Featured March 23, 2016
Teen, 107 pages

Welcome to the wonderfully creepy forest of Kellwood, a dank, yet cosy place, home to some very unusual inhabitants of the creepy yet deliciously cute kind… demons, vampires, werewolves and more! Poor Menu is a werewolf with no life skills who's starving, his only asset is an amazingly fantastic house. Charby is a streetwise stunted little vampire with big cute eyes, spiky hair and, no home. Meanwhile Zeno is a lonely demon, desperately in need of companionship. These guys need to get together…
Have you heard of Charby the Vampirate? No? Well that's certainly unusual, but do not fret my friend, Charby The Vampirate Revamped is the perfect chance to get in on the ground floor, to begin at the beginning and read along as it uploads. The story is broadly the same as the original, but sort of a fresh, cool take on it with all sorts of interesting details added or redone in a much nicer way. And I'm just happy to finally be able to feature a Charby comic.
Read CTV ReVamped, by Amy Of Darkness, rated T.

Featured March 16, 2016
Teen, 36 pages

“I am just a labyrinth of ideas stuck in the middle of nowhere. Death is the only thing that's real. Life is the only thing that deserves saving.” This first chapter's main title shares its name with Carl Jung's psychoanalytic idea of the the animus, an anthropomorphic archetype of the unconscious mind. A man wakes up alone, haunted from dreams of his past. He walks around the city at night, loitering at the local bars and logs into his computer under the alias schrodinger123. This comic is an exercise of staring into the face of isolation and loneliness. “Intoxicants might help you make the silent scream of agony. But depression is a drug far more real. The only true high.”
The art has a sketchy feel that is drawn with a digital tablet. There are interesting color selections with some pages entirely one shade of blue or red. The art style has an ethereal, dreamlike quality that has a surreal feel.
Slip into the madness of the mind and read Lake of No Return by koustubh, rated T.

Featured March 9, 2016
Mature, 96 pages

Satanic Ninjas are after a magical item of power and a sexy space pirate bounty hunter is slaughtering alien monsters, meanwhile nerdy all American teen Eddie just wants a hot date for the high school prom!
This is a gorgeous pastiche/parody of all the best of the 1980s: heavy metal, ninja martial arts films, high school sex comedies, horror films, B-movie Scifi, and more. True to its influences there's lots of blood and boobs here, so this is for mature readers only! The art is very 1980s in style, with lots of cool grids and neon effects, characters have big hair and letter jackets, it's glorious. This is a comedy, action, SciFi story, with the writing following multiple paths.
Read Satan Ninja 198X, by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron, rated M.

Featured March 2, 2016
Everyone, 24 pages

Pickled is the tale of three unlikely friendly companions. First, there is Spudston, a devious potato that enjoys lurking in a kiddie pool all day and believes that one day he will emerge as a shark. Then there is Corn Doug, a rather positive and friendly corn dog that wears a propeller hat. And last but not least, we have The Miserable Pickle that can never get a break and is always consumed with unhappiness as he carries out his days. This is a great comic for moments of extreme mood swings and can be used to relate to varying feelings of emotions.
The art is very smooth and cartoon like. The character designs display very cute, round eyes and solid black line art. The comic uses a very limited color palette and is shaded with solid blocks of colors. Make like a cucumber and hop into a vat of vinegar before you read Picked by Nibbink, rated E!

Featured Feb. 24, 2016
Everyone, 49 pages

The venerable Drunk Ducker “Call Me Tom” is behind this great little community project that has produced some pretty cool artwork: Drunk Duck 54 cards. He got a whole lot of fellow DD creators on board with him to create a set of beautifully illustrated playing cards for your viewing pleasure! These cards are really cool, so congrats to Call Me Tom for organising this and congrats to all the artists who participated, well done! Give them a look, it's worth it.
The Drunk Duck 54 cards community project, by Call Me Tom, rated E.

Featured Feb. 17, 2016
Mature, 564 pages

Little Amy is the cutest and sweetest little girl in the post-apocalypse. Of course, her adorable personality seems to attract the strangest of characters from a top hat wearing stranger, happy dolls, white rabbits, Sherry the living doll, Eloise, and Eustace. This is a mature comic because it deviates from the cute, Utopic world of cute characters and forms a bridge to a darker theme meant for an older audience. That does not mean that Armless Amy is not adorable! Amy is drawn without arms or a nose and her eyes like dinner plates mixed with a blank expression makes her an innocent addition to this very odd existence. There are scenes with blood, stitches, hooks, missing eyes, red eyes, scary dolls, depictions of muscle tissue underneath the skin, and questionable characters.
The art style is undeniably cute. The character design of Amy could become iconic in popular culture. The font seamlessly blends in with the accompanying art style on the page.
If you live in a world where “Weird” is considered normal, then you absolutely need to check out The weird adventures of Armless Amy by Amalockh1, rated M!

