theme and a certain detective has to unravel them. The rose is the clue. Set in 1920's New York, this is a story of murder most foul during the era of prohibition, when the mob and the police were rival armies and the streets were their battleground.
Nicotine evokes the period nicely with her attention to detail on the period costumes and hairstyles. Her art is bold and heavy, like the atmosphere in the story. Read The Rose Killer, rated M.

Featured Aug. 10, 2009
Everyone, 39 pages

Jimmy Solar is an alien-dog-lookin' guy, space guy on a mission, guy with a faithful friend that says ‘squeep’, thorn in the bad-guy's-side kind of guy, maybe a little bit inept but knows how to make a spaceship go around and shoot lasers. That's really all that's needed for fun and adventure in space, right? Skillfully done, this comic seems like it was probably almost as much fun to draw as it is to look at. Creator ctupa is a dab hand at comics and each page is lively with expression and detail. This all-ages comic is a great read!

Featured Aug. 3, 2009
Everyone, 27 pages

This little comic does a very simple thing: it tells the story of a dollar's life. Where has that dollar been? Who has used it? For what? Aside from looking perfectly lovely, it cleverly uses storytelling elements to move the dollar's story forward one ‘snapshot’ at a time. Although just about the most passive character imaginable, the dollar is the focal point of the story growing around it- of places and people and events. It seems the comic itself is nearly over (should have featured it sooner!) but perhaps that means it's the perfect time to check it out so you get the whole story?

Featured July 30, 2009
Teen, 352 pages

This is a humour comic strip about the funny side of childhood. Amuse yourself at the bad things that happen to these poor kids. In a lot of ways, these situations are funny because they're often pretty true to life in some ways.
Read Jerk Wadz by fr33z3dry. Rated T+

Featured July 27, 2009
Everyone, 61 pages

“Featured” Comic- the Drunk Duck Awards 2009!

A lot of people didn't realize that these were happening last year, so we're hoping that featuring them will give them some publicity and help bring in lots of nominations!

These are put together and run by you guys from start to finish (mainly by DDer amanda!), and is a great way to showcase some of the talent on DD and give kudos to the creators and comics you appreciate. Not to mention, a great way to find new comics to read! It's a lot of planning and work, but very rewarding too!

But it can't happen if people don't VOTE! Which is what this feature is about- getting people to nominate those comics they feel worthy, so the panelists can eventually narrow it down to the one or two most outstanding… You can vote until July 31st, so please do so!

If you're not quite sure what some of the categories mean, this thread should be useful!

Featured July 20, 2009
Mature, 201 pages

Alicka and Winston have to stick together, as the misfit siblings. It's because they're imperfect little brats, according to their control freak mom who hates them. They're really not that bad, just a bit nonconformist- but as punishment, their mother is about to send them to Winterkill Academy for Juvenile Delinquints- where they might just die before they ever make it home again. Don't let the light palette fool you, the story so far is pretty dark. You want a comic that's mysterious AND visually arresting? You got it. You never realized yellow was such a great color for comics.

Featured July 16, 2009
Teen, 54 pages

Izzy is a mushroom. A magic mushroom… but not the kind that makes you hallucinate. If you saw Izzy coming towards you though, you might think that you were.
Izzy is a bad tempered, grumpy, rude, and yet loveable little guy. He was thrown out of the magic forest because of his bad attitude and now has to make his way in the big city!
Rated T+


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