Featured Nov. 10, 2006
Mature, 261 pages

An “Anachronism” is something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, esp. a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time. This story winds around the fate of 6 high school students, and a tragic incident connecting them altogether… Story and artwork done by WillDrawForPocky.

Featured Nov. 9, 2006
Teen, 98 pages

Terminal does many comics on DD (all of which are feature-worthy, so check them too) but his top spot goes to LAX, which is more of a directed feature event (mixing in music, graphic design, architecture, animation, you name it) than a simple comic strip. It pushes the boundaries on what a webcomic can be.

Featured Nov. 8, 2006
Mature, 77 pages

Fullmoon Stories is a spooky tale told in poetic verse, about a man who tries to get his beloved wife resurrected with a magic potion. He is strangely surprised to find that… well, you'll just have to read to find out what he learns… Artwork and story cleverly done by VegaX.

Featured Nov. 7, 2006
Mature, 214 pages

Eliada follows the journey of the enigmatic Khat and his ebullient female companion, Nova, as they explore their magical land searching for his identity. They face many fearsome and dark adversaries on their journey, and discover that not all is as it first appears to be, not least with Nova herself! Elida is illustrated by I.M. Gallagher in a spare yet dreamy style with watercolour and pencil. His writing is always concise, yet expressive.

Featured Nov. 6, 2006
Everyone, 47 pages

Telenarius is a unique community project - a long-form comic written by Gregory, but illustrated by a series of guest artists. Each page has a new flavor and it is interesting to see different artists' takes on the story. A forbidden land, an old enemy, a prison escape, an evil working under it all…

Featured Nov. 3, 2006
Teen, 212 pages

Fated Feather is a fascinating journey through time on a mysterious ship with its all female crew and enigmatic captain. They're on a mission, but where? And why? And who is she following? What did he do to her? The artwork for this comic is at times mesmerizing and the story layers just keep on unfolding with each page. Kudos to Iagojester for an original and unusual tale.

Featured Nov. 1, 2006
Everyone, 130 pages

The WAVAM Project is a dark tale of war against vampires, and Cassy who's life is saved by one of them. The artwork and story are captivating.

Featured Oct. 31, 2006
Everyone, 214 pages

What is your question? This high-fantasy (and full-color, and rich-storied) comic follows a young thief's adventure in search of the knowledge and wisdom granted by Crysthel, the Crystal Dragon of All Knowledge, and the trials he faces therein.

Featured Oct. 26, 2006
Mature, 736 pages

Jenshin is the creator of the frequently updated and truly massive comic that is Two Moons. Two Moons is about a place where a massive corrupt institution genetically modifies humans using animal DNA. The comic follows their lives and struggles in the huge dirty city, as well as the machinations of the political elite and the corporation.

Featured Oct. 25, 2006
Teen, 199 pages

Illustrated in a beautifully blended 3D style, Crimson Dark is classic modern sci-fi space opera reminiscent of Firefly/Serenity, then mix in a bit of Star Wars and Babylon 5. This comic is professional grade stuff folks. Major kudos to David C. Simons the creator.

Featured Oct. 24, 2006
Mature, 39 pages

This classic fantasy quest kingdom-in-despair tale starts with a rip roaring bar fight that holds no punches, pulls no sword thrusts, and stacks up the bodies fast. Only 19 pages so far, but once the action starts you'll be begging for more. Rapid and substantial illustration improvement from the first to the 19th page as well. Tdot give us more!

Featured Oct. 23, 2006
Teen, 180 pages

Nerdcore is a great parody mixing elements from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, D&D, and pretty much anything else nerdy.

It's very funny and full of a ton of content. You'll have days of reading ahead of you once you start!

Coming to a favorites list near you!

Featured Oct. 20, 2006
Mature, 123 pages

Bad Blood is well written and beautifully executed by Liriel McMahon. This is a dark, dangerous, and serious vampire tale. It has a sense of reality, as if somewhere in the world this may actually be happening. Beware, this one may suck you in and not let you go.

Featured Oct. 19, 2006
Everyone, 56 pages

Zombie Love is the un-after-life adventures of a zombified couple. Plenty of brain eating can be expected! Watch out for blood, guts, and gore!

Featured Oct. 18, 2006
Teen, 379 pages

What happens when your town charter making you part of the United States expires? That's just what happens to a small middle American town in America Jr. A well written, professionally illustrated, frequently updated, light and funny political and social commentary comic. It's quite serialized, so start at the beginning for maximum pleasure.

Featured Oct. 17, 2006
Mature, 182 pages

It's the not-so-familiar future. The invading aliens have come and gone and life on Earth is trying to get back to normal (I think). Did I mention the protagonist receives mysterious advice from a white beast with a lovely monkey tail? It is nice to know that some things haven't changed - they still drink Coke in the future.

Featured Oct. 16, 2006
Teen, 257 pages

The Realms fo Aegis is a fun (and many times violent) fantasy story. It houses many original and interesting characters, all in a fantastic style of artwork. Although still new, it's updated constantly in full color.

Featured Oct. 13, 2006
Mature, 155 pages

A story about a boy who has trouble managing his life - blank periods and subconscious manifestations keep interrupting. He lives in a world of soft edges and unanswered questions, with a dog that shouldn't be there and an uninvited friend.

He's perfectly able to make himself look crazy without anyone's help.

Blip by sage
Featured Oct. 12, 2006
Teen, 1 page

Although new, Blip has charged out of the gate and is quickly becoming a favorite. K lives what is a relatively normal life (with its good, bad, and creepy moments), but seems unaware of the strangeness under its surface… including the very special surveillance she is under. Likable, funny, quirky, charming, a bit disturbing… Blip has an unidentifiable special something that makes it an entertaining comic.

Featured Oct. 11, 2006
Teen, 10 pages

It's time to flip out… Ninja style! Follow the super-outrageous 100% true tales of the Shakespere-quoting, glasses-wearing, standing-up-for-the-little-guy (for a reasonable fee) Fifty Peso Ninja.

Featured Oct. 4, 2006
Teen, 792 pages

Lola is the story of an introverted girl, her friends (some stranger than others), and her unusually attractive grandmother. All Lola wants is a bearable middle-school experience, and perhaps to figure out her family's mysteries. Don't miss the animated updates during Week 6.
Lola has a distinctive one-panel, black-and-white style that is further defined by its enjoyable low-key humor.

Featured Oct. 3, 2006
Everyone, 153 pages

Sometimes comics can be the means of approaching a subject that otherwise could be difficult if not unconfrontable. The Chelation Kid chronicles the life of one family's experience in helping their autistic son Jack using bio-medical interventions. A well-executed and professional comic that handles the subject matter in both a thought-provoking and humorous manner.

Featured Oct. 1, 2006
Teen, 33 pages

The lighter side of scurvy. A day in the life of Swabby, filled with sailors, pirates, dancing mini-dinosaurs, inane social commentary, and some not very PC humor. Great illustration adds to the experience.

Featured Sept. 30, 2006
Teen, 32 pages

Not exactly what you would expect from the title. Not burning with the elemental flame? Try dealing with the evil Lord of the Prismatic Shade Dominion over Five Shards of the Shattered Plane. Or multiple dimensions, fireballs, officiates summoned from the shade realms… Oh, what are a pair of 13 year magically empowered girls to do?

Featured Sept. 29, 2006
Everyone, 127 pages

One of Volte6's favorite's – “I dig this comic!” – This cute, sweet, and often laugh out loud funny comic is drawn in a retro-modern style and features the adventures of a girl and her, well, her not so understanding of human ways robot. The writing is most excellent.


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