Featured Feb. 10, 2016
Everyone, 165 pages

The multiverse is huge and made up of many different universes, but there happens to be a place where they crossover and meet up, our story happens there… out at the small town of Shelterville. High elves are out a raiding for treasure and conquest, but an intrepid team drawn from many different comic worlds aims to stop 'em in their tracks!
Cowboys and Crossovers is the product of a large on-going cameo project by Hogan, who is an old hand at cameo stuffs, having managed a huge website list devoted to documenting all cameos in webcomics ever! The story here continues from the world of CameoComic and was started in Magical Misfits, but is stand alone. There are a few different artists at work here on this scifi fantasy western comedy adventure comic and their characters have come along for the ride too!

Read Cowboys and Crossovers, by Hogan, rated E.

Featured Feb. 3, 2016
Teen, 24 pages

Anna is a rebellious teenager with needs and wants that every teenager needs like going to the movies with her friends! Anna's mother has a different plan for her daughter's free time that involves babysitting baby Toby. Anna's little hometown is about to get shaken up when the symptoms of a buzzing noise inside people's heads starts spreading like wildfire. Little old ladies burning up in an electric burst. Human beings being burnt to a crisp. An unknown government ordered SWAT-like team. A concerned mother with super human strength. Government officials in private jets. Humans defying gravity. There is something very weird happening in this town that is anything but Normal.
The art is digitally drawn and colored digitally. Look closely and pay special attention to the shading techniques in this story, it is really nicely done! Each page is in full color.
If you want to see a world turned upside down by a mysterious disease, then read Normal by mrdenmac, rated T!

Featured Jan. 27, 2016
Mature, 45 pages

Steel yourself for the horrors within XTIN! This comic is hardcore, full on, skulls removed from still living bodies, muscles fibres torn from nerves and blood vessels… The true essence of shadowmasochism! XTIN is set in a bewildering world, half astral plane, half dream, where reality has been twisted by evil creatures who hunt humans for their skulls. One guru and his young pupil hold the key to redemption, but it will be a long, hard, horrifying road in this bloody disembodied world of demons and dragons.
Gorgeously gross full colour digital art features here. You may remember the name “XTIN” from “XTIN The Dragons Dream World”, which was featured a few years ago and since deleted from DD. This is a very different take on the story and while the other was strictly solid black and white, XTIN is full colour, far more pretty and not nearly as horrific, despite the deep red hues of the painstakingly rendered viscera. The writing is obscure and slightly confusing, but you'll work it out. The Indian take on the world mythology is quite unique.

Read XTIN, by Jeremy Ray, rated M.

Featured Jan. 20, 2016
Mature, 83 pages

One of Drunk Duck's most respected and talented comic creators makes a grand comeback with Mindfold, a beautifully stunning comic.
The setting is in the vast plains of an otherworldly location. On this planet, fantastical magenta beasts wander the land, a half homosapien-half cheetah girl calls it home, and a fully grown female emerges from the murky, seaweed covered ocean floor. Minutes after being introduced into the world, a gruesome fight between woman and beast ensues leading to the invention of the wooden spoon tourniquet splint. What is the Mind Fold? How has the human body become nothing but a simple vessel for a conscious being?
The art is flat-out outstanding, as is everything fallopiancrusader produces on the site. The comic is definitely colored digitally and emphasizes the muscular physique of the human form through skilled shading techniques. The entire comic showcases fully colored pages.
Read Mindfold by fallopiancrusader, rated M.

Featured Jan. 13, 2016
Mature, 23 pages

A man wakes up into a world of chaos. Heaven and hell have collided on earth, demons walk the land and angels fill the sky. Humans are caught in the middle of this titanic battle as demons try and kill them and the angels fight to protect them. The only certainty left in this world turned upside down is a horrible death… or is it? What happened? How will those left survive? Unbroken seal is an action horror comic featuring an apocalypse of biblical proportions! The art is black and white and drawn with a very high degree of professionalism.
By Universek, rated M

Featured Jan. 6, 2016
Mature, 71 pages

A mysterious raven-haired woman is battling a demonic beast. The creature's grotesque, hooved body lunges before it gets stabbed in the torso by a large blade. The next few panels show Danaya waking up from her nightmare. Was it all a bad dream? It looked and felt so real. Danaya lives on Base 43, which is essentially a colony that is home for its local inhabitants nicknamed the “Children of Thunder” since they rely on lightning to power all the machines. Today is an important day because Danaya is preparing for her first flight and is shaking off the pre-flight jitters. Everything is going as expected when an unanticipated, cataclysmic event kills several members of the crew leaving Danaya all alone to face the giants living in the Lowlands.
The line art is drawn using traditional methods. It is possible that the entire webcomic is drawn digitally, as it looks digitally colored, but the rough texture of bristol/watercolor paper shows up on many of the pages that give it a traditional art feel. This is definitely a comic you will want to examine closely to appreciate all the intricate details happening in the background.
Read Aidana by bvolkart, rated M.

