Featured Feb. 6, 2007
Mature, 428 pages

Do they ever move? No, but they come up with some pretty crazy jokes. Who ever knew men in suits could be funny?

Featured Feb. 5, 2007
Everyone, 194 pages

Think “Far Side” meets Star Trek… Or?? Think again. A bunch of random quirky and quite entertaining collection of strips and poetry. Bravo!

Featured Feb. 2, 2007
Teen, 217 pages

Squid kitten, guinea pigs and - ? Put them all together and you have, yes folks, Caggage. What exactly is Caggage? You'll just have to read to find out. Don't be surprised if you find yourself with a few belly laughs. ;)

Featured Feb. 1, 2007
Teen, 210 pages

There are two masters in this epic fantasy world: The Master of Heaven Yehweh gives you love and freedom, and The Master of Earth Mamon gives you power and wealth. A man cannot have two masters so they must choose one to follow. Features beautiful pencil work!

BFF by fern
Featured Jan. 31, 2007
Teen, 100 pages

Cute, sassy, silly, and wacky. Yep, that about describes this comic. Basic but cute art and funny comic strips!

Featured Jan. 29, 2007
Teen, 73 pages

Trouble on Mt. Olympus? Zeus misbehaving amongst the goddesses and dieties? Couldn't be! Oh but it is. This delightfully sweet manga comic begins with Persephone being told by her mother to not wander to far… low and behold she stumbles upon - a man!

Featured Jan. 25, 2007
Mature, 31 pages

A Witch and her blobs… wait, did you say BLOBS? What in the heck? What blobs? These blobs. Check them out.

Featured Jan. 24, 2007
Teen, 82 pages

Inmates of a prison are given their chance at freedom, but first they must get to the top of Purgatory Tower and compete against each other in their race. And there are no rules… Follow the journey and see who wins… Wonderful artwork!

Featured Jan. 23, 2007
Teen, 1751 pages

Where time and space join and cross paths… this interesting dimension has great art and interesting characters with a somewhat eluding plot, but seems like it's going somewhere pretty interesting.

Featured Jan. 22, 2007
Everyone, 99 pages

When the crew of a heavily damaged international space station needs help, who does the president call? The Electric Owl! Loran Skinkis presents a very well written captivating story with crisp, clean artwork and strong characters.

Featured Jan. 19, 2007
Mature, 62 pages

After Sam Garrison and his pregnant wife move into the rough inner-city plagued by violence, Sam and his neighbor Mark decide to bring their own justice to the streets as vigilantes called the Watchdogs. But Sam learns that Mark has a darker agenda…

Featured Jan. 18, 2007
Everyone, 42 pages

The four goddesses of the elements have ruled unmatched for all of time, but at the time of the eclipse all four girls will lose their divine status. Considering they've never had to eat, sleep, or work, this could end badly.

Featured Jan. 17, 2007
Teen, 300 pages

No Need for Bushido is a hilarious comic by Alex Kolesar and Joe Kovell. It revolves around the samurai-wannabe Yorikiro (or “Yori”) and the spoiled princess Ina Seshin in a war torn feudal Japan. Hilarious on the one hand, action packed on the other, NNFB is a comic for anyone who likes swords, samurai, amazing visuals, or hilarity. Highly recommended and improves dramatically in quality.

Featured Jan. 16, 2007
Mature, 228 pages

Junoblairb's Star Cross'd Destiny follows the story of the anti-hero Juno and her friends, each gifted with different elemental powers but are outcasts from society. It features bold atmospheric art with a story that's blooming very nicely! Check it out!

Featured Jan. 12, 2007
Teen, 187 pages

A blind but feared assassin and an elven healer searches for Anubell's Tear, an ancient artifact that possesses legendary powers. Read it for the dazzling art! Read it for the thickening plot! Read it because it's well worth reading!

Featured Jan. 11, 2007
Everyone, 240 pages

What's GAAK? GAAK's what you get when you have a solid storyline team up with awesome artwork. When aliens from outer space are scheming to take over the world, it's up to four 6th graders to save the day! It's clever, it's fun, it's well worth reading!

Featured Jan. 10, 2007
Everyone, 88 pages

Almarina is a half-siren half-human who is on the run from Uriel, a vampire with a mission to assinate her due to her half-breed heritage - but then finds that he falls in love with her! Comic by MagickLorelai.

Featured Jan. 9, 2007
Teen, 722 pages

The Boetheri are a humble hardworking race who serve the Elves, not as slaves but as servants - working in peace for them. But when the humans come and invade the land of the elves and wage war with them, the Boetheri are captured by the humans and made into slaves… Commander Dustan Guran of the humans did not treat them as slaves though. But when he passed away, his ideas were forgotten… what will become of them? Comic by dragonsong12.

Featured Jan. 8, 2007
Everyone, 97 pages

Did you ever read Grimm and Anderson's Faery Tales? This is a comic based on those stories, classic storybook fables! 3 stories so far - The Ungrateful Son, The Death of the Little Hen, and Alleiraugh. Looking forward to seeing more! Comic by YuiPweeLi.

Featured Jan. 5, 2007
Teen, 29 pages

Aliens galore! Short comic strips about some aliens in space with their space ships and their alien missions, in a flavor and style similar to The Jetsons. Cute and comical!

Featured Jan. 4, 2007
Teen, 2118 pages

public humiliation is a greatly amusing comic about a dragon married to a human girl - and dragons dealing with life in the real world. Very similar to the comic “Life with Dragons”, this comic by rmcool is quite the enjoyable read!

Mage by Tyara
Featured Jan. 3, 2007
Teen, 113 pages

Ever wanted to learn magic? Got special powers? Then maybe you should apply to go to the school for the magical arts. This manga styled comic by Tyara.

Featured Jan. 2, 2007
Teen, 1796 pages

Magical adventures with magical misfits - dwarves, gnomes, fairies, and a magical quest - where are they going? Very entertaining and witty humor. :)

Featured Dec. 29, 2006
Everyone, 105 pages

This comic is a classic manga style comic which begins in a typical high school, but evolves into not such a typical story… Very cute artwork and story, comic by kingv!

Featured Dec. 27, 2006
Teen, 190 pages

It's not hard to figure out why this comic has received so much attention already - but here you have it folks - Ozoneocean's comic Pinky TA! Fantastic art and story! Not to mention the special effects and added links. This comic is definitely a classic. Pinky is a tough and sexy heroine, and in the face of ultimate danger she must persevere… Bravo!!


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