Featured Dec. 30, 2015
Everyone, 95 pages

Professor Herbert is an enterprising young fellow. He's a clever inventor with some less than clever associates. G.E.O. and a genetically engineered organism, and a bit of a grumpy pants because he has something wrong with his brain that Professor Herbert is just dying to fix, if he could only get things to go right. Blurb, his trusty robotic assistant is most of the reasons they don't! Professor Herbert and GEO is very much a newspaper style humour comic strip, 100% digital, drawn in a very professional style.
Read Professor Herbert and GEO, by Csisk1, rated E.

Featured Dec. 23, 2015
Teen, 31 pages

Trilby is a small town girl from Iowa ready to make the big move to New York City. However, this Midwestern belle has a deadly secret of her own that may be more complicated than just Skittles and ketchup. She falls on the radar of two high-powered Wall Street business women after being caught on a surveillance camera. The two Louboutin-wearing females are interested in this corn-fed gal and seek out a way to make her acquaintance. While Trilby is ready to move into her new apartment, she bumps into a blonde haired, blue-eyed neighbor who might want more than to just help her with her luggage.
The art is very stylized and has the precision of traditional inked comic lines and color. There is marvelous use of perspective drawing as well as interior renderings and floor plans. The character designs are reminiscent of fashion model illustrations.
Read SWALLOW Vamps in the Big City by Meesimo rated T.

Featured Dec. 16, 2015
Everyone, 131 pages

The Grazing Mongrel is a non-sequitur strip comic featuring social commentary based on the absurdity of modern life. It may be a little hit and miss for some: I laughed out loud at a few of the strips, others didn't quite hit the mark and some need you to read the author notes for full context. The art is nicely abstractedly stylised in a fairly consistent way. The Grazing Mongrel is a pleasantly clever strip and there are only about 30 pages or so, so you'll be able to blast through it quite quickly!
Read The Grazing Mongrel, by thegrazingmongrel, rated E.

Featured Dec. 9, 2015
Teen, 31 pages

One evening, during a town gathering centered around a glowing tree of light, a mysterious cloaked stranger shows up and removes all the light from the tree before fleeing. The switch to darkness unleashes grim shadow monsters to chase after the townspeople and sends the blue-skin toned community into distress. The smallest member of the town tries to stop the monster, but ends up jumping into a lake to avoid getting hurt.
Fast forward to sometime in the future, a magic healer named Cedric is responsible for helping ailing elderly people in his village. He gets along very well with his older clients, yet has a hostile relationship with his sister. One afternoon while walking through a forest, he comes across an abandoned cart and sees some glowing blue eyes from behind some metal bars. Could this caged person somehow be related to the blue-skinned people from the beginning of the story?
The introduction is digitally colored in a monochromatic blue scheme with red accents.
Read Two Hearts by Saari, rated T.

Featured Dec. 2, 2015
Teen, 50 pages

Jesus is running for president under the republican ticket! What could go wrong? Quite a lot it turns out… His beliefs contrast a little bit with those of the party. Jesus goes off message and cross-country on an iconoclastic road trip with Pope Francis and a kid documenting the whole thing on social media as it happens. This is a hilarious political, religious satire comic! The style is very “American Splendour”, heavy inking, primary colours, charactered comical versions of realistic faces.
Read Jesus 2016, by Rawdale, rated T

Featured Nov. 25, 2015
Everyone, 31 pages

A light pink woman descends from the sky and winds up in a psychedelic land of blue dinosaurs and strange alien creatures. This super heroine is made of candy and creates a whole new outfit complete with a pink tie just by using her mind. Her super powers include incredible speed and she can shoot strong, sticky bubble gum out of her hands. Her purpose for exploring this new land is still not clear, but hopefully she will evade all the obstacles and dangerous creatures she encounters along the way!
The art looks very professional, clean lines, nice coloring, all that jazz. The title font is reminiscent of a pack of bubble gum. The colors are very vibrant and pop out of the page.
Read Berrybelle by Shalomk, rated E.

Featured Nov. 18, 2015
Mature, 41 pages

Meet Greta, a good humoured, earthy, pipe smoking woman with a great big box backpack and stylish leather travelling clothes. Greta is an apothecary, she travels the lands curing ills and writing down creatively horrible ailments in her apothecary book. On the way she meets a rather stuck-up knight on the way to rid a town of a terrible menace…
This is a bio-horror, fantasy, humour comic set in a fictional, medieval type world. It's very character driven with a fun story. The art is black and white with heavy inking, it's highly stylised and quite polished.
Read Apothecary Supreme, by wildcard, rated T

Featured Nov. 11, 2015
Everyone, 18 pages

Ezbon is a desperate man after having lost all his savings and not knowing when he will eat his next meal. He was almost at the end of his rope when he is offered an unusual job with very high pay to kill a vampire lord. The thing is, Ezbon is no stranger to killing vampire lords–he has done it before in the past. His new target, Uuzarus, is somewhat of an anomaly in the vampire world. He is about to begin a job that might end up being his last.
The art looks like a fusion between hand drawn line work sketches and traditional marker mixed with digital coloring. There are some fascinating detailed drawing in the transition pages and a great use of perspective drawings for the backgrounds.
Read 0Uuzarus0Redemption by Scumash, rated E.

Featured Nov. 4, 2015
Teen, 266 pages

Leon the Zombie, Ciau the Alp, and Jewel the biker chick set out to conquer the post zombie apocalypse world through the power of their music! But they get sidetracked along the way… In fact the only form a band when they get sidetracked into that! This is a hilarious comic and a really fun take on the zombie thing. These guys are a gritty, grungy group, so beware of the drug references and the comedy zombie violence. Leon is a zombie, humour, road trip, horror comic. The art is full colour digital, basic initially but it improves very nicely into a perfect stylised look in the later pages.
Read Leon, by UltimateZ, rated T

Featured Oct. 28, 2015
Mature, 104 pages

Xellous and Mijaebah were weary travelers trying to explore an unfamiliar land when they ran into Ailin in a tavern. Ailin offers his help to the pair and it is a good thing he did because they still have a lot to learn starting with the concept of rain and whether it is safe or dangerous.
Mijaebah is currently seeking the homeland of the Lagene people, winged beings able to wield light as a source of destruction. Xellous is a unique female with purple hair and wings made out of feathers. She is trying to escape the fate of the women of her race from Tir who are destined to become pretty dolls, living only for the men in their home, and impressing other people. Also accompanying Ailin, Xellous, and Mijaebah on their journey is a pet Wybie, a big green beast with horns that is also known as a Drakon.
One night, the trio accidentally fall asleep in the Strong Arrow territory and are awaken by a red-haired vixen brandishing a bow and arrow for trespassing.
The art is crisp, vivid, and has very clean animation-like lines. The character designs and costumes are very creative. The full-paged panels look drawn and coloured with digital ink.
Read Entanglement by TenorAnathema, rated M.

Featured Oct. 21, 2015
Everyone, 74 pages

The 2015 annual DD awards, hosted by Niccea and participated in by so many great people. They've worked hard to honour the great work in comics on Drunk Duck of 2015, celebrating the best of the best in terms of dialogue, characters, art, and many other important categories. Please join us in congratulating the winners and you might even discover some treasures in there that you hadn't seen or considered before. The DD awards are the perfect introduction to quality work, not just of the winners and finalists, but also work of the award presenters. So go on over and have a looksee ^_^

Featured Oct. 14, 2015
Teen, 100 pages

Meet Greg, an Asian-American protagonist, and his childhood best friend/roommate Ted. The two experience moving into a new apartment together in a big City and go on a bunch of wacky adventures.
Watch Greg attempt to give a presentation to a group of Chinese businessmen without knowing how to speak Chinese. Laugh at the suspense of Ted (and Greg by association) running away from a woman scorned. Shake your head with judgement as Tedidcules and Gregorius (historical version of Ted and Greg) fall victim to naked Medusa and stay petrified for months.
The art is digitally drawn and coloured. The comic follows a traditional three-paneled comic strip format with some variation on different story arcs.
Read Greg by GregCity, rated T!

Featured Oct. 7, 2015
Teen, 34 pages

Poor, poor prince Aiden needs the assistance of a wizard for his quest, the trouble he finds himself in is that the wizard he needs is an old, crochety, bastard with a terrible cold. This doesn't deter Aiden however, he gets right in there and works to make things better… But this wizard has other ways to mess him up. Wizard along the way is beautifully illustrated and written by Reca. It's all in watercolours and very lush looking in a friendly, colourful, cartoony style. This is a comedy, fantasy adventure.


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